Why 2020 Should Be The Year You Finally Sell And Recycle Your Clothes

Could you be selling any more clothes?

It’s about that time that you sell all the clothes in that vacuum-sealed bag under your bed, just saying.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have engaged in working-from-home routines or more broadly, social-distancing rules. In this time, we’re socialising less and we’re wearing our most comfortable clothes more, going on Zoom meetings in sweatpants (if any pants at all). And while lockdown laws are slowly starting to lift, we’re noticing that a lot of our old “favourite” clothes have been collecting dust for the past few months, and so it’s probably time to sell them. 

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This pandemic has exposed our relationship to clothes. It’s the 80/20 rule. 20% of your clothes, you wear 80% of the time. Although, with this pandemic, it’s more like 3% of our clothes, 100% of the time. As we stare into our complete full wardrobes and reflect on the same five tracksuits we’ve been wearing for the past few months, we’re forced to think about a potential change in our clothing habits. 

This is not to say you should sell or recycle all your clothes, but we should start to think about a Marie Kondo-esque type of cleanout. Marie Kondo has her own cleanup method which is a 6-step process. According to Kondo, you should commit yourself to tidying-up, imagine your ideal lifestyle, finish discarding first, tidy-up by category and not by location, follow the right order and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”.

Now, this does seem like a commitment, and we’re not saying that you have to follow all these rules to clean out your wardrobe, but we do suggest you take that last point into consideration. If you feel like your wardrobe needs a bit of a clean, then definitely ask yourself if your clothes “spark joy” because if it doesn’t, then a) you won’t ever wear it, and b) it will definitely spark joy for somebody else. 

During this pandemic, we’re spending a lot of time at home. Without the commute to and from work, we’ve got a bit of extra time on our hands. Why not take that spare hour or two and go through your wardrobe, picking out stuff that you never use then take to eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or Depop. And, if that doesn’t work out, donate them all to a charity. In the words of the brilliant rap-force, Macklemore, “one man’s trash is another man’s come-up.”

So what are you waiting for? Get cleaning and get selling so you can get buying again.

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The Backstory To Those ‘Dad, How Do I?’ YouTube Vids Will Make You Cry

You’re gonna need tissues.

In probably the most wholesome thing you’ll see all day, the Internet has just stumbled upon a YouTube channel called ‘Dad, how do I?’ and we’re all basically crying.

This channel follows an Internet dad who does his “best to provide useful, practical content to many basic tasks that everyone should know how to do.” But, the backstory will make you bawl your eyes out. 

This DIY YouTube channel is run by a man named Rob who was abandoned by his own father many years ago. In an interview with Stranded Magazine, Rob talks about how his own father left him and his 7 siblings because he didn’t “want them anymore”. As a result, his adolescence was rocky. His mother turned to alcohol and he became the responsibility of his older brother. Subsequently, he wanted a life for his children that was completely different. 

Honestly, us right now.

In the same interview, Rob said “My goal in my life was to raise good adults… I never wanted to be wealthy. I never wanted to be necessarily successful. My goal in life was to raise good adults — not good children but good adults — because I had a fractured childhood.” And, after raising two children who have grown up with excellent life-skills and who garnered multiple accreditations to their names, he’s spreading his mantra with the rest of the world. 

‘Dad, How Do I?’ is the YouTube channel that Rob started during COVID-19 quarantine because he finally had the time to do so.

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He uploads videos weekly giving advice to those who don’t have access to fatherly advice. The lengthy videos are rooted in house-work skills like, “How to fix most running toilets” and “How to unclog a bathtub drain”, to name a few.

Just recently these videos have gone viral on Twitter with multiple posts talking about Rob garnering a positive reaction. As a result, his success on YouTube has skyrocketed.

The Internet dad now has over a million subscribers and we have to say, he deserves every, single one of them. Keep spreading the love, Rob. It’s exactly what we need at a time like this. For a thank you from the man himself, check out this video here.

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Quit The Pressure To Be Productive In Iso, Just Surviving Is Enough

If you’re feeling the heat, you’re not alone.

If you’re experiencing a lot of pressure to be productive during this COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. 

Lately, it feels like everyone is doing stuff – productive stuff. At first, adjusting to the working-from-home routine that came with COVID-19 was difficult, as people had to adjust their schedules and make sure utilities were available at home. But then, after about a week, there was a significant tonal shift. Everybody was up to things, achieving stuff, getting into all the life-admin they’d been wanting to do for ages. 

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All-of-a-sudden, Instagram feeds became flooded with sunrise yoga, DIY homewares and aspiring podcasters. It felt like there was this unanimous decision, that with all the free time on our hands, we were going to achieve what we previously couldn’t. 

And this wasn’t just limited to friends, either. Even celebrities were making it work in COVID-19 quarantine. You’ve got Miley Cyrus who launched her very own IGTV series in which she finds the positive side to everything, you’ve got Selena Gomez who is branching out and launching her own cooking show and you’ve got Charli XCX who has vowed to create an entire album from scratch while in quarantine. 

Me scrolling through my news feed like…

Seeing all of this happen in a one-minute scroll on social media is genuinely a lot to take in. For some of us, the transition to work-from-home life was more difficult than anticipated. Additionally, the social-distancing laws that prevent us from seeing certain people can be very emotional for some people. It’s important to remind yourself that there’s no “one-way” of surviving this pandemic, we’re all on our own journeys and we’re all doing our own thing. 

So, if you’re feeling social anxiety because the lockdown laws are slowly being lifted, you’re not alone. If you’re feeling down because you’re struggling to achieve more than your average joe, you’re not alone. Basically, we’re all just getting through this pandemic together. There’s no need to thrive, or try and take full advantage of the situation in front of you. Just surviving is enough. 

Next time, if you’re stressed from the pressure to be productive during COVID-19, forget about it.

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