Influencers Have Turned This Joker Location Into A Tourist Attraction, Which Is… An Interesting Move

Bronx residents are confused.

Thought you could go 24 hours without seeing a headline about The Joker? Lol, no chance, mate.

The Joaquin Phoenix film is once again at the centre of our attention, but not for the reason you might think. People are chatting about The Joker, this time around, because one of the film settings is becoming an Instagram trend.

Honestly, why does everything need to be so… 2019?

Credit: Warner Bros.

As Vice reports, influencers have zeroed in on a set of stairs that feature in the film – Phoenix is pictured dancing down them in his complete clown get up – and are now flocking to the site for photoshoots.

The Joker stairs are located in the Bronx, New York and unsurprisingly, locals are kind of perplexed by the new-found interest in the pretty average-looking attraction.

But despite the raised eyebrows, and the public jabs being made at photoshoots on the Joker stairs, it seems the popularity of the site is not slowing.

People are literally trekking it out of other boroughs purely for *this* photo op.

Some people are even learning the dance:

This might not be as ridiculous as that phase where people were having photoshoots at the site of the Chernobyl disaster (remember that?!) but it’s up there with some of the strangest Internet trends I’ve come across.

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