You Might've Felt Big Bodyshaming Jason Momoa, But He Really Doesn't Give A Damn

The level of DGAF Jason Momoa is putting out is downright inspiring.

The internet went mad (again) recently when some folk decided it was a good idea to body shame Jason Momoa.

It was all completely ridiculous as people were slamming him for not rocking a ripped Aquaman bod while not realising that Momoa’s version of a “dad bod” still looks better than most people’s “in shape” bod.

Well he’s responded to all the haters and guess what, he doesn’t give a flying crap about what people think.

TMZ asked Jason what he thought about the whole “dad bod” thing and his response was a textbook lesson in how to clap back at haters.

Damn. That level of DGAF energy emitted by Jason is downright inspirational.

There’s a couple of lessons to be taken from this little response from the Aquaman star. Firstly, it’s clear that Jason is more than comfortable in his own skin and knows that all the trolling is nonsense.

Secondly, his way of brushing off the whole dad bod “scandal” rubbish is probably the best way of responding to all the trolls. They’re out to poke and provoke so no need to feed them with negativity when you can just shake them off and just not think about them at all.

It’s a win-win for you: you don’t need to stress and the trolls will be screaming into a void.

So next time you come face to face with a basement-dwelling troll while on your internet travels, channel your inner Jason Momoa and just don’t give a damn.

Today I Learned About Revenge Body And I'm Going To Enjoy My Flabby Bod, Thank You Very Much

Definitely not worth the effort or level of spite involved.

The main reason I started GOAT’s “Today I Learned” series is so I can proactively learn about things that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

It’s been quite the interesting ride so far but my latest learning has been the most polarising one yet.

Today I learned all about what a “revenge body” is.

Turns out it’s not getting shredded as revenge on your flabby body.

When I first heard the term “revenge body”, I was initially assumed it is something about getting into shape after a break up or something in sort of self improving, “take revenge on the negative cycle that my life has spiraled into” kind of way.

Boy was I surprised to find out what a revenge body actually is.

For those who are unaware, a “revenge body” is getting an improved physique so that you’re closer to Western beauty ideals as a mythical way to feel better about a break up and to show an ex how much better you’re doing without them.

A typical scenario revolves around one person getting super shredded in order to make an ex-lover (who ended the relationship) want them back. But when the ex comes crawling back, the newly-yoked person rejects them using their ripped bod as a weapon of revenge.

The whole idea of “revenge body” is purely about taking control of one’s body, gaining power from it and using it to hurt people. It’s seriously f**ked up.

Break ups are always tough and there’s something to be said for a bit of self reflection after it happens.

But there’s a huge difference between getting fit as a way of making yourself happier and better, and using the toxic motivation of “YOU COULD BE HAVING SEX WITH THESE ABS, EMMA, HOPE YOU’RE SATISFIED!” to get shredded.

The worst part about a “revenge body” is that it does the opposite of providing the help and self-improvement someone might need after a break up. There’s nothing healthy about changing your lifestyle completely just so you can spite someone who has made it clear that the relationship is over.

Revenge body in a nutshell.

So screw this “revenge body” nonsense, I’m perfectly happy with my slightly flabby body. It’s a terrible concept that adds more fuel to the problematic body shaming fire that continues to run rampant in society. If there’s any revenging to be done, it’s on the whole culture itself.

If You're Bodyshaming Jason Momoa, Seriously Take A Long, Hard Look In The Mirror

Stop guilting people for not upholding an impossible body standard at all times.

When you look at Jason Momoa, how would you describe his physical appearance?

Fit? Ripped? Muscular? Surprisingly not as hairy as what his beard and hair would have you believe?

Well according to certain folks on the internet, Momoa is apparently the new definition of the unflattering term “dad bod.”

Oh boy…

After some shirtless photos of the actor on a recent holiday appeared online, some people took issue with his physique and started body shaming him for not rocking that buff bod he had in Aquaman.

This is the photo in question that caused such a ridiculous furor.

All the basement-dwelling trolls don’t seem to realise is that maintaining a superhero physique 24/7 is a full time job in itself and completely unsustainable. It’d be nice to have chiseled abs every day but it’s also nice to relax and enjoy life as well.

And besides, how on earth does someone look at Momoa and reasonably think that he’s not in good shape? If he is the new standard for what a “dad bod” is, then the rest of us men might as well never take off our shirts ever again.

This whole saga is the latest example of how society holds people – especially famous people – to an impossible body standard and anything less than that is unworthy. It also opens discussion on double standards and how we should view people’s bodies.

While it’s nice that people have defended Momoa and his “dad bod”, it also exposes the hypocrisy in this whole circus because a man is receiving praise for being healthy whereas a woman would be shamed for the exact same thing. It’s messed up.

People’s bodies aren’t anyone’s to judge just because it doesn’t live up to society’s ridiculous standards. If Momoa’s physique – or anyone’s physique – isn’t up to your standard, then you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and understand that this problem is on you and you alone.

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