Marvel Finally Explains Why They Ignored Black Widow And The Hulk's Relationship

I guess it makes sense...

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.

The Avengers: Endgame writers have revealed why they didn’t address the romance between the Hulk and Black Widow after building it up in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In case you forgot, Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff got quite cosy in Age of Ultron, but the movie ended with Bruce flying off into space without anything more happening between the pair.

They were then reunited in Avengers: Infinity War and they shared an awkward look and that was it. They never once brought up their potential romance or their cheeky little kiss!

Credit: Marvel

It turns out there was a reason for this, but you might not like it.

Stephen McFeely, Avengers co-writer, told the Empire Podcast that there was simply too much plot to cover in the last two Avengers movies so they couldn’t fit the relationship in.

“We certainly tried [to continue the story]… In Infinity War we had scenes — we wrote them, we shot them — of them sort of hashing that out. ‘You’ve been gone, I’ve moved on’ – that kind of stuff.

“It became very clear that if a scene was not on the ‘A plot’, it could not survive Infinity War.

“That thing has to be on rails just to get to the finish line. You couldn’t wrap up loose threads just because you wanted to.”

Credit: Marvel

When it comes to Endgame, co-writer Christopher Markus added it would have been “odd” if their relationship developed while they were trying to bring back half the world and their fellow superheroes.

“It [would] seem a little odd, in the midst of everyone’s mourning and [Hulk’s] change to a 2,000-pound genius, to go, ‘And they’re dating!'”

Credit: Marvel

The romance is sort of brought up, however, after Natasha’s death when Bruce reacts with anger after finding out, but so does everyone else.

So, we guess it made sense to cut those scenes, but it doesn’t make us feel any better that we missed out on more Mark Ruffalo scenes…

Reports The MCU Will Reboot The Fantastic Four In 2022, So Let's Hope They Actually Get It Right This Time

Third time lucky?

Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox earlier this year, we’ve been waiting to see how they would integrate properties like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four into the MCU.

We’ve seen two versions of the Fantastic Four, both starring people who went on to star in the MCU as other characters – Chris Evans and Michael B Jordan, who both played Johnny Storm.

Audiences never really warmed up to the Fantastic Four quite like they did with the Marvel films, so perhaps this will be the third and final time they try to reboot the franchise?

Reports from ComicBook suggest Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are planning on bringing Mr Fantastic, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman and the Thing back to the big screen in 2022.

The site reports Peyton Reed, who directed Ant-Man and the Wasp, has been pitching ideas for the series.

Reed told ComicBook he has some exciting ideas on how to integrate the team into the MCU.

“Well, listen: as a fan, I certainly find that intriguing, because in the comics realm, the Fantastic Four are the crown jewels of the Marvel Universe. They are the first family of Marvel.

“I think there is a version of Fantastic Four that has yet to be rendered in the movies that would really, really excite me, and I certainly think there are at least six different ways to introduce Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a really satisfying way.”

Reed added that one of his ideas would set the reboot in the 1960s and wouldn’t be explaining their origin story.

Marvel is set to release three films in 2022, one is expected to be Captain Marvel 2 and another is Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, so that third film could very well be Fantastic Four.

Let’s hope they actually get it right this time, and if not, let’s just put this story to bed.

Real Life Superhero Keanu Reeves Might Play Fake Superhero For MCU

We are fully on board with this!

Keanu Reeves seems to be everywhere lately. John Wick: Chapter 3 is out now, he’s made an appearance in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe, he’s got a role in Toy Story 4 and he’s preparing for a return to the world of Bill and Ted.

Now, it seems Marvel has their eye on Keanu for a role in the MCU, despite the fact he’s reportedly already turned down a role.

There were suggestions the 54-year-old might be the next Wolverine, but now rumour has it Marvel want him for a role in their upcoming film The Eternals.

The film is reportedly set for a 2020 release and will be directed by Chloé Zhao with Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden and Kumail Nanjiani also rumoured to star.

MCU Cosmic reports that although it’s early days, it does sound pretty likely Keanu will take the role as their source has been pretty bang on with other rumours about the film.

They wrote, “I usually don’t bother with casting scoops, but given this source I’m confident in putting this out there. Again, it’s still early and sounds like negotiations are pretty recent.”

It’s not known which role he’s being considered for, however, we do know that Marvel’s Kevin Feige is pretty excited about the film.

Speaking with ComicBook he said, “Your reaction about not being familiar with The Eternals is perfect, because most people weren’t familiar with Guardians [of the Galaxy] and believe it or not there were people that were not familiar with Avengers or with Iron Man.

“So for us, it’s finding great stories whether people have heard of them or not and bring them to the big screen in as amazing a ways as we can.

If you’re not familiar with the Eternals (we weren’t!), they’re a genetically-altered race of super-beings, who live for thousands of years.

Feige added, “Eternals are one group, but we like the idea of introducing an ensemble, doing an ensemble movie from the start, as opposed to building up as we did with the first Avengers. More like Guardians, not tonally, but in terms of introducing a new group of people.”

Here’s hoping Keanu ends up in the MCU!


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