Finn Wolfhard Was Digitally De-Aged For It: Chapter Two And It Just Looks Like They Used A Snapchat Filter

He looks so cute!

Stranger ThingsFinn Wolfhard grew so much between shooting It and It: Chapter Two he had to be digitally de-aged to the point where he basically looks like a Snapchat filter was used on him.

Director Andy Muschietti revealed to Total Film magazine early on they “knew that [de-ageing] would be part of the budget” due to a number of flashback scenes.

He added that Finn “grew up quite a bit” between the two films which were shot two years apart.

“It’s better to shoot it two years later than five years later,” he said. “But in those two years, they grew up quite a bit. Not all of them. Sophia [Lillis] looks exactly the same. Jaeden [Martell] looks pretty much the same.”

“Finn grew up quite a bit, and he’s a tall guy. But from the beginning, we knew that that would be part of the budget, the visual effects to address that. So we’re going to de-age the kids.”

This is what Finn looked like in the first It movie:

Credit: Warner Bros

And this is what he looks like now:

Look at how tall he is!

Anyway, in case you missed the most recent It: Chapter Two trailer, here’s what Finn looks like after being digitally de-aged:

Credit: Warner Bros.

He actually looks adorable and not that far off how he looked in the first film which is pretty amazing. Those glasses and his huge eyes definitely make it look like a Snapchat filter was used though.

In this shot taken on set you can see how much older he looked while filming:

It’s unclear just yet on whether Jack Dylan Grazer or Chosen Jacobs were de-aged.

There's A Sad Dead To Me Theory Doing The Rounds And We Were Not Ready For It

No, thank you, please.

If you, like me, binged Dead to Me when it first came out and have been looking out for theories ever since, then we have a new one for you, but you might not like it.

It’s all to do with Abe (Edward Asner, who played Carl in Up by the way) and Judy’s (Linda Cardellini) relationship.

The pair enjoyed a very sweet relationship with Abe being unconditionally supportive of Judy – even when he found out Judy had killed Jen’s husband Ted, he told her it was OK.

So, it was even more upsetting when we found out soon after this moment Abe had died. Judy didn’t get to say goodbye to Abe, but at least her last moment with him was a nice one.

Which makes this theory all the more heartbreaking.

One Reddit user has theorised that maybe Abe was murdered.

MrMLB said, “A week or so after I finished the season, I started wondering if it was a coincidence. Judy confesses to him and he immediately dies.

“Could Steve have known she told him?”

Um, excuse me, I was sad enough thinking he’d died in his sleep without Judy getting to say goodbye, and now you’re telling me he could have been MURDERED?! By Steve?!

This just made me feel sad for Judy on a whole other level.

I really wasn’t ready for that one. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner crying…

If you want a less sad theory, you should check out this one on Karen and how she may be more important than we thought! 

Dead To Me's Creator Reveals Season One Wasn't Meant To End The Way It Did

The show has officially been confirmed for another season.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season one of Dead to Me.

I don’t know about you, but I binged Dead to Me in two days and have been waiting with bated breath to find out if the show has been renewed for season two and Netflix has officially announced today another season is on its way!

Season one ended on a serious cliffhanger after Steve (James Marsden) is shot at Jen’s (Christina Applegate) house – though we’re not 100 per cent sure it was actually Jen that shot him.

The last shot we see is Jen and Judy (Linda Cardellini) looking into Jen’s pool at Steve’s dead body floating in the water – talk about a cliffhanger.

Now, Dead to Me’s creator Liz Feldman has revealed season one was never meant to end like that.

Speaking with Uproxx, she revealed she didn’t initially intend for Steve to die.

“I originally had pitched an entire season to Netflix, which is the pitch that I sold them. And my ending was… I did not go as far as to kill Steve. Sometimes, when things are pitched in the writer’s room, there is an electricity that takes over the room, you can feel this sort of palpable buzz because it’s a good idea and everybody knows it.

“That’s what happened when they brought up the possibility of killing Steve. I thought it was kind of a big swing. . . . I’m not going to say [what the ending was] because that’s something that we still may use.”

Now we’re super curious about what the ending was originally meant to be. Did Judy get hit by a car and survive? Maybe Jen ended up forgiving her at her hospital bed?

With Steve dying, season two will see Jen and Judy sharing a deadly secret in common. Liz explained how the twist ending brings the women together:

“Yeah, the idea was to force them back together to deal with their complicated relationship. Obviously, Jen and Judy have a love for each other, but once Jen finds out what Judy has done, that’s a very difficult thing to forgive.

“So, we wanted to set them on an even footing. They’re forced together to keep this secret if you will. And in doing so, will be confronted with having to forgive each other.”

Bring on season two!

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