Let's Be Real, That Probably Wasn't Party Dust In Jennifer Aniston's Instagram Pic

The one with a wild drug conspiracy.

In case you haven’t heard, Jennifer Aniston finally got an Instagram account and proceeded to literally break the internet (and a Guinness World Record) by getting her TV BFFs for a Friends reunion pic.

It was a headline-grabbing Instagram debut that got an overwhelming response from fans and their fellow celebrities, as well as fueling those never-ending rumours of a Friends revival once again (it ain’t happening so stop wishing for it).

But one particular detail in Jen’s photo caught the attention of some eagle-eyed fans: what is that white stuff on that phone on the table?

The photo is pretty blurry so we can’t be sure what the white stuff is but folks are convinced it’s coke and not of the legal cola kind.

Cutting lines of coke on an iPhone is a wild guess and no amount of deep dive internet investigations will uncover the truth. You can also be sure as hell that Jen and the rest of her Friends crew will avoid that topic with a 10-foot pole.

But let’s take off the tinfoil hats and be real for a sec: That white stuff in Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram is likely not coke or party dust of the non-soft drink kind.

Posting a photo with drugs in it is a massive PR faux pas and had that white stuff actually been coke, you would be damn sure Jen’s PR team would’ve shut it down ASAP.

Throw in Matthew Perry’s history of drug and alcohol addiction, leaving out party powder in front of a recovering addict is a crappy thing to do to a friend.

So what is that white stuff then? After much debate within the GOAT team, we’ve come to the conclusion it’s either a reflection of the light above or a phone case with the letter “M” (or some other thing) on it.

Cutting-edge technology was used in this serious GOAT investigation.

We may never know the real truth behind Jen’s Insta pic so let’s just focus on the real story here: Jen has an Instagram account and you can be damn sure every pic she posts will be scrutinised to death.

Oi Marvel Fans, Stop Leaving Gross Comments On 7-Year-Old Lexi Rabe's Instagram

Really hate this 3,000.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are an interesting bunch of people. There are those who love and breathe Marvel, as well as those who are quick to kick up a fuss whenever something isn’t to their liking. Then you have those creeps who have nothing better to do than to leave gross comments on the Instagram profile of seven-year-old Avengers: Endgame star, Lexi Rabe.

Bringing Morgan Stark to life in scene-stealing fashion in Endgame garnered Lexi a heap of attention as well as a truckload of new fans, both good and bad.

Having weathered the storm of trolls bullying her on social media for no good reason other than her mother, Jessica, made her an Instagram account and is monitoring it for her, Lexi now has to deal with a select few who have pushed things way past the line of normal behaviour and far into “disturbing” territory.

After Lexi’s mother shared a video of the Endgame star at a fashion show aimed at raising money for homeless children, some seriously messed up folks decided to leave creepy replies in the comment section:

Good frigging lord, what is wrong with those people?

Thank god Lexi’s mother is the one running and keeping an eye on her Instagram because she definitely doesn’t need to be exposed to this sort of creepy rubbish from folk who have an unhealthy obsession with all things Marvel and Morgan Stark.

It’s one thing to show support for Lexi and her future projects, but this is another thing entirely and it is mindboggling that it needs to be said out loud.

So to all those Marvel fans who have no sense of boundaries and will likely need a restraining order: Lexi Rabe is only seven years old so stop bullying her and definitely stop writing creepy messages on her Instagram posts.

Gina Rodriguez Saying The N-Word Is Just The Latest In A History Of Tone-Deaf Comments

Once is a mistake, but three times? That's becoming a pattern.

Hollywood isn’t short on celebrities who have found themselves in a spot of bother after saying something offensive or tone-deaf. The latest to head up that list is none other than Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez, who thought it was a good idea to casually drop the N-word on Instagram.

The actress shared a video of herself rapping along to the Fugees song ‘Ready or Not,’ which contains the lyric, “n***** give me heebie-jeebies,” and clearly thought it was fine to say the N-word without any repercussions.

As it turns out, the backlash was as swift as it was unrelenting and she quickly deleted the video. But the internet being what it is, some folk managed to keep a copy of Gina’s receipts.

Okay, it’s never okay to say the N-word in any circumstance (unless you’re black) regardless of whether you’re Gina Rodriguez or whoever but at least this is just the first time she’s – *checks notes* – oh wait, this is definitely not the first time Gina’s gotten in trouble with the black community for saying something tone-deaf.

There was that time when Gina interrupted an interviewer who said Yara Shahidi is an inspiration to black women and attempted to correct him by saying Shahidi is actually an inspiration to “women” in general, resulting in a wave of claims that she’s erasing black women.

Then there were those times when Gina copped a bunch of flak for clumsily trying to address racial inequality in Hollywood by erroneously claiming that black women get paid more than Latinas in the entertainment industry and are therefore part of the whole pay gap problem.

When she was rightfully called out on her well-intentioned but tone-deaf comments, Gina turned on the waterworks and tried to play the “my dad is Afro-Latino and my extended family has ties to the black community card” to unsurprisingly mixed results.

You would’ve think Gina would’ve learned something about not putting her foot in her mouth after her history of unsavoury comments but if her apology for the N-word video is anything to go by, it appears she’s learned a whole heap of nothing.

In a follow-up apology video that’s dripping with passive-aggressiveness, Gina says she’s sorry if she “offended anyone by singing along to The Fugees, to a song [she] love, that [she] grew up on—[she loves] Lauryn Hill—and, [she’s] really am sorry if [she] offended you.”

So not only is Gina clearly still not getting why her comments a problematic but it seems like she thinks singing the N-word is perfectly fine because it’s a song she loves and grew up with. Well okay then.

It almost feels like Gina Rodriguez has been taking PR lessons from Scarlett Johansson, which would explain a lot about the Jane the Virgin star’s faux pas actually.

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