If You’re Bullying A 7-Year-Old You’re Not A Marvel Fan, You’re Just A Jerk

This is why we can't have nice things.

Pop-culture fandom is an fascinating beast. Some folk are pretty cool and take things as they come while others are the complete opposite and will come after you with pitchforks over any little thing they deem as incorrect in their eyes regardless of whether it’s rational or not.

Marvel fans are generally pretty cool, especially when the Avengers: Endgame tidal wave hit, but some have taken things too far when they decided to target Lexi Rabe, the 7-year-old actress who plays Tony Stark‘s daughter, Morgan.

When Lexi found success following Endgame‘s release, she started getting bullied online by trolls for some inexplicable reason. It eventually got to the point where her mother, Jessica, shared a video of Lexi explaining her actions and a long message asking people to stop.

Okay, her “I love you 3000” sign off is simply adorable.

But far more importantly, this whole bullying saga steps well over the line and this video shouldn’t have been needed in the first place. She’s just a 7-year-old kid trying to live a normal life in a crazy world. Someone that young should never have to explain herself in such a way, especially to a horde of entitled fans.

Props must also be given to Lexi’s parents for doing the best they can with such a wild situation.

You’re not a Marvel fan if you think bullying a 7-year-old is okay just because she didn’t live up to your expectations or didn’t give you an autograph. You’re nothing more than a dick who deserves to be put in the bin.

Jake Gyllenhaal Obnoxiously Praising His Sister Via A Whitney Houston Parody Is Sibling Goals

What better way to praise/embarrass your sister than singing a song about them on TV?

If I were to ask you who the greatest Gyllenhaal is, chances are that Jake will be your answer. However, Jake himself concedes that he definitely isn’t the greatest Gyllenhaal of them all because that honour belongs to his sister, Maggie.

During an appearance on James Corden’s show to plug Spider-Man: Far From Home, they decided to ditch the usual interview thing in favour of singing a glorious parody of Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love of All’, titled ‘Greatest Gyllenhaal of All’, instead.

What initially begins as an obnoxious yet hilarious ode to Jake quickly turns into an unexpected showering of praise upon Maggie as the superior Gyllenhaal sibling.

Words can’t describe just how glorious this whole parody duet is. Not only did Jake manage to plug Far From Home in the song, but he managed to shine a light on his sister in a cheeky way that’s embarrassing yet endearing.

Sibling goals right there, folks.

Once again we’re treated to another example of just how super charming Jake can be. Never mind singing obnoxious praises to you via a parody song, he can probably embarrass you by correcting your awful pronunciation in front of all your friends and you’ll still thank him afterwards.

He may not be the greatest but he definitely is the Jakest Gyllenhaal of them all.

Marvel Is Re-Releasing Avengers: Endgame With New Scenes, Just To Topple The Worst Box Office Hit Of All Time

It's a bold strategy, let's see if it pays off for them.

After two or so months of endless Avengers: Endgame coverage that involved deep dive analyses into every seemingly insignificant scene and a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes gems, we’re all probably a little Endgame-ed out at this point.

Well time to get a second wind because Marvel is planning to re-release Endgame again in cinemas, only this time there will be new footage.

According to, Marvel boss Kevin Feige revealed that Endgame will be getting a second go around before Spider-Man: Far From Home drops on July 2 and will be copping a new scenes.

However, don’t expect anything extravagant though because Feige told ScreenRant that the new stuff will just be “a deleted scene, a little tribute, and a few surprises” after the credits. Sorry to those expecting a extended director’s cut or some alternative ending where Tony Stark/Iron Man comes back to life.

This is a pretty cool thing to do for the fans and a smart marketing move from Marvel before the release of Far From Home. But let’s be honest about what this re-release actually is: it’s just a cynical, last-ditch attempt to topple Avatar as the highest earning movie of all time.

Steve Rogers doesn’t approve of this.

At the time of writing, Endgame is “only” about $45 million away from Avatar‘s $2.788 billion box office tally. A re-release with new footage will likely push Marvel over the finish line or at least achingly close to it.

To put it into perspective, Avatar got its own extended re-release and that earned an extra $33 million. Given how passionate Marvel fans are about the Marvel Cinematic Universe – there are already re-watching efforts underway on RedditEndgame will likely emerge as the box office champ when the dust settles.

You’ve had a good run at the top of the pile for nearly 10 years, Avatar, but not even you can overcome the might that is Marvel (and its marketing machine).

But hey, whatever it takes, right?

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