If TV And Social Media Are Making You Sad, Video Games May Be The Answer For You

Insta stalk less, game more.

Whether it’s a TV, computer monitor, or your phone, most of us stare at a screen of sorts every day. So it’s probably no surprise that all this digital screen time is wrecking havoc on our mental health, particularly among teenagers.

Researchers at Montreal’s Sainte-Justine Hospital conducted a four-year study into the link between depression and exposure to different types of screen time among adolescents studying the media consumption of over 3,800 young people from 31 Montreal schools.

The results don’t paint the rosiest of filtered pictures as the researchers found that those who consumed social media and TV the most had an increase in “depressive symptoms.”


The study found that young people who were on social media platforms like Instagram had increased symptoms of depression because they’re likely to compare themselves to all the glitz and glamour being promoted in their feeds.

Lead researcher Patricia Conrod says that social media “exposes young people to images that promote upward social comparison and makes them feel bad about themselves” and constant exposure to those platforms are “echo chambers” that “promote or reinforce” depression.

While social media and TV was found to do a number on young people’s mental health, the results interestingly showed that playing video games didn’t have the same effect.

In fact, the opposite effect is more likely as the study suggested that the average gamer wasn’t the stereotypical basement-dwelling loner but in fact a functioning human being who enjoyed playing games with others online or in person.

Nothing negative to be found here.

That being said, it’s still early days into this subject. Conrad’s colleague, Elroy Boers, says that the topic isn’t widely studied despite it being very common among young people but the results of the study is an indication that more research is needed, saying that the current level of knowledge is akin to what we knew about smoking in the 1970s.

“I would almost compare it to smoking in the 1970s, where the very negative effects are still relatively unknown,” said Boers.

“What we found is quite worrisome and needs further investigation.”

Don't Tell Anyone If You're Starting A New Change In Your Life, It Will Help You In Ways You Didn't Expect

Motivation is fleeting, discipline lasts forever.

After months of getting yourself pumped, you’re finally taking the plunge. Starting tomorrow, you’re going to quit smoking/start going to the gym/insert new change in your life and you can’t wait to tell all your friends and family about it.

That’s great and I’m super proud of you for making a positive change to your life. But do yourself a favour and don’t tell anyone about this life change.

I know you’re excited to let everyone know about what it is you’re doing but their positive reinforcement can actually be a negative thing. Okay, hear me out.

Studies show that having your friends give you positive feedback about what you’re doing is nice and all but it’ll give you a false sense of accomplishment before you’ve even done anything. This in turn can trick you into thinking you’ve already succeeded, thus hindering your efforts to change.

People knowing about your new life change could also make you feel extra pressure to keep doing what you’re doing or they may expect too much from you and that can wear away your motivation. Sometimes you may even get a negative response (especially from Asian parents) and that’ll just make you even more unwilling to change.

Now in saying all that, this may not be applicable for everyone. Some people may need to tell others as a form of motivation or support so they can keep up with what ever life change they’re trying to undergo.

The important takeaway is that big lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or going to the gym take discipline and there may be things hindering your progress that you may not expect.

But hey, doing things to change your life for the better isn’t easy and sometimes getting over the line may involve not telling anyone you’re doing anything at all.

Conan O'Brien's Hilarious And Petty Response To A Movie Star Standing Him Up Last Minute Is All Too Relatable

Nothing like a dash of petty improvisation to get over the pain.

Getting stood up by anyone for anything is never a good feeling. You’re left humiliated and forced to pick up the shattered pieces of your ego from the floor.

Whereas some people would either shrug it off or go drink/eat/gym it all away, Conan O’Brien’s response to someone bailing on him is all too relatable and something we all want to do but really shouldn’t: petty, petty revenge.

Kumail Nanjiani was supposed to be a guest on Conan’s show but had to literally pull out 30 minutes before he was scheduled to appear. Now it’s not ideal for this to happen to a late night talk show, especially since Conan’s show is a shorter “one guest only show” these days.

So with all plans ruined, what do you do? Well if you’re Conan, you just wing everything. You explain the entire situation to everyone like it’s a stand up routine and you bring up a random dude from the audience just so you can make jokes about them looking like a weed dealer.

But Conan saved his best material for Kumail as he unloaded on Nanjiani with a barrage of what’s best described as petty comedic vengeance. After comparing the absent star to other “troublesome divas” like Liza Minnelli, Conan noted that since Kumail wasn’t there to promote his new movie, Stuber, the late night host decided to show a clip from a tiny competing indie movie called The Lion King instead.

As Conan’s sidekick, Andy Richter, says, “You gotta show up to get the cookie”.

This whole bit wasn’t just confined to the hilarious opening monologue. Since Conan had no guest, he decided to get his long-time assistant, Sona Movsesian, to come up on the stage and shoot the s**t with him for a few minutes.

Now Kumail is a funny dude on talk shows but if I’m really honest, he would’ve been an inferior guest compared to Sona. Not only did Conan throw to clips of The Lion King throughout the interview to twist the metaphoric knife just some more, the level of passive-aggressive sniping between Conan and Sona is pure comedic gold.

So how did Kumail feel about this whole thing since Conan essentially turned it into a 30 minute roast? Well, he took it pretty well actually.

Maybe more movie stars should cancel on the show more often because petty avenging Conan O’Brien is the best – and most entertaining – kind of Conan.


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