We Don’t All Have The Luxury Of A Gap Year, But You Can Still Get Your Travel Fix While Studying

'Travel' and 'uni' doesn't have to mean commuting.

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Trying to travel while you study usually requires an insane amount of mental math and compromise. Need to skip a class to catch up on your jet lag? Well good luck with all those hoops you’ll be jumping through.

If my essay is due in 13 days, and it takes 27 hours to fly to France, how many times can I visit the Louvre?

But what if you never had to go to class at all? No, I’m not suggesting you just give up on your uni ambitions altogether and sponge off your parents forever – crazily enough, there is an alternative.

Online study is your new saviour. You can kiss bland canteen food goodbye, and say hello to escargot instead while you peruse your weekly readings. You’ll never have to experience the agony of hunting for a comfy study area for an hour, only for someone to snatch the last chair right in front of you.

Rolling up to the library at 10 am like

Most universities use online platforms to host learning materials or submit assessments, yet they still require students to spend days in a classroom or lecture theatre, even though that time could be better spent working independently, earning money, or seeing the world.

Travel and studying are often framed as an either/or – you can choose to backpack about frivolously while burning your savings, or advance your education but sacrifice your will to live in the process. Online units like Swinburne Online are debunking that myth by giving their students the flexibility to login and complete work wherever, whenever.

Having the freedom to choose how you complete your degree has a whole bunch of benefits, but mobility is one of the best. There are very few ways to get all the life enriching experiences of travel while studying without the endless stress of return flights and exam dates weighing you down.

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