Marvel May Replace Jeremy Renner, Which Will Benefit 'Hawkeye' Anyway

No surprises there.

Take this news story with a Hulk-sized grain of salt, folks: Rumour (via We Got This Covered) has it that Marvel is tossing up whether to drop Jeremy Renner from Disney’s Hawkeye limited series (and by extension the MCU).

Marvel wanting to cut ties with Renner doesn’t come too much of a surprise given all those unsavoury allegations leveled at everyone’s least favourite Avenger from his ex-wife, who made some pretty serious claims of physical and verbal threats on her and himself.

Now nothing is confirmed (apparently Marvel are merely mulling the idea at this point) and these rumours could end up amounting to nothing. We very well could still see Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in the MCU, but for what its worth, We Got This Covered has covered scoops like this in the past and has proven to be correct so make of that what you will.

Assuming Marvel does indeed ditch Renner, word is the character will be recast with another actor (which isn’t the first time Marvel has done that) but how this will affect the Hawkeye Disney+ series isn’t too clear.

Say Marvel end up cutting Hawkeye from his own show, this may actually work to its benefit.

From what we know so far, show is focused on Kate Bishop and how she eventually takes up the role of Hawkeye in the Avengers. While having Clint Barton mentor her before gracefully bowing out, cutting him out of the show completely will actually be more faithful to the comics than if he wasn’t.

For those who are unaware, Kate Bishop becomes Hawkeye not through Clint’s mentoring but by stealing a heap of gear from the Avengers (including Clint’s bow) and using her skill to help the Young Avengers.

Other than references to the character, you wouldn’t really need Clint around to tell a compelling story of how Kate becomes the new Hawkeye and Renner’s rumoured departure won’t be a big issue to work in.

Then again, we could still get the “Clint mentors Kate” storyline we expect and Hawkeye will either be played by Renner or someone else.

Bottom line is, we don’t really know what will happen with the Hawkeye situation but we’ll find out soon. And if Jeremy Renner does indeed leave the Marvel world, well, he was everyone’s least favourite Avenger anyway.

Hey Jennifer Aniston, Your Version Of 'Intermittent Fasting' Makes No Sense

The one where Rachel (sort of) finds out.

There are three guaranteed things in life: death, taxes and Jennifer Aniston looking forever young regardless of how old she is. Okay, a major part of it is her having luxury of being able to maintain her health due to all that Friends money, but a lot of it is also down to her diet and intermittent fasting routine.

It’s the hottest diet in Hollywood right now!

Jen spilled her youth-retaining secrets to Radio Times (via The Guardian) and said the secret isn’t drinking the blood of virgins or water from the fountain of youth.

No, her schtick is to go on the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet, which involves fasting for 16 hours (bedtime is included in this part) and then eating healthily for the other eight hours.

Okay, that sounds pretty tough tough but is actually far less restrictive and underwhelming than you think.

Jen says she wakes up around 8:30am every day (must be nice being a Hollywood star who can do that), has breakfast at around 10am, does things like drink celery juice, exercise, and plays with her dogs, and then has dinner at around 5:30pm.

So in other words, the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s health is, uh, eating healthy, exercise and early dinner. How… anticlimatic. Where’s the part involving sacrificing animals to the eternal youth god?

That all sounds like a normal person’s routine with a dash of having early dinner every day. That’s not fasting and if it is then it just makes no sense calling it “fasting” when you’re just doing what people do every day.

Hell, if that’s intermittent fasting then I’ve been (unintentionally) doing it every day, though it clearly has had less on an impact on my health than it has on Jen. Just a hunch but perhaps the eating healthy and exercise part may be more important than when you can and can’t stuff your face with calories.

Well that was underwhelming.

Jen says she noticed a “big difference going without food for 16 hours,” which makes me wonder what kind of difference is she talking about because it’s literally what most people do every day. Is there something in breakfast food that I’ve been missing out on this whole time?

This whole saga has yielded two conclusions: either Jen has a different definition of intermittent fasting compared to the rest of us or the Hollywood PR machine has been incredibly effective at turning something as simple as an everyday routine into a hot diet fad.

But hey, let’s look at it this way, Jennifer Aniston’s intermittent fasting routine is perfectly doable and doesn’t require much change your in routine until most big diets that “guarantee” you’ll be shedding weight in no time.

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