Lightning Literally Strikes The Premiere Of Lady Gaga's New Movie, A Star Is Born, In Unsubtle Verdict From The Heavens Of How Electrifying Her Performance Is

And based on what critics are saying, one bolt of lightning doesn't do Lady Gaga's performance justice.

After a couple of gush-worthy trailers of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing duets and making googly eyes at each other, their new film A Star is Born finally made its premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

But partway through the music drama, real life drama struck the event in the form of lightning. An actual, honest-to-god, real bolt of lightning.

The Venice Film Festival has been wrecked with poor weather over the past couple of days, but I feel like it was a verdict from the heavens about Lady Gaga and her performance in the A Star is Born.

The lightning interruption apparently lasted only 15 minutes after which the film was started again from the beginning, but according to nearly everyone who was at the premiere, the singer was absolutely electrifying as the female lead and were happy to sit through another viewing of her performance.

The journalists at the event were also grateful for the lightning bolt because it provided them with an apt metaphor and an endless well of weather puns to describe Lady Gaga’s acting.

Despite A Star is Born being her first ever lead role in a film, critics were wowed by Lady Gaga’s performance and, unsurprisingly, her singing prowess.

It wasn’t just the singer who was fantastic as the cast and her leading man, Bradley Cooper, were also pretty damn good as well. Apparently Cooper knocked it out of the park on his first ever directorial effort, which annoyingly makes him the complete package.

Not only is he a good actor and supremely good-looking, he’s also a good director too. No, I’m not envious. Not one bit.

There wasn’t any doubt that Lady Gaga is a supremely talented performer, but knowing that she absolutely killed it in A Star is Born pushes it from an “oh that looks fun” flick to a “must-watch” Gaga experience.

When I do get the pleasure of watching Lady Gaga (and Bradley Cooper) slay on the big screen, I hope that lightning strikes two-thirds of the way through the movie, only because it means I get to watch them be irresistibly charming all over again.


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