There's Only One Character Kit Harington Can Pull Off In The MCU

Now we know where Jon Snow disappeared to after he went North beyond the Wall.

Now that Game of Thrones is done and dusted, the big question is what will the actors do next. For Kit Harington, he’s going from one massively popular universe with a rabid fanbase to another because he’s joining the MCU.

According to Deadline, the former Commander of the Night’s Watch who knows nothing and slayed “mah Queen” is joining Marvel’s sprawling universe. As for who he’ll play, no word has come out just yet, which isn’t too surprising given how tightlipped the studio is when it comes to announcements like this.

But look, this is great news nonetheless!

Since no one has a clue who the Bastard of Winterfell will be in the MCU just yet, let’s play the speculation game shall we?

Now it’s likely Kit won’t be in Marvel’s early Phase 4 films as they’re pretty far in development, though having a Stark family reunion in Eternals would be pretty cool. He could be on one of the Disney+ shows though he might not want to commit to another series after having finished doing the exact same thing for eight years.

But realistically, if we take into account what Kit is good at, his physical attributes, and his ability to pull off facial hair, then there’s really only one character he can – and should – play in the MCU: Wolverine.

There’s a pretty good case to made as to why Kit is perfect to play the adamantium-fused mutant. He’s short like the character, he’s great at action scene and can do the dramatic stuff when needed, and he’s got the sad, brooding thing Wolverine’s known for completely nailed.

Marvel have said that an MCU X-Men film is a while away but that just gives Kit time to get the physique and mutton chops to play Logan. Now there’s the whole “Hugh Jackman and Deadpool crossover” thing they need to figure out but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

One thing’s for sure, Marvel are having no problems plugging that Spider-Man shaped gap in the MCU with other quality stars. But hey, if losing Tom Holland meant gaining another Game of Thrones alumni in the form of Kit Harington, that’s not too bad of a trade.

Spider-Man’s Side Hustles Are Now His Main Flex After Being Booted From The MCU

Glad to see Spidey keeping himself busy.

Now that Spider-Man has been kicked out of the MCU after his parents, Sony and Marvel/Disney, had an almighty argument over custody rights, ol’ mate has sort of found himself out of a job (for now at least).

Since a guy’s gotta eat and the employment waters are a little muddied thanks to Tom Holland and his overeager thumb, the webslinger has taken to a number of side-hustles to fill his time. While he may not be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man anymore, he’s still helping people out in other meaningful, non-punchy ways.

There’s his dabble in promoting safe sex when Durex India thought to jump on the whole “Spidey leaving Marvel” bandwagon. Technically he’s still in the web slinging business and… okay, I’ll stop there.

The webslinger isn’t just being used to help dudes to, uh, sling their webs safely during sex. While one half of the world is crying over the Spider-Man/Marvel deal being set on fire, the other half is literally on fire.

Thanks to the doings of inconsiderable humans with a dash of climate change (and not NGOs like what Brazil’s idiotic president, Jair Bolsonaro, wants everyone to believe) the Amazon Rainforest is going up in flames at a worrying rate, so much so the smoke can be seen from space.

Now two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right (outside of mathematics) but there’s an exception in this case. Since the Amazon is in dire need of saving, some folk on Twitter decided to turn Spider-Man into clickbait in order to get people to donate money to SOS Amazônia, a NGO that’s raising awareness about the destruction of the Amazon.

So while Sony and Marvel/Disney figure out a custody agreement over who should have Spider-Man on weekends, Tom Holland’s webslinger indirectly helped promote safe sex and raised awareness on the Amazon Rainforest fires.

If Tony Stark could see what you’ve done – albeit unintentionally – he’d be pretty proud and probably a bit weirded out.

Spider-Man Has Been Axed From The MCU, Which Screws Up Marvel's Plans

They lost the kid.

Sorry Marvel and Tom Holland fans but the MCU has suffered its biggest loss since Thanos triumphed in Infinity War.

According to Deadline, Marvel Studios and Sony have failed to reach a new agreement over the Spider-Man franchise and any new Spidey films will now be made without the involvement of Marvel’s head honcho, Kevin Feige.

So in short, Tom Holland’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man is out of the MCU.

From a business point of view, this whole shake-up makes sense. Sony, who owns the rights to the Spider-Man films, initially made a deal with Marvel Studios that introduced Peter Parker to the MCU. This deal was arranged so that while Marvel basically had full creative control for any Spidey film, it only got around 5% of the money earned while Sony got the rest.

Seeing as how Spider-Man: Far From Home raked in over $1 billion and is the highest grossing Spidey film ever, Marvel wanted a bigger slice of the pie and went back to Sony with a 50/50 co-financing deal, which Sony reportedly balked at.

Despite all of Peter Parker’s powers at his disposal, even he is no match for the biggest evil in the world: money.

Sadly that’s not enough in this situation, Pete.

So where does this leave MCU now that Sony has taken back its toys in a huff and decided to go at it alone (again)?

Well this will screw the MCU in the short term for starters since it can’t make any reference to the web-slinger going forward or vice versa. This is problematic as Far From Home clearly sets up Spider-Man as a key figure for the MCU’s future post-Tony Stark.

There will be whole heap of course-correcting going on within Marvel now that ol’ Pete is out but that should all shake out given enough time. And while Spidey may be gone, Feige has more than enough toys to fill that gap now that Disney has the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four to play with.

You could soon be in the MCU, Wade!

As for Tom Holland and his version of Peter Parker, Deadline says there are two more Spider-Man movies in the works but Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts doesn’t have a deal to direct those.

And barring any dramatic developments, Feige and the rest of Marvel’s creative team likely won’t be involved either, which is quite worrying from a quality perspective given how the last few Sony-produced films weren’t exactly, well, good.

Having said that, Sony is finding success with its own comic cinematic universe after the surprising success of 2018’s Venom and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse so it makes sense why they think they’re ready for another go around with Spidey.

Plus it means we could see a crossover flick between Spidey and Tom Hardy’s Venom, which should at the very least be more interesting than when we last saw those two characters appeared onscreen together in Spider-Man 3.

A Spider-Man and Venom crossover you say…

This bombshell will have big consequences on Marvel and Sony on both a creative and financial level. How this all ultimately shakes out is still up in the air. But who knows, maybe everyone will kiss and make up and all will be well in the MCU. Negotiations are reportedly still going as we speak.

Or maybe we’ll get a bunch of new Spider-Man movies where Tom Holland awkwardly talks to Tom Hardy about his adventures with the Avengers without actually mentioning anyone’s name because of legal reasons.

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