Even The Marvel Women Are Rallying For An All-Female Superhero Movie

Brie Larson for president.

Avengers: Endgame was an epic movie for so many reasons.

One of the standout moments for me was the bit at the very end where all the female superheroes united in battle against Thanos.

It was badass, it was super cool, and it made me practically squeal in delight in my cinema seat.

But, even before Marvel united our favourite kick arse women in Endgame, they expressed interest in creating an all-women movie. An idea that I support in full and, apparently, so do the film’s leading ladies.

Speaking to Variety, Brie Larson revealed that she, along with her Marvel co-stars, have had talks with Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige about making that film happen.

“A lot of the female cast members from Marvel walked up to Kevin and we were like, ‘We are in this together, we want to do this,’” Brie said.

“What that means, I have no idea. You know, I’m not in charge of the future of Marvel, but it is something that we’re really passionate about and we love and I feel like if enough people out in the world talk about how much they want it, maybe it’ll happen.”

You heard the lady, let’s get talking about it.

If you BELIEVE. Source: Giphy

While talking to Variety, Brie also reflected on filming the Endgame battle scene with her female co-stars.

“It was just a great day,” she recalled.

“It was an opportunity for us to share and hang out. And as many people know, a lot of the time women aren’t working together. It’s kind of been this new breath of fresh air for us in our industry that there’s more female ensemble films, which has allowed us the opportunity to really communicate with one another. So we get so excited and feel so much energy when you get to be around your peers and share stories.”

If Marvel ever needs another female superhero, ya’ll know where to find me.

I’m in. Source: Giphy

Tom Holland Heard Our Prayers And Fought To Keep Spider-Man In The MCU

With great power comes great responsibility.

Imagining Spider-Man without Tom Holland is like imagining Thor without Mjolnir or Captain America without that arse: impossible.

Cap is not impressed. Source: Giphy

It was a bit touch and go for a while there but, thankfully, we no longer have to face a world where Tom Holland doesn’t play our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Over the weekend, Sony and Disney struck a deal where Tom’s Spidey gets to stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Turns out we weren’t the only one’s who felt panicked strongly about Spider-Man staying with Marvel. Apparently, Tom himself is responsible for keeping his Spider-Man within the MCU.

According to reports, Tom reached out to both Sony and Marvel in order to make a new deal happen.

Sources told THR that Tom “made multiple appeals to Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger and Sony film chairman Tom Rothman to reach a resolution, announced Sept. 27, for Marvel to produce a third Spider-Man movie for Sony, and for the character to appear in at least one additional Disney-Marvel film.”

Reports also state that Tom (the legend) also “leaned on Rothman to re-engage with Disney,” and mentioned the fan support for Spider-Man to remain in the MC when talking to both production companies.

So, basically, Tom knew what the people wanted and gave the people what they wanted.

Uncle Ben said it first and it’s never been truer:

Netflix's Next Movie Is The Epic Cinematic Crossover That Will Do The Impossible: Please Everyone

Marvel could never save the world like this.

Question: what combines the best bit from Crazy Rich Asians, Moulin Rouge, Mama Mia, The Devil Wears Prada, Big Little Lies, The Late Late Show, Ariana Grande’s latest album and Glee

Ryan Murphy’s new film, that’s what. 

It sounds like a hot mess when I put it like that^ but I’m almost certain it will be a cinematic masterpiece. The film takes Tony-nominated stage musical The Prom from the stage to the screen with a stellar cast who have starred in at least one of the above movies. 

Meryl Streep will star alongside Awkwafina, Nicole Kidman, James Corden and Ariana Grande. No biggie. 

For the uncultured among you who scrunch your nose at the thought of a musical I have four words for you: Zac Efron in Hairspray. If Zac thinks musicals are cool then they’re damn cool. If you won’t trust me maybe you’ll trust those baby blue eyes and biceps the expert. 

Listen to Zac. Source: Giphy

According to reports, the musical movie is set to start filming in December for a fall 2020 release in cinemas and on Netflix.

The basic plot of The Prom is as follows:  

Four Broadway actors past their prime travel to the fictional conservative town of Edgewater, Indiana, after reading about a lesbian student who was not allowed to bring her girlfriend to high school prom. They want to help, but mostly they want to soak up the good press and be relevant again.

The four oldies will be played by Meryl (AKA The Queen), James, Nicole, and voice and stage actor Andrew Rannells. 

Awkwafina will play the group’s publicist which is honestly inspired casting. Imagine Awkwafina trying to manage your life? It would be one hilarious, colourful, slightly unhinged mess. 

The lesbian student is yet to be cast but I have my vote on Tessa Thompson or Brie Larson- someone from the  Marvel universe because that seems to be the only fandom this movie hasn’t tapped into and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity. 

You heard it heard first, friends. Source: Giphy

Because the casting isn’t good enough, Ariana won’t just star in the film she’s also set to produce the soundtrack. 

Basically, this movie is going to be cinematic perfection. 

Could this be the film that finally does the impossible? Could this be the one that appeals to everyone? 

It has star power and brings the best bits from a range of movies:  a world of knowledge and skill with Meryl, a little bit of sizzle thanks to Nicole, good humour from the genius that is Akwafina, bad humour in James, and absolute beauty in Ariana. 

The only people that might not enjoy it are musical haters but they’re not the kind of people i want in my life anyway. 

Like I said, four words: Zac Efron in Hairspray

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