Apple’s New iPhone ‘Dark Mode’ Proves Everything Is Better In Black

Come to the dark side.

I’m the kind of gal who has a wardrobe full of clothes which are the same three colours: black, white, and blue denim. 

If I’m feeling especially adventurous I might chuck in a bit of khaki or a black and white print, but I usually keep things pretty simple. And by simple I mean all black is my main aesthetic. 

Everything is better in black. I’m better in black- it makes me feel slimmer, look cooler and and really highlights my cheekbones (it’s a thing, trust me). 

White just stains. Seriously, white sneakers/clothes/appliances/anything give me anxiety- black doesn’t betray you like that. 

Colours clash. You can’t have red wallpaper with brown wooden floorboards. But black goes with everything. 

Apple’s new iPhone ‘Dark Mode’ is further proof that black makes everything better. 

The feature will officially hit mobile devices worldwide in September, but some people have taken one for the team and downloaded the beta version of the iOS update to give us a glimpse of Dark Mode in action. 

And it’s sleek as hell: 

See what I mean? Black = instantly cooler. 

People are loving the update and it’s easy to see why (refer to above). But it also has some really practical positive impacts: 

Phones with OLED displays may experience a small battery boost when in Dark Mode. The feature is also less harsh on the eyes- the high contrast between text and background colour means our eyes have to work less. 

Technically, there’s no solid scientific evidence to say that Dark Mode is 100% better for our vision than normal lighter modes, but the world agrees looking at dark screens at least feels better. 

In conclusion, the iPhones upcoming Dark Mode feature is good because it’s black. And everything is better in black. The end. 

If You're Wearing AirPods During Sex It's Time To Dump Your Partner

I know a sign when I see one.

Sex is an important part of a relationship. You don’t have to have sex to have a successful relationship, but it helps. It’s basically a barometer for how much genuine chemistry you and your partner have.

 If you’re sex life consists of banging it out for two minutes while barely looking at each other then it’s probably time to revaluate your feelings. 

Similarly, if you’re wearing AirPods during sexy time then that’s a definitely red flag. Yes, there are people in the world who actually do this. 

lol k. Source: Giphy.

Keeping your headphones packed away during sex seems like a logical decision, but for 17 per cent of AirPod owners this is not the case. 

A recent survey conducted by TickPick (with 1,000 people), revealed people keep their headphones in during sex because it allows them to listen to music which fits their own personal taste. 

While that kind of thinking is great for a bus ride, it most definitely does not belong in the bedroom. If you’re wearing AirPods during sex it’s time to dump your partner because it means you’re not interested enough in them to care. 

The second those AirPods go into your ears you’re making an active decision to block out your partner, even if you don’t see it that way. 

I get you might not want your significant other or one night stand to know you’re a Nickelback fan, but sex is a shared experience so you need to treat it as one. If you want to listen to music during sex then you should use speakers so you and your bae can enjoy the tunes together. 

Set the mood and go for gold. 

*eggplant emoji*. Source: Giphy

If you want to have an exceptionally good time, listen to some country music. According to the TickPick survey, people who love country music say they’re having the most satisfying sex. 

I have a theory that that’s because country music is inherently disappointing which means sex feels a lot better in comparison. 

Unless it’s Shania. Shania is queen. Source: Giphy.

In summary: 

Dont: AirPod and boink. 

Do: Country music and ride. 

These People Are Proof Technology Is Simultaneously Rotting Our Brains And Changing Our Lives

Technology giveth and technology taketh away.

There’s no question about it, technology has changed the world. Imagining my day-to-day without a mobile phone is enough to give me the nervous sweats, so thinking of life without transport, electricity and the ability to stalk my ex on social media sends me into meltdown mode.

But just as technology giveth, technology taketh away.

Mainly, it takes away our brain cells.  Point in case, this dude:

Forget about the fact that he’s wearing the earphones UPSIDE DOWN (???), there is no way that any normal functioning human being would get frosted tips in 2019 and wear sunglasses on the back of their head in public like it’s no big deal.

Unless the dude’s a complete douche, but I don’t like judging people’s personality when I don’t know them (unless you’re the new girlfriend of the ex i’m stalking on social media). So I’m running with my ’Apple AirPods rot our brains’ theory.

If one guy isnt’ enough to convince you that technology is both helping and ruining us, then maybe these people will change your mind.

This chick who put her trust in her navigator and was BETRAYED:

And this person who loved their car so much they decided to give it a makeover:


Gotta love cacti in your face when the airbag deploys.

Kristen Stewart, where you at?

Google auto-complete utilises some of the most revolutionary technology. Like…it knows what you’re thinking. But even the best of the best technology out there can be infiltrated by stupidity.

Ask that again but slower.

No part of Google is safe.

What kind of parks are you going to?

So yeah, technology is great and all but it’s definitely making us stupider.

At least we have Netflix. Netflix makes everything okay.

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