Thicc Thor Is The Only Way To Do 'Love And Thunder', Taika Waititi

Give Thicc Thor his time in the sun, Marvel.

Taika Waititi is making good progress on Natalie Portman’s big return to the MCU – i.e Thor: Love and Thunder – after having reportedly finished a draft of the script. However, he and Marvel have hit a major sticking point on the direction of the film: whether to keep Thor fat or not.

Chatting to Yahoo, Waititi says he and Marvel are having an “ongoing debate” over whether Thicc Thor is going remain chunky or revert back to his swole, pre-Endgame self.

“We’re trying to figure out how long — how many months or years — this is after Endgame, at what point does this take place? I think we always want to keep changing it up with Thor. He’s so interesting when he’s changing all the time.”

One of the biggest surprises in Endgame was the appearance of Thicc Thor because not only was it funny (to a problematic extent), it was a great exploration into the character’s mental state and guilt following his failure to kill Thanos when he had the chance in Infinity War.

Now it’s understandable why Marvel would want Thicc Thor to revert back to his hunky self for Love and Thunder – it’s hard to argue against shirtless scenes featuring Chris Hemsworth after all. But in this case, we’re really hoping Taika Waititi and Marvel decide to keep Thicc Thor the way he is.

Part of why Thor’s physical transformation works in Endgame is because he owns his new bod. By the end of that film, he’s shown that not only is he still perfectly capable of fighting with or without his gut, he’s managed to accept himself as who he is and to not treat his dad bod as a problem.

Character-wise, it’s far more in line with where Thor is at if he kept his belly for Love and Thunder than having him go back to his old swole self. Beyond the film, it’ll also be nice to see a tough superhero who isn’t rocking a six-pack and proud of it, especially if that hero is played by Chris Hemsworth.

It’s hard for fans to relate to a six-foot plus bloke who looks like he was chiseled out of marble by the gods. But a bloke who battles with self-doubt and weight gain? That’s far more grounded and relatable.

So if you’re reading this, Taika Waititi and Marvel, please give Thicc Thor his time in the sun. As great as it is seeing Chris Hemsworth show off his six-pack, he is the curvy superhero we want and need in the MCU.

Paul Dano Is The Perfect Amount Of Awkward Genius To Play Riddler In Batman

A false prophet is going to be a Batman villain. Sounds about right.

It’s too early to say whether Robert Pattinson’s solo Batman film will be any good but at least we’re getting a hell of an A-list cast in it. After confirmation Zoe Kravitz will be suiting up as Catwoman, word on the street is that Jonah Hill has been dropped and Paul Dano is in as The Riddler.

According to Variety, talks with Jonah to join The Batman dragged on for so long the filmmakers got annoyed and started courting Paul on the side as a back up. Once Jonah said no, Paul was offered the role of the Riddler.

“Oh you want me to play Riddler? Um, er, okay, sure.”

Now Jonah Hill is a fine actor and probably would’ve done a great job had he decided to join the DC-verse, but him turning down a villain role in The Batman is his loss and our gain because Paul Dano is utterly perfect to be Robert Pattinson’s foil.

Despite getting overshadowed by more famous villains like Joker, the Riddler is arguably Batman’s intellectual equal and more than a match for the Caped Crusader in all areas other than fisticuffs. Plus he looks great in green.

While the only version of the Riddler we’ve seen on the big screen is Jim Carrey’s take on the character, which was incomprehensible to put it nicely, there’s no reason to believe why Paul wouldn’t turn in a career-best performance as the Riddler that’ll rank up there alongside Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Ugh, still trying to forget whatever this was.

Paul’s filmography has been defined by his chameleon-like ability to play awkward characters who are smarter or have more going on underneath the surface than they look. Just look at his work in Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, Prisoners and Love & Mercy.

But perhaps most importantly, Paul is very good at getting his arse kicked onscreen. Seriously, he’s been at the receiving end of some brutal beatings in Prisoners, There Will Be Blood, 12 Years A Slave, Cowboys And Aliens, and Ruby Sparks (by his real-life partner no less) and he manages to sell them all brilliantly.

When you taking into account his ability at playing character parts with his unnaturally great skill at getting (fake) wailed on, it almost feels like he’s born to play the Riddler.

Now it’s going to be a while before we see Paul’s Riddler in action as filming for The Batman is penciled in for a late 2019 or early 2020 start and is scheduled to come out on June 25, 2021. But hey, it’ll be worth the wait.

The only question left is whether Paul Dano can rock the colour green as the Riddler but I have no doubt he’ll find a way to make it work.

Oi Marvel Fans, Stop Leaving Gross Comments On 7-Year-Old Lexi Rabe's Instagram

Really hate this 3,000.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are an interesting bunch of people. There are those who love and breathe Marvel, as well as those who are quick to kick up a fuss whenever something isn’t to their liking. Then you have those creeps who have nothing better to do than to leave gross comments on the Instagram profile of seven-year-old Avengers: Endgame star, Lexi Rabe.

Bringing Morgan Stark to life in scene-stealing fashion in Endgame garnered Lexi a heap of attention as well as a truckload of new fans, both good and bad.

Having weathered the storm of trolls bullying her on social media for no good reason other than her mother, Jessica, made her an Instagram account and is monitoring it for her, Lexi now has to deal with a select few who have pushed things way past the line of normal behaviour and far into “disturbing” territory.

After Lexi’s mother shared a video of the Endgame star at a fashion show aimed at raising money for homeless children, some seriously messed up folks decided to leave creepy replies in the comment section:

Good frigging lord, what is wrong with those people?

Thank god Lexi’s mother is the one running and keeping an eye on her Instagram because she definitely doesn’t need to be exposed to this sort of creepy rubbish from folk who have an unhealthy obsession with all things Marvel and Morgan Stark.

It’s one thing to show support for Lexi and her future projects, but this is another thing entirely and it is mindboggling that it needs to be said out loud.

So to all those Marvel fans who have no sense of boundaries and will likely need a restraining order: Lexi Rabe is only seven years old so stop bullying her and definitely stop writing creepy messages on her Instagram posts.

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