Margot Robbie Could Be Developing Another Iconic Comic Book Series

Margot's taking on an iconic female character.

Since appearing 2016’s Suicide Squad, Aussie actress Margot Robbie has become well-versed in the art of portraying comic book characters on the big screen. So much so, she’s now developing her very own film.

Margot as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Credit: Giphy

According to Tank Girl comic co-creator Alan Martin, Robbie’s production company LuckyChap Entertainment has optioned the rights from MGM to make a new film based on the iconic comic.

“Just heard that Margot Robbie’s company have optioned rights from MGM to make a new Tank Girl movie — now several months into development,” Martin tweeted earlier this week. “We haven’t been contacted by any of the parties involved with the project, so not sure if there will be any input from the original creators.”

Credit: Twitter

The Tank Girl comic book was created by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett in 1988 – you might recognise Hewlett’s illustrations from the virtual band Gorillaz. 

Hewlett’s Gorillaz. Credit: Giphy

According to the Fandom page, Tank Girl is an Australian outlaw who lives in a tank. “She is prone to random acts of sex and violence, hair dyeing, flatulence, nose picking, vomiting, spitting, and more than occasional drunkenness.” 

Tank Girl. Credit: Wiki Fandom

The character sounds like a far cry from Margot Robbie’s usually demure persona, however there is no word on whether she will be appearing in the film or just developing it. 

The OG Tank Girl comic was adapted into a movie in 1995 starring Lori Petty in the title role, Naomi Watts as her friend Jet Girl, and Ice-T as the humanoid kangaroo T-Saint. 

Tank Girl, 1995. Credit: Giphy

Sadly, it bombed at the box office, racking up an abysmal 38% on Rotten Tomatoes. Will Margot breathe new life into the fan favourite? 

LuckyChap produced 2017’s Academy Award-winning film I, Tonya, and already has the Harley Quinn spinoff Birds of Prey and Promising Young Woman slated for release in 2020.

Looks like the future is bright for Margot Robbie and her career behind the camera.

‘The Goldfinch’ Has Already Been Branded “One Of The Worst Movies” Of The Year

One critic called it "a gigantic waste of time."

Well, this is awkward. The reviews are in for The Goldfinch starring Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman and Finn Wolfhard, and it’s safe to say, people aren’t pleased.

After it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this week critics slammed The Goldfinch, calling it “disappointing,” “bland” and a “gigantic waste of time.”

According to the Independent, critic Matt Goldberg went as far to call it “one of the worst movies” of 2019. Ouch!

Eek. Credit: Giphy

It’s a shame, considering The Goldfinch is a much-hyped adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.
Credit: Goodreads

Directed by award-winning director John Crowley, The Goldfinch is about a boy in New York who is taken in by a wealthy Upper East Side family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Let’s not forget the movie also stars three incredibly talented actors. Nicole Kidman – who has more accolades than we can count, Golden Globe nominee Ansel Elgort, and Finn Wolfhard who exploded onto the scene after starring in Stranger Things. 

Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman, Oakes Fegley at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival. Credit: Brent Perniac/AdMedia/Sipa USA

Sadly, The Goldfinch isn’t only being dragged by the critics – Twitter has weighed in on the film, with many complaining about it’s length. One user wrote, “The Goldfinch was so bland and boring, I just. I really can’t say much other than nothing happens for almost 2 hours, then everything happens at once but it’s so disconnected that it evokes no feeling.”

Credit: Twitter

Apparently, the film runs for 149 minutes – that’s almost 2.5 hours, which is long, even for a big Hollywood action film. 

Make sure you’re well rested. Credit: Giphy

If you’re a fan of the book, or the stars who appear in The Goldfinch, who cares what the critics say – go and see it, but don’t take an extra large drink in there with you. 

Brazil Mayor's Attempt To Ban Marvel Comic For Same-Sex Kiss Backfired In The Best Way

Another perfect example of the Streisand effect.

Over the weekend, we learned that when you attack someone’s freedom of expression, they’ll fight back even harder. Case in point: this Brazilian mayor being blocked from banning a Marvel comic book because of a same-sex kiss.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Marcelo Crivella, who is a former bishop and the current mayor of Rio de Janeiro, recently demanded that the comic book Avengers: The Children’s Crusade be withdrawn from a book fair because it featured content “unsuitable for children.”

The content Crivella is referring to is an illustration of two male characters, Wiccan and Hulkling, kissing in a loving embrace. In a tweet explaining his attempt to wrap copies of the graphic novel in black plastic and have it confiscated, Crivella wrote, “We need to protect our children. As a result, we have determined that Biennial organisers collect books with content that is unsuitable for minors.”

“It is not correct for them to have early access to subjects that do not agree with their ages.”

Credit: Twitter

It’s safe to say, Crivella’s call to action didn’t go down well. According to the Guardian, the president of Brazil’s supreme court overruled a court decision that had endorsed his move and the country’s biggest newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo, published the illustration on its front page. 

Credit: Folha de S.Paulo

“It is an attack on freedom of expression,” said Mariana Zahar, the VP of the National Union of Book Publishers told the Guardian. “We will fight this to the end.”

Crivella’s move continued to backfire when YouTuber Felipe Neto bought 14,000 copies of LGBT-themed comic books and gave them out for free. The vlogger, who has 34 million followers, wrapped them in black plastic with the warning: “Book inappropriate for backward…and prejudiced people.” 

The best part of this whole story is the fact that by the time Crivella asked for the comic book to be confiscated, it had already sold out. 

This is the perfect example of the Streisand Effect: if you attempt to hide, remove or censor information, it’s only going to attract attention.

“Although we [are] going through the most frightening government in terms of repression since the dictatorship, this time we have a united and engaged people who will not permit that censorship, the imposition of others’ moral values,” Neto told The Guardian.

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