The Internet Is Having A Discussion About My Wang And I Feel Pretty Weird About It

My feelings on this topic might be a bit exaggerated.

I woke up this morning and the internet was talking about my penis.

No, seriously.

‘Jameson’ and ‘penis’ were trending topics and I wondered, what happened last night?

Well this is more common than i’d care to admit.

Who knew that it was a topic that was big enough for the world to weigh in on. But just like fire it spread. The story was gaining more and more attention and all I could think was just give me a reason to not hate Mondays even more.


Then I started to read the comments and they were fighting over whether or not Jameson was circumcised and honestly, that’s f*ckin’ perfect. I have thousands of strangers weighing in on whether or not I’m wearing a helmet. This is getting weird, so what…does it matter?

As I was getting more and more twitter mentions and google alerts, I realised that the discussion was not me who was in trouble, rather P!nk’s two-year-old son, Jameson but isn’t that weirder? He’s two.

Wait, am I now sad that the internet isn’t talking about me and my lil’ Jameson? If you told me this, this morning i’d say that I don’t believe you” but now, I guess I am. There you go, I guess kinda liked the attention.

I guess this is the internet’s way of telling me that it’ll be you + your hand tonight.

I did not get this party started.

Dr. Phil Revealed What Danielle Bregoli aka The ‘Catch Me Outside' Girl Was Really Like, You Know... Other Than A Human Meme

How 'bout dat?

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is nothing short of a godsend for good, interview content. It has been described as Oprah for guys and look, it’s not wrong. But this week, Rogan had Dr. Phil on as a guest where they discussed everything from the opioid epidemic to Jussie Smollett.

Joe Rogan’s superhero outfit.

But the juiciest clip is Dr. Phil talking about his arguably most “famous” guest, Danielle Bregoli aka the “Catch Me Outside” girl.


Dr. Phil broke down what actually happened after Bregoli came on the show and how after she was sent to “the ranch” for a week, she seemed reformed, well behaved and you know, not seeming like she was going to threaten crowds. But that didn’t last long with her mother reawakening that side of her “overnight” to the dismay of Dr. Phil.

The moustache quivered with despair.

This has been the first real time, the TV “doctor” has talked about it and even he seems shocked with the success she’s received after her infamous appearance.

But that’s the thing about Joe Rogan, he gets great guests to tell great stories or at the least gets them to smoke some bud to get great memes out of them.

This Skit Pretty Much Describes Every Awkward Conversation You've Had With An Uber Driver

Long night?

An awkward conversation with an Uber driver is one of the dreaded requirements of calling one regardless whether it’s just after work or 3am outside of the kebab shop.

What your brain thinks every time…

And pretty much every conversation runs through the same talking points, the same beats almost like singing a song of social cues and courtesy longing for the sweet embrace of silence.


But some of Australia’s most talented filmmakers, Fairbairn Films have flipped it to highlight the monotony that Uber drivers must feel being asked the same questions by every, single passenger.

And frankly, we feel seen.

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