5 Signs Of A Toxic And Unhealthy Relationship As Told By Married At First Sight's Ines And Bronson

A girl like her should wear a warning.

As the trash train known as Married At First Sight swerves off the tracks of good taste and sensibility, we find ourselves enthralled once more.

Where we’re goin’ no one knows.

And oh boy, is this year’s a doozy already.

Which, after last year’s “cheating” and “wife swapping” debacle, is an achievement.


Bronson seems like one of the most effortlessly charming guys, simply looking for love. He takes pride in his stripper past (don’t forget this, Ines doesn’t) and is now a successful entrepreneur with an absolute heart of gold.

Bronson just looks like a cuddly Hulk.

Ines, on the other hand is a legal assistant who seems to be one of the single worst people in the show’s history (get it, single people). She seems to have almost no redeeming features, is self-obsessed and not open to trying to connect or even respect Bronson on a basic level, essentially dismissing him for his life choices.

“Einus, Eyness… Anus?”

And we’re supposed to believe that “experts” (and I use that term very loosely but they wear lab coats, y’know?) put this couple together?

“Not a doctor, shhhh.”

Regardless, we realised that this was a perfect examination of toxic couples and why Bronson deserves better.

And look, we get that it could be the stereotypical villain edit that Ines has found herself victim to. So we’ll just have to wait and see how this glorious train wreck of a TV show that we can’t stop watching pans out.

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