Lady Gaga Sent Twitter Into A Meltdown After Asking "What's Fortnight?"

"Sis thought this was Google."

Lady Gaga is one talented lady. She knows how to write award-winning bangers, she’s an incredible actress, a style chameleon and she can entertain a crowd of thousands wearing sky-high armadillo heels. One thing Gaga isn’t so well-versed in? Fortnite.

Earlier today, Gaga took to Twitter to ask one simple question: what’s fortnight? 

*cue Internet meltdown*

Not only did Gaga spell Fortnite’s name wrong, but she’s proven that when it comes to viral games, she is well and truly out of the loop.

Gaga’s fans have taken to her tweet to express their shock, horror, and support. One wrote, “I refuse to believe you have been this out of the loop for 3 years now,” and another took the opportunity to demand another album with the tweet, “it’s another word for two weeks, aka the longest we should have to wait for the lead single to LG6.”

One fan was confused as to why Gaga felt the need to throw the question out into the Twittersphere and wrote, “sis thought this was google.”

While most Twitter users can’t believe the singer isn’t across the popular game, others ran to her defence and quite literally explained Fortnite to Lady Gaga. 

It’s no wonder Gaga is asking about Fortnite. This week, the game was hit by a massive asteroid and enveloped in a black hole. Luckily, gamers didn’t have to wait too long and the game returned with a trailer for Chapter 2

Now the Lady Gaga Fortnite question is out in the world, is she going to jump on the bandwagon and incorporate a ‘gaming’ aesthetic into her ever changing look? Will Gaga become glued to her screen and add ‘gamer’ to her already impressive resume?

…Or will she take this information with a pinch of salt? Seems most likely.

The Pug Who Provided The Sound Effects For Halo Is The Purest Thing You'll See Today

The goodest of boys.

Is there anything more wholesome than a working doggo who doesn’t even know they’re doing a job? I think not. Just take Gyoza, the full-time pug and part-time voice artist who provided the sound effects for the new Halo Infinite video game.

BLESS. Credit: Giphy

Halo creators debuted their latest team member with a sweet video showcasing his incredible work. “Meet our favourite pug, Gyoza. The best friend of our studio’s Technical Art Director, his grunts, breaths, and excitement are sure to make for some…interesting sounds in #HaloInfinite,” they captioned Gyoza’s expert showreel.

This beautiful pupper’s work is the purest thing I’ve seen today, but he’s not the only hard working animal voice actor out there. 

For the 2007 film Transformers, sound designers used a metal wind-up clock and the growls of a young cougar for the character Frenzy. In Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, the orcs of Moria were voiced by a pack of baby elephant seals. In 1993’s Jurassic Park, the sound of Donald Gennaro being eaten by the T-Rex while on the toilet was achieved by a horse munching on a corncob. Who would’ve thought!?

Voice acting works the other way around as well. For this year’s live-action reboot of the Lion King, Chance the Rapper was hired as a ‘nostalgia consultant’ (whatever that means) and even provided “background noises” for the film, including the sound of “antelopes grazing.”

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Chance demonstrated his voice work which sounds a lot like me eating a burrito. 

As for Gyoza, we’re all just going to have to play Halo Infinite to hear the little guy in action. He definitely deserves Employee of the Month for being the goodest of boys.

Prepare To Regret All Your Life Choices Because A Set Of Pokémon Cards Have Sold For Over $150K

All I got was a fruit roll-up.

If you traded your Pokémon cards for a fruit roll-up at primary school, then I have some bad news for you: you’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake. Turns out those little cards are worth a whole lot of moolah.

Uggghhhh. Credit: Giphy

According to TMZ Sports, a set of 103 Pokémon cards in mint condition have sold for over $150,000 at Goldin Auctions. That’s the most anyone has ever paid for the trading cards.

Credit: Twitter

There were twelve bidders keen on the card set, which included a super fancy, highly sought after holographic Charizard. With the minimum bid set at over $35K, auction attendees weren’t messing around.

Yasss Charizard. Credit: Giphy

If you’ve just had an epiphany and realised you could also make big money with the dusty old Pokémon cards lying around in your mum’s storage unit, don’t get ahead of yourself. According to Dave Amerman, Goldin Auctions’ consignment director, the key to winning big is making sure your cards are in MINT CONDISH only.

The cards that sold for over $150K were originally released in 1999, so whoever owned them had kept them ~pristine~ for over 20 years, which is no small feat.

Mint condish, ONLY. Credit: Giphy

Amerman told Kotaku that the Gem Mint Condition, a metric which assesses the cards’ corners, colour consistency and gloss is required to achieve such a high selling price. TMZ have reported that there are reportedly less than 50 cards of this quality in the world, so sadly, your scabby Pokémon collection from the ‘90s probably won’t cut it.

If you traded all of yours at school, don’t be sad. At least you got a fruit roll-up and major playground cred out of it. 

We all make mistakes. Credit: Giphy

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