What Was Your First Car And How Far Did You Get In It?

Confess: How bad was it?

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Owning an absolutely rubbish first car, seem’s to be a rite of passage for many people.

The first way to taste freedom from the parentals.

There were terrible paint jobs, embarrassing interiors and many were barely roadworthy, but boy were some good times had!

I had a 1981 green Mitsubishi Mirage. It hadn’t been driven in about 10+ years, had auto transmission, but because of being unused for so long you had to “warm it up” using a choke for about 5-10mins before going anywhere. Even then I still had to drive it like it was a manual so it wouldn’t cut out every time you stopped at the lights. I will never forget the feeling of it breaking down at busy intersections. RIP green machine.

The family I was babysitting had a 1997 Ford Laser out the front of their house that their sister-in-law had left on their front lawn and moved overseas. I said I would buy it and asked how much – they texted me $100! I thought they meant $1000 so I took the money over but they really only meant $100! It was a bit of a bomb but it was great to have my first car. It lasted me about three years until it couldn’t be repaired anymore and it was sold to the tow truck man.

My first car was a Vauxhall Nova (you guys call it a Holden), and it was bogie green. It had no mod-cons – no electric anything, no power steering and could be unlocked with a flat head screw driver. But I had lots of fun in that car, plenty of stories, some good, some bad. Such as the time I had to drive my mate to hospital after he put his hand through a window in a club, which cut his wrist resulting in a lot of blood. The following morning, I got up for work and approached my car from the passenger side to see streaks of blood all along the side of the car, I’m surprised the cops were not called, it looked like a crime scene.

My first car was a 1974 baby poo yellow Toyota Corolla, with sheepskin seat covers to hide the poor condition of the seats that had split in spots due to age and sun damage. Even when people backed into it, it didn’t dent as it was built like a tank and I drove it until the gear box broke.

Mine was a 1971 VW Beetle, metallic burgundy. It was a daily driver, very reliable, though I did have to get the engine replaced at least once. That too drove like a tank. I once broke down on the motorway on my way to pick up my partner from the airport when she moved from Australia to the UK. I was about two hours late and wasn’t able to get hold of her. It was a very stressful arrival for her.

I had a purple 1997 Hyundai Accent called Lola. She had 2 doors, temperamental air-con and a 6-CD stacker. We drove to Brisbane for a spontaneous road trip, knowing Lola wasn’t going to make it. She broke down day two into our trip in Brisbane so we took Lola to the wreckers, sold her for $150 and bought three one-way plane tickets home to Sydney.

My first car was a Holden HQ with bucket seats that I bought off my brother when he went overseas. To start it I used to have to open the hood and tap on the solenoid with a hammer while someone else turned the key at the same time. I met lots of interesting people as a result. Stalling at the lights was a real adventure.

My first car was a purple 1996 Mitsubishi Mirage, with roof racks, leopard skin seat covers and a 6-stacker CD player under the passenger seat that was routinely stuck. I never used the roof racks, and treated it like a garbage can on wheels. It packed it in at the age of 18 after I love tapped another car and the front bumper fell off. RIP Kat Mobile. You are missed.

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