Tim Miller's Original 'Deadpool 2' Idea Would've Axed The Problematic Female Lead Story We Got

Missed opportunity.

Deadpool 2 was an entertaining film and a good follow-up to the first movie by all accounts, but you do have to wonder what the original director, Tim Miller, had in store for the film before he got shuffled off the project after not seeing eye to eye with Ryan Reynolds.

As it turns out, Miller’s vision for Deadpool 2 would’ve been pretty sick and it would’ve addressed one of the biggest problems in the final film that we got: the premature death of Vanessa.

The mood RN.

In a chat on The Playlist‘s Fourth Wall podcast (via SlashFilm), Tim Miller revealed that he “cracked the secret to the Vanessa storyline.”

For those who need reminder, Vanessa is Deadpool’s girlfriend and was surprisingly killed off before the opening credits in Deadpool 2. This was arguably the film’s most problematic moment since it’s a textbook case of the fridging trope in which a female character is killed off to give the male protagonist motivation, and it didn’t go down too smoothly with some moviegoers (unsurprisingly).

Something something pot, kettle and black.

Miller said his version of Deadpool 2 would’ve given Vanessa the character arc she deserved and culminated in her eventually becoming the popular superhero character, Copycat. He was so dead set on the idea that he fought all the way to the end for it to happen, even when he exited the project.

“Vanessa had a far richer character arc than what was presented in the final cut of the film seeing her transformation into the iconic character Copycat and a deeper exploration of the love story between herself and Wade.”

Damn, Miller’s original idea sounded sick and would’ve done Vanessa justice. Even though the character was brought back to life at the end of the Deadpool 2 we got, she was handled so poorly that it felt like a missed opportunity for Ryan Reynolds and the filmmakers to properly introduce her as Copycat.

I mean, just think of the weird, even kinker stuff she and Wade would’ve gotten up to when she got her shape-shifting powers.

Beyond giving a far better character arc for Vanessa, Miller said he would’ve also had a more accurate version of Cable, who is about 2 metres tall in the comics but portrayed in Deadpool 2 by the obviously-not-2-metres-tall Josh Brolin.

But the most interesting idea Miller had was a surprise cameo from The Thing from Fantastic Four. The plan was to have The Thing engage in fisticuffs with Juggernaut at the end rather than Colossus, which would’ve been several levels of awesomeness compared to the perfectly-serviceable result we ended up getting.

Again, the Deadpool 2 we got was fine, but after hearing Tim Miller’s take on the film, it feels like we missed out on something pretty damn cool here. But hey, there’s chance for Deadpool 3 to remedy all this so here’s hoping Vanessa/Copycat gets her moment in the spotlight soon.

The Greatest Spider-Man Movie Ever Is Getting The Bonkers Sequel We All Want

Time for another re-watch.

The GOAT team have a soft spot for most of the Spider-Man films that come out (except for the Andrew Garfield ones) and while we dig what Tom Holland has done with the character, the greatest ever Spidey film is undoubtedly Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

It’s warm, emotional, the animation looks utterly brilliant, retells the old “great power comes great responsibility” Spider-Man story in a refreshing way and has one of the greatest movie soundtracks in recent memory. It even has Nic Cage in it for god’s sake.

That’s why it pleases me to no end to report that Into the Spider-Verse is getting the sequel it deserves. According to a tweet from the official Spider-Verse Twitter account, the sequel is going to drop on April 8, 2022, which is a bit of a wait but hey, I’ll gladly wait however long it takes for the film to be great.

Beyond that, we actually don’t know what’s in store for us with Into The Spider-Verse 2 other than it’ll pick up where the first film left off. Since no details have been confirmed, let’s indulge in some baseless speculation and question asking instead.

Will we see Spider-Gwen, fat Peter Parker and all the other Spidey counterparts meet up with Miles Morales again? Will there be other Spider-Man appearances from different universes? Is Tom Holland going to make an appearance of some sorts given the Marvel/Sony deal that’s going?

Are we going to get a pay-off for that great post-credits scene in the first film where we got introduced to Oscar Isaac’s Miguel O’Hara? Does the multiple flashes of the Miles Morales Spider-Man logo in the teaser clip suggest we’ll see different versions of himself this time around?

What’s the music going to be like? Is Post Malone going to write another banger on the level of ‘Sunflower’ for the sequel?

So many questions yet literally no answers.

With the April 8, 2022 release date set, we’ve got more than enough time to speculate. In the meantime, it just means we’re due for another rewatch of Into The Spider-Verse, not that you really need an excuse to watch it again anyway.

The Witcher Has Henry Cavill Naked In A Tub, That's All You Need To Know

As far as I'm concerned, that's Rivia's arse.

After several months of waiting and tasty teases of Henry Cavill as buff Legolas Geralt of Rivia, Netflix has dropped a hefty final trailer for The Witcher that reveals its much-anticipated premiere date.

But everything new we’ve learned about Netflix’s take on The Witcher – including the release date – is secondary to one particular moment in the trailer: Henry Cavill is naked in a bath tub.

That’s right. Henry Cavill. Naked. Bath. Tub.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s Rivia’s arse.

After wondering for ages whether the creative folks over at Netflix were going to recreate or pay tribute to the infamous “naked Geralt in a bath tub” scene from The Witcher III as the show is based on the books rather than the games, we finally got our answer and I am not disappointed.

Hell, the whole season of The Witcher could just be Henry Cavill dressed as Geralt going around visiting all the bathhouses in the land and I’ll still watch the hell out of it.

An entire season of this please, Netflix.

Besides naked Henry Cavill in a bath tub, the rest of the Witcher clip is actually pretty damn cool.

At the risk of sounding too optimistic, the production values and world-building look stunning, there’s some kickarse sword action, crazy fantasy stuffs, and even some funny quips.

But perhaps the biggest cause for optimism is Henry Cavill. Not because he’s naked but because he absolutely nails Geralt’s voice, look and physicality. All those years of being a massive fan of The Witcher has paid off handsomely for him and us because if of the show sucks, it certainly won’t be because of him.

As for when we get to see Henry Cavill naked in a tub and whatever else happens on The Witcher, the show premieres on December 20, making it the perfect early Christmas present.

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