Joaquin Phoenix's Wild Prep For Joker Tells Us We're Getting Something Special

Joaquin Phoenix is running loose with his Joker and it's going to be awesome.

Ever since Joaquin Phoenix was confirmed as the Joker, we knew we were getting something different to what we’ve seen previously with Heath Ledger and *shudders* Jared Leto.

So far the signs are indeed pointing in that direction. It’s getting an R-rating, it’s a low(ish)-budget character piece, it’s an original story not based on any pre-existing comic book and it’s trying to position itself as Oscar-bait.

But what about Phoenix’s take on the character? What is he bringing to the Clown Prince of Crime that we haven’t seen before.

Well if we’re to take his word for it, he did some seriously cooked prep to nail his Joker laugh and character, and it all sounds insane.

It’s a cry of excitement.

Chatting to Italian magazine Il Vernerdi (via IndieWire), Phoenix said he crafted his Joker laugh and character by studying up victims of a disorder called Pathological Laughter or Crying (PLC).

“I saw videos showing people suffering from pathological laughter, a mental illness that makes mimicry uncontrollable.”

It sounds like he’s making this stuff up but PLC is indeed a real thing and the symptoms sound absolutely terrifying:

“Patients with PLC are subject to relatively uncontrollable episodes of laughter, crying or both. The episodes occur either without an apparent triggering stimulus or following a stimulus that would not have led the subject to laugh or cry prior to the onset of the condition.

“PLC is a disorder of emotional expression rather than a primary disturbance of feelings, and is thus distinct from mood disorders in which laughter and crying are associated with feelings of happiness or sadness.”

Holy crap, that’s next level method acting right there.

This is suddenly way darker than we initially thought.

Props to Phoenix for not half-arsing this Joker gig. He could’ve did some weird Jared Leto “method-y” stuff but it sounds like he actually did his homework to make something unique.

This application of real-life medical issues also hints at how Phoenix’s Joker will be nothing like what we’ve seen before. The film is going all in on the psychological stuff and there’s no doubt Joaquin will bring his considerable acting chops to the table for it.

But will this unique approach to Joker by Joaquin Phoenix result in a performance that’ll rank up there alongside Heath Ledger or will it fall flat on its face like Jared Leto’s “acting”?

We’ll find out soon enough when Joker drops on October 4.

Spider-Man's Writer Had One Big Gripe With Peter Parker In Endgame And He's Got A Point

Spider-Man does whatever a spider can and not everyone is happy about it.

With arguably the most star-studded (and expensive) cast in film history on deck for the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, the Russo brothers made damn sure that heroes like Spider-Man and Black Panther got some of the spotlight after getting sidelined for a good chunk of the film.

There was the Peter Parker meeting Captain Marvel scene, Starlord meeting 2014-Gamora, and of course, the “she’s got help” scene. But not everyone was onboard with how certain characters were portrayed during the final battle.

Spider-Man writer Dan Slott tweeted his thoughts on how Peter Parker was handled in Endgame and pointed how the character’s decision to kill in the film didn’t sit well with him.

It’s a pretty mild criticism – if you even want to call it that – and Slott acknowledges it as nothing more than a personal opinion on a fictional character and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Having said that, he’s got a point with the whole “Peter Parker shouldn’t kill” thing.

The character has been traditionally portrayed as a struggling kid who gets by on his wits and ingenuity while adhering to a strict moral code. This sort of innocent charm was blunted somewhat when he was given a heap of Spider-Man tech from Tony Stark, which took away a lot of the urgency to embrace his own problem-solving abilities.

Throw in his little “instant kill mode” moment in Homecoming and it just doesn’t quite ring true that Peter Parker would use the mode without hesitation in Endgame, even if it was against Thanos’ minions.

Adaptations of comic books don’t strictly adhere to the source material and there’s always some compromises that may not sit well with certain writers, which is something Slott acknowledges.

And hey, Far From Home sort of rectified whatever gripe Slott (and I) had with Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Endgame as the character is seen designing a brand new suit with no “instant kill mode” that’s more suited (pun intended) to his personal taste than the one he got from Tony Stark.

Everyone is going to nitpick these Marvel films until the end of time so let’s get ready for what’s going to spill over when Black Widow comes out in 2020.

Jack Black Is What Happens When Your Childhood Fantasies Actually Comes True

Jack Black is like a real life Peter Pan without the character's jerkass parts.

We all have wild, fantastical dreams when we were children. Some want to be a wildly famous movie star while others want to be a rock music god of sorts. There are also a worrying number of kids who want to be *shudder* YouTube stars but hey, might as well let your dreams go crazy when you’re a kid.

In 99.99% of these cases, those childhood dreams end up unrealised because it’s all a crazy long shot. But there are of course exceptions to the rule and there’s no bigger exception than the one and only Jack Black.

The man has carved out quite a career in the movie and music biz over the the last three decades. With the opening of his YouTube channel, Jack can add “YouTuber” to his CV and with that, he’s gone beyond all our regular labels for a regular celebrity.

What he’s become is the embodiment of every person’s childhood fantasy if they all actually come true.

Just think about it. He’s somehow carved out a critically and commercially successful movie career that appeals to nearly every demographic despite not being your traditional Hollywood leading man.

Kids love him because of films like Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock and Jumanji; and adults love him because he’s shown some great comedic and dramatic work in stuff like Bernie and Tropic Thunder.

It’s crazy how surprisingly versatile Jack is when it comes to his movie work.

When he’s not starring in movies, Jack is off being a rock star with his buddy Kyle Glass as part of the wildly – and surprisingly – successful Tenacious D.

Performing raunchy comedic rock songs that you wrote with your best mate while high isn’t the usual recipe for success when you want to be a famous music star, and yet Jack somehow carved out his own niche within the music space.

When you’re rubbing shoulders with rock royalty like Dave Grohl, talented folks like Jack White lining up to work with you, and you’ve sang the greatest song in the world to a demon, you’re doing something right.

You’d think Jack would’ve been satisfied after conquering the movie and music worlds but he somehow managed to break through the final frontier of being a celebrity by becoming a famous video game YouTube star.

After originally starting his channel as a project with his son in 2018, it’s since taken off like wildfire and currently has over 4.2 million subscribers.

But perhaps what makes Jack’s YouTube channel stand out the raw, unedited approach he takes to his content. There’s no “WASSUP GUYZ!” intros or “LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!” call to actions, it’s all just Jack playing games and being his usual goofy self.

Your childhood dreams are probably just mere fantasy at this point but rather than think of it with a “what if” mentality, you might as well live out those dreams vicariously through Jack Black because he’s fulfilling them right now by doing nothing more than living his best life.

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