Hey Jennifer Aniston, Your Version Of 'Intermittent Fasting' Makes No Sense

The one where Rachel (sort of) finds out.

There are three guaranteed things in life: death, taxes and Jennifer Aniston looking forever young regardless of how old she is. Okay, a major part of it is her having luxury of being able to maintain her health due to all that Friends money, but a lot of it is also down to her diet and intermittent fasting routine.

It’s the hottest diet in Hollywood right now!

Jen spilled her youth-retaining secrets to Radio Times (via The Guardian) and said the secret isn’t drinking the blood of virgins or water from the fountain of youth.

No, her schtick is to go on the 16:8 intermittent fasting diet, which involves fasting for 16 hours (bedtime is included in this part) and then eating healthily for the other eight hours.

Okay, that sounds pretty tough tough but is actually far less restrictive and underwhelming than you think.

Jen says she wakes up around 8:30am every day (must be nice being a Hollywood star who can do that), has breakfast at around 10am, does things like drink celery juice, exercise, and plays with her dogs, and then has dinner at around 5:30pm.

So in other words, the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s health is, uh, eating healthy, exercise and early dinner. How… anticlimatic. Where’s the part involving sacrificing animals to the eternal youth god?

That all sounds like a normal person’s routine with a dash of having early dinner every day. That’s not fasting and if it is then it just makes no sense calling it “fasting” when you’re just doing what people do every day.

Hell, if that’s intermittent fasting then I’ve been (unintentionally) doing it every day, though it clearly has had less on an impact on my health than it has on Jen. Just a hunch but perhaps the eating healthy and exercise part may be more important than when you can and can’t stuff your face with calories.

Well that was underwhelming.

Jen says she noticed a “big difference going without food for 16 hours,” which makes me wonder what kind of difference is she talking about because it’s literally what most people do every day. Is there something in breakfast food that I’ve been missing out on this whole time?

This whole saga has yielded two conclusions: either Jen has a different definition of intermittent fasting compared to the rest of us or the Hollywood PR machine has been incredibly effective at turning something as simple as an everyday routine into a hot diet fad.

But hey, let’s look at it this way, Jennifer Aniston’s intermittent fasting routine is perfectly doable and doesn’t require much change your in routine until most big diets that “guarantee” you’ll be shedding weight in no time.

Daenerys' Mad Queen Arc Would've Been Way Better With These Deleted Game Of Thrones Scenes

It would've pushed it from "unearned" to "mostly unearned" at least.

It’s been months since the finale of Game of Thrones and, look, I’m not going to lie, I’m still salty at how poorly the TV show handled Daenerys Targaryen’s character arc and the unearned “Mad Queen” turn she ultimately took.

The way Daenerys’ “Mad Queen” arc unfolded in the show’s final season was baffling to us (and millions of other fans) to say the least due to a bunch of weird narrative and character turns that made little to no sense.

As it turns out, the Game of Thrones showrunners cut bunch of scenes from the final product that would’ve drastically improved Daenerys’ downfall. Well, relatively speaking anyway.

I’d be mad too if I was given the same character arc she was in season 8.

All six scripts for the final Game of Thrones season have been released for all eyes to read at the Writers Guild Foundation Library in Los Angeles (via Insider) and it seems like many lines, scenes and stage directions were changed or cut altogether from when the show was in production to when it aired.

While there was a bunch of interesting but ultimately inconsequential stuff cut – such as Euron kissing a captive Yara (more incest, yay!) and Tyrion and Sansa killing wights while in Winterfell’s crypts – the excised Daenerys scenes were the most intriguing as it all helped better lay the foundation for her “Mad Queen” turn.

In episode four, ‘The Last of the Starks’, a scene involving Grey Worm and Missandei spending time with each other and leaving Daenerys on her own was cut. It was just a few scenes but they not only highlighted the couple’s love (which would’ve made her death even more tragic), they also would’ve helped emphasise how lonely Daenerys felt at the time.

Yeah, we’re wondering why they cut your scenes too.

