The New X-Men Film Had To Be Reshot To Keep The Marvel Gods Happy

If it meant delaying the movie for another year, then so be it.

The upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie has had quite the troublesome production schedule to put it lightly. Filming originally wrapped back in October 2017 before they decided to do a heap of reshoots a year later, which ended up bumping the movie’s release date from March 2018 to June 5 this year.

But it turns out there’s at least one good reason why the filmmakers decided to essentially make the movie twice: apparently the ending was almost a carbon copy of another superhero film’s climax.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies UK, James McAvoy revealed that the end of Dark Phoenix changed a hell of a lot” because “there was a lot of overlap and parallels with another superhero movie that came out… a while ago.”

While he didn’t spill on what that other movie was, the internet did some Sherlocking and their conclusion puts Captain Marvel as the clashing culprit. I don’t see how they clashed, I mean, Jean Grey is a superpowered being who can levitate, glow, and blow stuff up using energy blasts…

Whereas Carol Danvers is a, uh, superpowered hero who can also fly, glow, and blow stuff up using energy blasts…

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers

Okay, I see the problem now and the reshoots suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Joking aside and in Dark Phoenix‘s defence, most superhero films these days end with the heroes facing off a horde of CGI big bads before culminating with a showdown with the ultimate baddie so there’s bound to be some overlap with other similar films, especially if they’re both from the Marvel stable.

But hey, different can sometimes be better and the film’s star, Sophie Turner, sounds pretty happy with the reshoots and was all for redoing the entire ending.

We won’t have long to wait before Dark Phoenix comes out before we can see how those reshoots turned out but you can be sure that we’ll be taking notes and comparing endings, you know, for science.

Emilia Clarke Was Nearly Part Of The Marvel Universe And We Have So Many Questions

Westeros and the MCU almost collided in a geek equivalent of matter hitting antimatter.

Regardless of how you felt about the finale, there’s no denying that Game of Thrones is probably the biggest TV show we’ll see in our lifetime and the only two things that can possibly hold a candle to it in terms of pop-culture relevance and fandom size is the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars franchise.

As it so happens, one lucky soul very nearly held important roles in all three universes in something that would’ve been akin to the geek equivalent of matter colliding with antimatter.

Writer Drew Pearce shared a throwback photo on Instagram of the time when he was at an early table read of Iron Man 3 (which he co-wrote) back in 2012 and revealed that Emilia Clarke was originally involved with the movie.

Yup, Daenerys Targaryen and Qi’ra was very nearly part of the MCU.

Sadly Emilia’s involvement in Iron Man 3 didn’t ultimately pan out due to “script changes”, which is definitely code for “some s**t went down behind-the-scenes that I can’t talk about.” But look, this intriguing little nugget about Iron Man 3 has brought up a few very interesting questions.

Firstly, who was Emilia meant to play? Pearce didn’t reveal this in his Instagram caption but we can probably assume it was a cut character given his “long story, the script changed” explanation and how all the other major female characters in Iron Man 3 were played by other actresses. As for how big of a role it was, well we think it was likely a pretty substantial one given how she was already riding high on the Thrones wave back in 2012.

And secondly, what exactly went on in Pearce’s “long story” that resulted in Iron Man 3 being rewritten and Emilia’s role getting cut? With all the big name stars Marvel have signed on in recent years, you’d think that they would move continents to have someone from GoT onboard.

This will be one of the many big pop-culture “what ifs” in recent memory as having Emilia in Iron Man 3 as originally intended could’ve changed the trajectory of the MCU as we know it.

But hey, Emilia probably has some extra time on her hands now as how Game of Thrones is officially over so Marvel should probably give her a call and see if she’s down for something in one of the MCU’s post-Endgame movies.

The Bros Will Not Be Happy With Captain Marvel's Moves In This New Deleted Scene

Taking down toxic masculinity one smile at a time.

Captain Marvel was a pretty fun movie on all fronts but its release was sullied a little bit by a contingent of internet trolls who complained about, well everything about the character and Brie Larson.

While the film ultimately put those trolls back in their place by earning over $1 billion and characterising Carol Danvers as a badass who takes no crap from anyone, especially keyboard warriors  living in basements, a deleted scene from the film shows that Captain Marvel was not only preemptively ready to smack toxic trolls in the face but it was willing to kick them while they were down.

The deleted scene is an extension of the sequence in which that douchebag biker catcalls Carol before she goes on to steal his bike. As it turns out, the original scene featured the biker hitting on her in the cringiest way possible and asking her to “smile.”

I won’t spoil Carol’s response to the douchebag but it is just brilliant.

While this scene was sadly cut, likely due for time since the film is over 2 hours long, it goes to show that Marvel and the filmmakers being Captain Marvel are taking no prisoners when it comes to toxic masculinity and gross behaviour.

Plus the scene offered another bit more insight into Carol as it further illustrates how she is unashamedly confident in herself and has no time for people telling her how to act or when to smile.

She may have the power to take down virtually every other Avenger, but this scene is probably Carol’s sweetest victory yet. Here’s hoping for more Captain Marvel goodness when the inevitable sequel comes along.

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