The Greatest Met Gala Masterpiece Is This Kooky Short Film Starring All The Best-Dressed Celebrities

How can they ever top this?

The grandeur, celebrity and creativity of the annual Met Gala makes it fairly irresistible. So this short film produced inside the event with all of the major stars is nothing short of overwhelming. It is too magnificent, the Met Gala has peaked.

Like last year, we saw short clips of Met Gala guests set within the museum popping up on Vogue’s Instagram. Except this year, director Bardia Zeinali carefully planned those clips to be pieced together into Camp! The Movie, in fitting with this year’s theme.

Each clip reimagines scenes from beloved camp film classics, starring major celebrity guests of the evening.

There’s Death Becomes Her, Clue and plenty more referenced in the epic two minutes of Met Gala movie magic, but Celine Dion channeling the Criminologist from Rocky Horror Picture Show tops it all.

The planning that would have gone into the execution of this homage to camp on film is so impressive that this is officially my favourite part of the entire gala.

Well done Bardia Zeinali, someone give him an Oscar for this masterpiece:

I would also like to request more pictures of this adorable Harry Styles outfit that we did not see on the pink carpet. Give the people what they want.

Someone Check On Lindsay Lohan Because She Is Causing A Ruckus And Making Zero Sense On Instagram

Does Lindsay think she went to the Met Gala?

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to weird behaviour online but that doesn’t make it any less confusing when she shares some new spicy content. In a hot minute, Lindsay has gone from bitter bitchiness directed at Zendaya to making absolutely zero sense in a confused post about Marvel and the Met Gala on Instagram.

It’s very possible that the underlying motivation to all of this is Lindsay’s highly public thirst for the role of Ariel in a Disney Little Mermaid live-action remake. That’s my theory so let’s see if it checks out.

In her most recent Instagram post, Lindsay posted a picture of herself alongside a picture of Ariel, clearly wanting to show off a resemblance. The confusion comes in with the caption,

“Who knew that the #metgala would become a @marvel moment!”

This makes no sense first of all because Lindsay did not go to the Met Gala, due to not being invited since 2007. Secondly because Ariel of The Little Mermaid is not, in fact, a character of the Marvel universe.

One would hope that even Lindsay Lohan is aware that her caption is 100% whack. So maybe she is just capitalising on the popularity of the #metgala and @marvel to try to get her Ariel comparison in front of as many eyes as possible.

Lindsay wants us to start a fan movement backing her as Ariel, and as you can see in the comments section, this post has not succeeded. Big surprise. HUGE.

It doesn’t stop there. Lindsay also posted and deleted an Instagram post hating on Zendaya. She shared a photo of Zendaya in her (epic) Met Gala Cinderella outfit, accusing her of being an inferior copycat version of Claire Danes’ 2016 Met Gala look. She even tagged Claire Danes and Zac Posen in her comments, in a seemingly misguided attempt to garner celebrity support.

“@clairedanes you wore this dress so beautifully, I don’t know why someone thinks that they can be more chic. Ever.” she captioned the image, followed up with,

“Claire Danes did that with @zacposen already”.

This is Claire Dane’s Zac Posen glow-in-the-dark dress for the ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology’ 2016 Met Gala. It’s clearly very different to Zendaya’s, and Lindsay’s hate is clearly very random.

Or is it? Rumours have been swirling for a long while that Zendaya is being cast to play Disney’s live-action Ariel. Although Zendaya swears they’re only rumours, you can see how this could be motivation for Lindsay to want to take down her competition.

So either Lindsay Lohan is making no sense on Instagram, or she is attempting a bootleg campaign to get the role she wants but will never, ever get. Either way, it’s probably best she log off.

The Impression Left By The Statement On Hailey Bieber’s Bejewelled G-String Is A Serious Oversight

Hello I have the humour of a 6th grader.

There is no question about the fact that Hailey Bieber (was Baldwin) looked beautiful at the 2019 Met Gala.

Her look was does not pass as especially on the ‘Camp’ theme, but she definitely rocks this Vera Wang gown.

There is just one detail of the dress that may awaken your inner 10-year-old as you indulge in some low bar comedy.

The low-backed gown reveals a pink g-string, bedazzled with the designer’s logo – Wang.

There is something about putting wang across your backside like a so-called ‘tramp stamp’ that really says it’s all party party party in the back.

I actually love this Vera Wang look, branding and all. But what is celeb red carpet watching if not finding entertainment in the details of their outfits.

Hailey Bieber, you are 100% working that Wang.


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