WWII Is, Like, Way Too Triggering To Learn About, According To This Influencer

And that is how you end up as an influencer, kids.

There are important reasons why we need to learn history in school, chief among them is to educate future generations about the significance of important moments and learning from past mistakes so we’re not doomed to repeat them. But if you’re 22-year-old Instagram influencer Freddie Bentley, then you’re in the camp of “let’s stop teaching kids about WWII because it’s, like, way too intense”.

This whole saga began when Freddie decided to appear on Good Morning Britain to debate the topic “do millennials need to know about WWII” with former British chief inspectorate of schools, Michael Wilshaw, following a bunch of Apprentice contestants admitting they didn’t know when the war began.

While the Instagram influencer says he understands the importance of WWII. he also says he wished he learned less because it was *checks notes* so “intense” and not as educational as “other problems going on in the world at the moment” that aren’t taught in school, like Brexit and climate change.

Freddie was met with a staunch rebuttal from Wilshaw, who said that it is important for students to remember the war, the people who sacrificed themselves and the mistakes that were made. Trying to explain his reasoning further, Freddie says teaching WWII to kids will have a toll on their mental health:

“Mentally, in their mental health, to be told that this certain amount of people died for you.

“Mental health is completely on the rise now. I don’t think encouraging death and telling people how many people died in a world war is going to help someone in the future.”

Great point, Freddie. We should definitely stop learning about WWII, a historical event in which a charismatic yet stupid fascist rose to power in a democratic society and enacted horrendously racist policies that led to the death of countless people.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound familiar at all, especially with what’s happening today around the world.

To be fair, ol’ mate has a fair point about schools needing to focus more on topics that affect people today, such as climate change, Brexit and taxes, as those are incredibly important. But to teach those lessons at the expense of learning one of the most important events in history?

Nah mate. If you think learning about WWII is so intense that it’ll be detrimental to the mental health of kids, wait until they start learning about biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and geography. Oh and let’s not forget about sports.

When you’ve dug yourself a hole with no dignified way of digging yourself out, the only option is to double down hard and boy did Freddie Bentley go all in on his position.

In the wake of widespread criticism of his comments, ol’ mate shared a post in Instagram where he stood behind his opinion before sheepishly backtracking a bit, writing that WWII “needs to be taught in moderation to promote mental health and focus on teaching young people real life skills.”

Look, credit to Freddie Bentley for having the balls to go on television and putting up a staunch defence for an indefensible viewpoint because there’s no possible way to come out of that looking good.

His ideas on education reform will likely fall through because they’re, well, dumb but his appearance on Good Morning Britain did prove one thing: stay in school and learn as much as you can, kids, or you’ll end up being an under-educated influencer whose lack of intelligence gets brutally exposed to millions on TV.

Baby Spice Confirms She's The Most Relatable Spice Girl By Sexting Her Mum

Turns out she isn't the innocent one after all.

Emma Bunton may be considered the sweet one in the Spice Girls, but it turns out Baby Spice isn’t as innocent as she seems after a little sexting mishap with her partner of over two decades, Jade Jones.

Chatting to Paul O’Grady on his new show (via The Mirror), Emma says she stills sends sexy texts to Jade every so often to keep things spicy (heh) but things went slightly awry when she ended up accidentally sexting her mum instead.

Needless to say that Baby Spice was just a wee bit mortified that she ended up sending a naughty lil sumthin’ sumthin’ to the wrong person. But hey, at least it was only her mum and not a stranger.

“I was away from my other half for a few days. But we are very much in love and I love sleeping next to him.

“We are together all the time. So I decided that I would send a mucky text. A cheeky text. A sext.

“I did a little selfie with the boobies. I did have a bra on. But I did a sleazy kind of little selfie and a ‘Miss you’ and ‘Wish you…’ – and sent it to my mother.”

But kudos to Emma’s mum for having a “great sense of humour” as she took the wayward sext in good stride, even if it left Baby Spice “mortified”.

Look it could’ve been worse.

Wayward sexting moments are the stuff of nightmares but hats off to Emma Bunton for owning it like a champ. If anything, it’s actually pretty damn cool that she and Jade are still so in love with each other after all this time together.

If there’s something to be gleaned from this odd yet weirdly sweet sexting story is that Baby Spice is not only the innocent one of the Spice Girls, she’s definitely the most relatable because who among us haven’t accidentally sent a nude pic that was meant for a partner to a parent?

Watchmen Successfully Does What Game Of Thrones Failed To Do In Its Last Season

Many key learnings were taken from Game of Thrones.

It was always going to be interesting to see how Damon Lindelof handled his HBO adaptation of Watchmen. It is only the greatest comic book of all time and we’ve seen what happens when an adaptation of a beloved work goes poorly (*cough* Game of Thrones *cough*).

But so far, HBO’s Watchmen has been a revelation. Rather than doing another adaptation of the comic like what Zack Snyder did (poorly), Damon Lindelof instead decided create an entire new story within the established universe. Regardless of how some feel about this decision to “remix” rather than reboot, it’s been a risk that’s paying off in spades.

As Watchmen continues to build momentum, it’s been hard for me not to make comparisons to the aforementioned Game of Thrones, especially since the two TV shows are both on HBO.

Both are adaptations of all-time-great wGaorks and both scored critical acclaim from critics and fans (well, initially anyway for Game of Thrones).

But when held up together side-by-side, it’s pretty clear that Watchmen is a great example of how to do an adaptation well whereas Thrones ultimately turned into an example how how not to do an adaptation.

Sorry to break it to ya, champ.

The Game of Thrones showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, followed George R.R. Martin’s novels pretty closely until they ran out of material at around the season five mark. From that point on, it was up to the pair to get to the ending Martin had in mind on their own.

There was a wealth of material for Benioff and Weiss to have crafted a satisfying ending to Game of Thrones. That’s the beauty of adaptations, you can reinterpret the source as you see fit and there’s room for creativity, especially if the source is still incomplete.

That’s perhaps the most disappointing thing about the last couple of seasons of Game of Thrones. There was potential for Benioff and Weiss to do something great after shaking off the shackles of the published novels, but instead it seemed like the pair simply wanted to get to the finish line ASAP rather than make it good.

Here’s to that decision.

By comparison, Damon Lindelof decided to go in the opposite direction. Instead of adapting the comic’s storyline, he decided to tell an entirely new story while still respecting the source material’s continuity and established universe. He’s not neglecting all that’s happened in the comics, he’s just using that as a setting for something fresh and more fitting for the times.

It’s a shame that Game of Thrones ended the way it did but on the plus side, we’re getting a more-than-worthy consolation prize in the form of Watchmen, which is quickly proving itself to be the benchmark on how to pull off good adaptations of beloved things.

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