Maisie Williams Joins Michael B. Jordan On Upcoming Animated Sci-FI Show Which Should Cushion The Blow Of Game Of Thrones’ Imminent End

Maisie plays a young, mischievous Scottish girl in gen:LOCK. AKA herself.

Maisie Williams earned a special place in our hearts as the young and ruthless Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, and with the series about to come to an anticipated end we don’t want to see Williams fall of the map.

But obviously we don’t need to worry about her because she’s already signed on to a project with Michael B. Jordan, David Tennant and Dakota Fanning.

Rest assured we’ll be able to get our Maisie Williams fix in Rooster Teeth’s upcoming animated series, gen:LOCK. 

Williams plays ‘Cammie MacCloud’, a mischievous hacker who is the youngest recruit to the ~mysterious~ gen:LOCK program.

Our beloved Black Panther villain Michael B. Jordan is voicing the lead character Julian Chase and the whole series looks seriously badass. It’s definitely got a solid cast behind it.

gen:LOCK will premiere January 2019 on Rooster Teeth’s streaming platform FIRST, so add this to the list of animated series to get addicted to.

HBO Releases The First Footage From The Final Game Of Thrones Season In Their 2019 Highlight Reel And Look, We’ll Take What We Can Get

Also here for the clip of Meryl Streep looking like a boss in the upcoming season of Big Little Lies.

Waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones has been a Game of Impatience, so we are ready and waiting to ravage any glimpse of what’s to come.

Cue HBO’s trailer for the network’s 2019 lineup, which includes our first, albeit tiny, peek into the highly anticipated eighth GoT season.

Me ready to take whatever scraps HBO is willing to dish up.

Cut amongst a highlight reel of their upcoming new show content you’ll catch a bit of new Game of Thrones footage around the 1:10 mark.

We see Jon Snow reunite with Sansa Stark (my heart!), Jaime Lannister getting into a bit of a scuffle with Gendry and Gendry’s axe, and a few other things that go by so quickly only your subconscious can appreciate it.

It’s not a generous serving of footage but we will eat it up.

GoT season eight is set to come out in the first half of 2019 so let’s pray they keep their word on that one.

Also Bit Little Lies fans please appreciate how great Meryl Streep looks in her upcoming role on the show.


2019 is looking good team.

The Game Of Thrones Directors Jovially Admit That Killing Off Daenerys' Dragon Was A Low Blow And Confirm They Are, In Fact, Sociopaths

Can confirm, this show is designed to make us suffer.

Game of Thrones has been fairly consistent about one thing over all seven seasons: death. Characters die. It’s a core part of the show’s identity and yet it always stings.

Except when it was Joffrey. Boy bye.

The Game of Thrones directors Alan Taylor and Jeremy Podeswa weighed in on their reputation for intentionally inflicting trauma by killing off our favourite characters and I’m not gonna lie – it doesn’t even sound like they’re a little bit sorry???

The cheerful manner in which Taylor discusses murdering characters makes me feel very worried about what to expect of the upcoming final season.

Unarguably one of the worst deaths the show has given us to date that blindsided us all was Khaleesi’s dragon. That was just messed up.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter about killing off the dragon, director Alan Taylor really showed off his inner sociopath. He compares it to killing a puppy and laughs in the same sentence. Send help.

“I have a history of killing beloved characters on HBO shows,” says Alan Taylor. “I killed Ned Stark, I killed Julius Caesar [on Rome], I killed Wild Bill Hickok [on Deadwood]. As a director, it’s great when you have a moment like that because you know it’s going to have an impact.”

“I knew that killing a dragon was going to be like killing a puppy (laughs)” Taylor continues. [Horrified emphasis ours.]

“It’s an emotional moment when you kill a character that’s flesh and blood and human, but killing a creature that’s beloved the way dragons are? I knew it would have impact.”

So there you have it. The Game of Thrones directors are trauma-loving killers who must not be trusted*.

*Please don’t sue me for defamation! I love Game of Thrones and am secretly addicted to the emotional stress it inflicts. Just please don’t kill any more dragons – thanks. Please.

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