Let The DC Vs Marvel War Rage On, James Gunn Is Officially Writing And Directing Suicide Squad 2

He's gunning for the DC now.

Former-Guardians director James Gunn will now direct as well as write the follow-up to Suicide Squad, according to the The Hollywood Reporter.

Gunn was let go from Marvel/Disney after past inappropriate tweets resurfaced during pre-production for Guardians Of The Galaxy 3.


“I didn’t know how this worked.”

During his hiatus, Gunn produced the Superman-riff BrightBurn which seems to have served as a transition between studios for the filmmaker. 

2016’s Suicide Squad was highly anticipated but much maligned on release, suffering from everything from script issues and thin characters (which may or may not be because it was apparently recut by the studio who cut the trailer).

That’s what they do.

However, Suicide Squad 2 is rumored to be a retooling of the soon-to-be franchise with a new roster and direction which is in line with where DC is heading after the lukewarm reception to Justice League.

If Gunn is known for anything, it’s being able to assemble a diverse roster of characters/actors with a complex and engaging story.  

And also probably the tweets.

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