Macaulay Culkin Says His Friends Call Him In Tears Whenever They Watch My Girl

Big mood since 1991.

My Girl.

You’re crying already, aren’t you?

A corner of your brain immediately cued up Anna Chlumsky screaming “he can’t see without his glasses!!!” as she’s hauled bodily out of the funeral parlour away from Thomas J’s kid-size coffin and now you’re crying.

It turns out that you’re not the only one who was scarred for life by the 1991 coming-of-age classic that lures you in with cuteness and then punches you in the heart with a lethal fistful of bees.

According to Macaulay Culkin, who played Thomas J, even his real-life mates aren’t immune to the film’s emotional power. (Just like Thomas J wasn’t immune to those bees.)

“For years and years and years, I’ll get two or three calls a year from friends, usually female, crying because they’ve just watched My Girl,” he says in a new interview with Vulture alongside fellow 90s icon Devon Sawa.

“I know you’re okay — I just wanted to make sure you were okay, though!” I’m alive, I’m alive.”

He also says that the constant rumours that he’s died – which peaked again after a 2015 comedy sketch where he looked deliberately gaunt and strung-out – are “f**king hilarious”.

“I die all the time. That’s fun. That’s always great. The worst part is when I have to reassure people. My mom calls me and I say, “No, I’m alive.” My friend Regina cries, and that sucks. Otherwise, it’s f**king hilarious.”

In both cases, it’s not actually 100% clear whether he’s joking or not.

The whole interview is based around his wrestling-style real-but-fake online feud with Sawa, and they spend the whole chat taking the piss, as well as talking fairly seriously about being famous pretty much their entire lives. It’s an amazing read.

It seems like Mack, as he now likes to be known, is living his best life.

But it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who still worries about him a little.

The Old Gangster Movies In Home Alone Aren't Real, And Seth Rogen Just Blew This Wide Open For Everyone

Don't worry - Captain American didn't know either.

Even with the ability to google pretty much everything you could possibly want to know, there are some things you never thought to actually look up – like whether red wine is really good for your health (don’t wanna know), why bananas and spinach give you that weird feeling on your teeth, and what the deal is with that old movie Kevin watches in Home Alone.

Angels With Filthy Souls – and its sequel, Angels With Even Filthier Souls – are Kevin’s naughty, violent viewing of choice when he’s tucking into a sundae, and the dialogue conveniently fits into conversations where he needs to pretend to be a terrifying and heavily armed grownup.

And yes, it’s a bit too convenient – because they’re fake movies filmed especially for the Home Alone series. The title is a riff on a James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart movie from the 30s called Angels With Dirty Faces. But the two clips shown in the movies are all that exist of them.

Seth Rogen, who was clearly rewatching, was tweeting about how Marv’s spider-on-face scream might be the funniest screech in cinema history. And he dropped this little fact in:

Turns out that a whole lot of grown-ass men also never realised that the scene that spawned a million “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal” Christmas sweaters wasn’t from an actual movie.

Including Cap himself.

Bless your heart, equal second-best Hollywood Chris.

Bless your heart too, Big Mouth co-creator Nick Kroll AKA Parks & Rec‘s The Douche.

And yours, Into The Spider-Verse co-writer-director Rodney Rothman!

You too, Frodo?

Even Elijah Wood’s co-star in The Good Son didn’t know!

So if the Buzz McAllister of your family was giving you s**t for not realising this all that time, show them this. The story of Johnny and Snakes might be pure fiction, but it might be the most iconic fake movie ever.

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