This Pic From The Men’s Toilet At The Met Gala Is So Real It's Basically Art

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The Met Gala is one of the most over the top events of the year where both glitz and glam are at level 100. With all this glitz and glam it’s easy to forget that celebrities are just people.

Like normal people, they get a variety of urges. Sometimes they crave chocolate, sometimes they get horny and sometimes, believe it or not, they gotta pee.

We know the feeling.

Journalist, Derek Blasberg, reminded me of this reality with this very real shot of the men’s bathroom from The Met:

Is that Kanye?

I feel a little uncomfortable, not gonna lie.

First of all, the bathroom is private time. I don’t want to know or need to see what’s going on thank you very much.

But I also kinda love it because it completely shatters the magic of The Met Gala. The picture is completely real and the best reality check. It reminds us that no amount of money or big fancy outfit can stop the human body from doing its thing and we all have that in common.

Also, the picture could be literally anywhere.

An 80s high school prom? A themed 30th birthday party? Your sisters wedding? Point is, you can’t tell the picture was taken at THE Met Gala which just makes it even realer.

So, thank you Derek Blasberg for reminding us we are all one and the same (minus a few million dollars).

Our bladder sizes are not.

Reminder: ladies have to pee too.

Sophie Turner’s jumpsuit might have been beautiful but she DEFINITELY had to sit naked on a toilet at some stage last night. Ladies, you know the struggle.

Anna Wintour Proves She's Way Ahead Of The Fashion Pack With A Gender Neutral Theme For The Met

Leading by example.

When I think of Anna Wintour I think of many things.

There’s Vogue.

There’s the iconic bob, of course. And the fact that she always wears sunglasses (to cover her eyes as she silently judges you, no doubt).

I also think about how she looks better at 69 years old than I ever have in my few 20-something years.

All hail Queen Anna.

Basically, Anna = Vogue, hair, fashion, amazing.

Words like ‘politics’, ‘sexuality’ and ‘pioneer’ don’t instantly come to mind. But that’s my fault, not Anna’s. I’ve stupidly confined her to the fashion world when she has been making big moves in the broader world for years.

Just earlier this year she spoke out against Scott Morrison’s stance on LGBTG rights, calling them “backwards in all senses.”

Meryl is all of us.

And Anna’s latest decision is further testimony to hero she is:

She put Keiynan Londsdale, a queer male (and Aussie), and Ezra Miller, who identifies as gender non-binary queer, in a Vogue feature about the Met Gala.

For context, the theme of the 2019 Met Gala is ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’. Not as in sleeping bag and tents, but camp as in exaggerated fashion. The theme and exhibition is inspired by Susan Sontag’s 1964 essay that defines camp as “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.”

I’m sorry, I need a moment.

Just, look:

All of the things are happening but it’s hardly a hot mess. It’s a hot YES (okay, lame, but you get me).

Anna has given a massive middle finger to the fashion industry and to Hollywood by challenging their expectations and totally smashing gender norms.

And the best part about it is she hasn’t said a word or tried to explain herself. She’s printed the feature as though it’s totally normal because it IS totally normal. Anna is challenging people to change how they view sexuality and gender rather than changing to suit the people.

It’s a total power play.

Miranda Priestly eat your heart out.

This isn’t the first year Anna has challenged social norms with the Met Gala. For the past few years she’s chosen themes which have inspired guests to think outside the box and stirred a little bit of ~controversy~.

I mean, last years theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’. You can feel every world religious leader prickle just at the thought. Let alone when Rihanna turned up like this and no one bat an eyelid:

Anna is in charge of the Met theme every year and I finally understand why. Not only is she a fashion genius, but she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s leading the charge and I for one am happy to follow.

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