The X-Men And Marvel Universes May Have Just Collided With A Single Tweet

So much to unpack from one measly tweet.

Ever since Disney opened up its Scrooge McDuck vault and splashed out a bunch of money to buy up 20th Century Fox, Marvel fans have been wondering whether the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises will be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe since everything is finally under one roof.

The answer to that is… maybe?

After a flame was lit following reports that the MCU will reboot the Fantastic Four in 2022, Marvel have poured fuel on the fire after tweeting out this very cryptic image.

This all seems like endless lines of code but it actually links to an article on Marvel’s website, which is all dressed up to look like redacted confidential files. Dig a bit further and it turns out this code and the files allude to the Super Soldier serum used to juice up Steve Rogers (Weapon I), the Weapon Plus program that made Wolverine (Weapon X) and even Fantomex (Weapon 13).

Now what this all means remains up in the air until all the files become unclassified on June 17, but we can hazard a guess at what’s this tweet is all about.

Since it came from the main Marvel account and not the account that handles all the MCU films, it’s likely that this is a viral marketing campaign to plug a bunch of upcoming new comics, such as House of X, Powers of X, Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus, rather than the big X-Men/MCU crossover that we’ve all been clamouring for.

Sorry, folks.

Having said that though, the MCU could still be in play here. There’s speculation that this is all groundwork for the X-Men’s introduction into the MCU. Throw in the fact that we have no idea what’s in store for Phase Four and onwards, perhaps MCU folk have been super busy hashing out just how they were going to introduce the X-Men into their little world.

These things take time (Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame took 11 years and 20 something films) and Marvel wouldn’t want to rush into the X-Men stuff too soon just because they got those toys to play with now.

Well you’re just going to have to wait.

So with regards to Marvel’s cryptic tweet, don’t hold your breath for that X-Men/MCU crossover you really want. It’ll come eventually – they would be idiots to not do it at some point – but it most likely won’t be for a while.

Marvel's New Spider-Man: Far From Home Poster Is Bad But The Fan-Made Ones Are Hilarious

The person in charge of the posters really doesn't give a crap.

Excitement is rapidly building for Spider-Man: Far From Home as it’ll be the first post Avengers: Endgame Marvel film and the prospect of more Tom Holland shenanigans is never a not a good thing.

But despite all the exciting stuff in store for Spidey’s next cinematic adventure – it’s set in Europe and it’s got Jake Gyllenhaal! – there’s one thing about the film that’s getting me down at the moment: the horrific posters.

Homecoming had its share of terrible promo posters but they’ve somehow one-upped (one-downed?) themselves this time because here’s the latest to come out from Marvel’s marketing department and the person working on Far From Home clearly doesn’t give a crap:

I’m far from the only one who thinks Marvel skimped out on the poster budget for Far From Home as the internet wasn’t too pleased either. But rather than whinge (which people did, mind you), some folks decided to make some joke Spidey posters for the fun of it.

And boy did we get some hilarious gems that rank high on the “so bad it’s good” scale. You could probably swap out the official poster for a fan-made mock and no one would be the wiser.

Some creative fans decided to go in the other direction and make some seriously impressive unofficial posters, so much so that Marvel should seriously consider using them as official merch or something.

Credit to all those creative fans who turned something underwhelming into a big joke that not only made everyone laugh but also ironically gave Far From Home a good amount of marketing exposure before the film comes out on July 2.

Having said all that though, perhaps this whole “bad posters” schtick is just part of the comic book movie behemoth’s plan to generate buzz.

Damn. Well played, Marvel, well played.

Gwyenth Paltrow Has No Clue Which Marvel Movies She's In And Same, TBH

To be fair, 22 movies over a decade is a lot to keep up with.

Gwyneth Paltrow says weird stuff. It’s a proven fact and there’s really no disputing it. I mean, who goes around telling people that they’re the one responsible for making yoga popular?

For the latest addition to her list of strange vocal faux pas, she’s dropped a hell of a doozy regarding her time working on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Do tell me more…

During her appearance on Jon Faveau’s new Netflix show, The Chef Show, the two were just chatting away while cooking a Goop-friendly version of a “pepperpot” (geddit? it’s like her character in… never mind) when the topic of the pair’s history with Marvel came up.

As Jon started explaining how The Chef Show idea came up when he was filming Spider-Man: Homecoming with her, Gwyneth replied that they had never worked on that film together while skillfully zesting citrus. What seemed like a joke at first quickly revealed itself to be genuine as she honestly sounded like she had no clue about Spider-Man and was insistent that she was only in The Avengers and Iron Man movies. Mark of a good actress I suppose.

After a bit of back and forth between Jon and Gwyneth (and some helpful interjections from chef Roy Choi), he was eventually able to convince her that they were indeed in Homecoming together. Look, I don’t blame you, Gwyneth, I’ve lost track of what Marvel movies you’ve been in as well.

Now in her defence, there are 22 Marvel films (and counting) so it’s a little easy to get a bit lost even though you’ve worked on some of them. Throw in Marvel’s tendency to keep everything under lock and key from everyone, including their actors, it’s perhaps no surprise that Gwyneth had no clue she was in Homecoming. She honestly probably thought she was in Iron Man 4 or something.

For those who need a refresher (including Gwyneth), here’s her scene in Homecoming:

We’ve had extensive oral histories on the MCU from various people but I now suddenly want to hear everything about Marvel exclusively from Gwyneth’s point of view. That would be absolutely amazing and unintentionally hilarious.

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