Another important deleted scene from the same episode took place during Jon and Daenerys’ conversation following Varys’ execution. The original version was longer, saw the couple openly talk about their incestuous relationship, and emphasised how isolated she felt after noticing Jon slowly backing away from her.

The tone is far tenser than what we saw and when they kiss at the end, Daenerys outright says “It disgusts you” in direct reference to their relationship before saying the “Alright then, let it be fear” line we all saw in the final version.

The last deleted scene was a short but pretty key stage direction involving Daenarys riding Drogon after burning King’s Landing. Whereas we never saw her again after she made her decision to lay waste to the city, the script originally had a short, dialogue-less scene where she sees the Red Keep’s throne room. After seeing the Lannister lion sigils in the window, she is overcome with rage and proceeds to attack the castle.

Do all these cut scenes improve Daenerys’ unearned “Mad Queen” arc in season eight? Most definitely.

Does it make her character arc easier to accept? Oh hell no.

Sure the deleted scenes add some much needed nuance to her decision to break bad, but it’s still not enough to entirely justify her rapid descent from moral defender to a crazed conqueror.

Given how rushed the last season of Game of Thrones was and how stuffed each of the final four episodes were, all those Daenerys scenes were likely cut for time.

It’s a shame Dany’s story ended the way it did and while even the best case scenario would’ve still seen her “Mad Queen” turn be unearned, it would’ve at least helped the bitter disappointment go down just a little bit easier.

Watchmen Is Getting Review Bombed By Fans Who Hate How, Uh, 'Woke' It Is

And the "politically correct" narrative rears its ugly head again.

Despite some initial skepticism over HBO’s decision to make its own TV adaptation of Watchmen, aka the greatest comic book of all time, the show has been nothing short of a revelation, garnering acclaim from fans and the all-important critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

While the show functions as a sequel/remix of sorts following the events of the Watchmen comic, this adaptation honours the source material while still managing to be its own beast as a searing and unsubtle take on racial conflict.

Now with so much emphasis on racial tensions and politics in a show that’s literally based on a comic book, you’d expect there to be some backlash from the puffy-chested bros who loudly (and often unironically) shout “keep the wokeness outta mah comics!”

And you’d be right actually.

While Watchmen has a glowing 96 percent “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, its audience score is a less-than-stellar 46 percent (at the time of writing) following a bout of review bombing from folks who are complaining about the show’s, uh, “wokeness,” its left-wing political stance, and for turning one of the comic’s major characters and fan favourite, Rorschach, into a symbol for white supremacy.

It really is.

Look, Watchmen is an excellent adaptation that isn’t without its flaws, but it appears once again that the internet had a knee-jerk reaction to something they clearly have no clue about while parading around and thinking they do.

Fans, particularly those of the original comic by Alan Moore, who are decrying HBO’s TV adaptation for being “woke” and left-leaning seem to conveniently forget how political and left-leaning the source material was. Moore was about as subtle about his political stance when writing the comic as a punch to the face from Nite Owl.

Even more than that, the Rorschach fans kicking up a stink about the show also seem to forget (or just not realise) that the character was extremely *checks notes* racist, homophobic, sexist, and a fascist in the comics.

In short, Watchmen fans are upset with HBO for making a woke comic book too “woke” and for making the problematic Rorschach into a problematic symbol. Make of that what you will.

But we should’ve expected this sort of response given how Watchmen is an adaptation of a beloved comic with a rabid fanbase, some of whom who don’t seem to really understand its underlying subtext.

Without digging too much into spoiler territory, the examination of race and white supremacists by HBO’s Watchmen is a perfect and logical sense continuation from the events of the comics, which honours Moore’s aim of examining the natural conclusion of how the existence of actual superheroes will coincide with real historical events.

After all the recent talk about “woke culture” (not a thing), Watchmen is another example of how the show is merely a reflection of the current culture and those deriding it are the ones who are being left behind or are refusing to accept that times have changed.

And besides, we’re allowed to watch what we want to watch without people review bombing it on Rotten Tomatoes as an act of bad faith. If Watchmen isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other content out there.

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