Somehow The World We Live In Is At A Place Where Kylie Jenner’s Revelation About Cereal Is The Biggest Thing On The Internet Today

No really.

Remember way back in the land of 2016 when Kylie Jenner announced that it was the year of “realising stuff”?

Looks like that was just the warm up my friends.

You see, Kylie Jenner has tweeted a number of ‘revelations’ – far more than you would expect – about cereal and milk.

We have to warn you it’s quite a big one so sit down, empty your mind and have mum’s number handy. Ready?

Yes. That’s 67K likes – at time of writing – on a ‘revelation’ tweet about cereal and milk.

67K likes…Just let that sink in.

And if that weren’t enough to tempt you away from Twitter for literally the rest of your days, spurred by her followers, Kylie continued the cereal series to a tune of nine tweets/retweets.

While we can only applaud her for finding her content niche outside of lip products, we have to admit, we’re concerned that a 21-year-old has never had a regular ol’ bowl of milk ‘n’ Rice Bubbles.

Kylie girl – you OK?

Meanwhile Seth Rogan is coming in strong with the objectively best reply.

Now all is said and done, we have to admit, we’re actually looking forward to a ‘Cereal’ makeup palette to be honest.

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