Michelle Williams Talking About Her New Marriage Is Both Beautiful Life Advice And The Antidote To The Drag That Is Elon Musk Dating Grimes

Can we have Michelle Williams say insightful stuff whenever Elon Musk decides to be a jerk?

Sensing that the world is perhaps in need of some heartwarming news during these troubling times, Michelle Williams surprised everyone by revealing to Vanity Fair that she married her musician boyfriend, Phil Elverum, in a secret wedding.

The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony back in mid-July, which was a small and intimate affair attended by only a handful of people that included Matilda, Williams’s 12-year-old daughter from her romance with the late Heath Ledger, and the groom’s little girl from his marriage to late wife Genevieve Castre.

The mental image of the couple’s two daughters watching their parents find happiness with each other is so beautiful I’m literally tearing up right now.

Knowing that the internet is an “a*****e” (her words) and wanting to clear up any “heat and confusion” when news of her wedding eventually became public, the notoriously-private Williams decided to jump the gun.

But if you’re expecting deets about her dress or bridal party, then this isn’t the wedding reveal for you.

Williams revealed that she “never gave up on love” before uncharacteristically opened up about her relationship with her new husband in the hopes that it may help others who have suffered heartbreaking losses like they have.

“I don’t really want to talk about any of it,” she says, “but there’s that tease, that lure, that’s like, ‘What if this helps somebody? What if somebody who has always journeyed in this way, who has struggled as much as I struggled, and looked as much as I looked, finds something that helps them?’”

She opened up about Phil loving her in a way that finally makes her and her daughter feel free, saying “I am finally loved by someone who makes me feel free”.

That feeling is something Williams wanted to impart onto others as advice.

“Don’t settle,” she said. “Don’t settle for something that feels like a prison, or is hard, or hurts you. If it doesn’t feel like love, it’s not love.”

As if she wasn’t already the perfect human being, Williams revealed that she always tells her daughter that Heath Ledger “loved me before anybody thought I was talented, or pretty, or had nice clothes…”.

BRB, gonna go cry for a day.

Williams’ wedding reveal is perhaps the most heartfelt and beautiful thing that I’m going to read all year, and it comes at the perfect time because it is the perfect palette cleanser for the drag that is Elon Musk dating Grimes.

Musk and Grimes are the celebrity couple equivalent of a being slapped in the face with a raw salmon: it’s gross, unpleasant to watch, slightly painful to experience, and makes you question why those two things are even in the same sentence together.

Michelle Williams had no obligation to talk about her personal life with all of us, but perhaps feeling like she had something to offer to all those heartbroken people out there, she has become the hero we don’t deserve but definitely the one we need right now.

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