Joaquin Phoenix Will Actually Make You Side With The Joker In Emotional First Trailer

Justice for Joker.

The first trailer for Joker finally gives us a good look at Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the iconic character, and it looks like the he’s going to change the way we look at the Batman ‘villain’ forever.

Instead of seeing the Joker as an inexplicably sadistic creep, Joker paints a picture of a tragic young man who battles with some serious mental health issues and trauma to the point where he becomes unhinged.

Between the music, the Scorsese feel of the trailer, and Joaquin’s incredible performance, you can’t help but empathise with the Joker.

While the film is clearly intending to play on our heart strings, they aren’t afraid to slip in a little light-hearted joke. The Joker’s name is Arthur Fleck, as in A.Fleck. As in Ben Affleck, who played the Joker’s nemesis Batman.

But obviously, Joker is set way before Batman’s time, and we even catch a glimpse of young Bruce Wayne in the trailer.

Joker is set to be released on October 3 in Australia, and October 4 in the US and UK.

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