It Looks Like The Joker Trailer Is Teasing A New Batman Origin Story

How did we miss this?!

The final Joker trailer gave fans a deeper look into the origin story of the character, however, is it possible it’s also the origin story of Batman?

On your first viewing of the trailer, it’d be easy to miss the clues that suggest Joker will share its own version of the Batman origin story.

In a blink and you’ll miss it moment in the trailer we see people rioting at a movie theatre with a poster for Excalibur (1981), this also happens to be the same movie poster seen on the theatre Thomas, Martha and Bruce Wayne leave at the beginning of Batman V Superman. This is just before Thomas and Martha are shot and killed, setting Bruce on the path to becoming Batman.

Watch the moment in Batman V Superman below:

In the riot scene in Joker, you can see three figures leaving the theatre: a couple and their young son. You don’t see them for long, but it is a pretty good indication that it’s Thomas, Martha and Bruce.

The Excalibur reference, the riots and the family of three leaving the theatre definitely feels like it’s leading to the Wayne murders.

It’s not the first time the deaths of Thomas and Martha would be linked to the Joker. In Tim Burton’s Batman film Jack Nicholson’s Joker was the gunman who killed the couple.

In 2018, Forbes writer Mark Hughes appeared on the Superhero News Show and revealed it’s very possible the Joker film is connected to Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

“I think Joaquin Phoenix is playing the Joker in a standalone film, that will possibly wind up not being standalone as the situation evolved with the solo Batman movies and the future of the DCEU shapes up. I haven’t heard anything firm, but I’ve heard certainly whispers from several people that I’ve talked to about that project.”

“I have heard from a few people that there is talk of if The Joker movie is really going to go forward and if it’s really that good, if we’re rebooting Batman anyway, he’s going to need a Joker. We can’t use preexisting Jokers. So we either have Jared Leto showing up as the Joker in some sort of sequel movie, and a Joaquin Phoenix solo Joker movie, and then we have to have another Joker. Wouldn’t it make more sense to … wait and see if [Phoenix’s Joker] works out, then just cross that and have that be the Joker for the new Batman?”

This rumour is obviously quite old and it’s possible things have changed. It would also be somewhat confusing to have Phoenix’s Joker part of Pattinson’s Batman films when Bruce is seemingly still a child in this film. It would be almost 20 years before he officially becomes Batman which would mean the Joker would be quite old.

It’ll be very interesting to see how this plays out!

These Heartbreaking Deleted Scenes From Mrs Doubtfire Prove Once Again How Amazing Robin Williams Was

And now I'm crying.

When Robin Williams passed away in August 2014 we lost an incredible talent. And considering he brought so much joy to so many people, suddenly we all felt incredibly heartbroken.

The only solace we found was the fact we could re-watch his timeless performances in Aladdin, Flubber, Jumanji and so many more amazing films.

No doubt, one of Robin’s most popular performances was as Mrs Doubtfire. In the movie, Williams plays Daniel Hillard, an actor who is forced to disguise himself as an elderly, female housekeeper to spend more time with his children.

The movie, which also stars Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan, is a heartwarming film filled with laughs and emotional moments.

On the fifth anniversary of Williams’ death, two deleted scenes have been circulating online. Both scenes prove once again just how amazing the actor was in both sincere scenes as well as the cartoonish ones.

The first clip shows Daniel arriving late to his daughter Lydia’s spelling bee. She confronts him about it and it turns into a conversation about happiness and family.

Another scene takes place after Field’s character learns the truth about Mrs Doubtfire and the pair have a loud argument causing the children to say they hate them both.

Director Chris Columbus reportedly said he removed the scenes as they would have been “too heartbreaking” for audiences, and we have to agree.

Robins’ daughter Zelda Williams said in a tribute to her father following his death, “The entire world is forever a little darker, less colourful and less full of laughter in his absence.”

If you need a laugh now, here’s one of the funnier scenes from the film:

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health issues or suicidal feelings know there is help out there. Please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636. If it is an emergency please call 000.​

Joaquin Phoenix Wasn't Going To Take The Role Of The Joker Because He Was So Scared Of It

We don't blame him!

Taking on the role of the Joker would make anyone nervous and it turns out Joaquin Phoenix nearly didn’t take the role because of how scared he was to it.

The Clown Prince of Crime has been brought to life numerous times with amazing performances by Heath Ledger – who won an Oscar for his take on the character – Mark Hamill and Jack Nicholson. Honestly, I totally understand being a little hesitant to follow those guys (not so much Jared Leto).

Speaking with Gamesradar, Phoenix spoke about how fearful he was about the role.

“It took me a while [to commit]. Now, when I look back, I don’t understand why.”

“There was a lot of fear, yeah… but I always say there’s motivating fear and debilitating fear. There’s the fear where you cannot make a f***ing step, and there’s the kind where it’s like, ‘OK, what do we do? That’s not good enough.’ And you’re digging deeper and deeper. I love that kind of fear. It guides us, makes us work harder.”

Credit: Warner Bros.

Starring in Joker would also likely be nerve-racking due to the fact millions of people know the character and they’re just waiting to tear down any new version.

Thankfully, however, it seems like most people are just excited to see what Phoenix does with the role.

What’ll be interesting about this new flick, is that the director Todd Phillips has previously said that his version doesn’t follow any source material and he doesn’t care what people think of it.

He also told the publication that he only wanted Phoenix for the role, “We wrote this script for Joaquin. It’s true.”

“Joaquin knows it. Half the reason we wanted to even attempt writing it was, ‘Man, imagine if we get Joaquin. Think of what we could do.’ The goal was never to introduce Joaquin Phoenix into the comic book movie universe. The goal was to introduce comic book movies into the Joaquin Phoenix universe.”

Joker is set for release on October 3, watch the trailer below:


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