This Influencer Is Copping Major Backlash For Flaunting Her Uluru Climb

Her acrobatics just add insult to injury.

Most of us know, Uluru is a sacred, culturally significant site to the traditional owners of this land and on October the 26th it will be closed to the public for this very reason.

Despite most of us having digested these facts, there’s still hoards of people flocking to climb Uluru in the days leading up to its closure. It’s a move which has understandably angered many First Nations People.

Influencer Tegan McLellan is a part of that flock and is currently copping backlash for flaunting her last-minute climb on Instagram.

McLellan has uploaded a series of shots from her trip to Uluru, and it’s safe to say, people are pissed:

People aren’t upset with McLellan just because she climbed Uluru, but because she demonstrated little understanding of how her actions could be considered offensive.

McLellan told, “Uluru has always been on my list of places to visit but was always a ‘some day’ trip.”

“Uluru is an icon of Australia and an important part of our history,” she said. “Since hearing that the climb was closing I decided to make it a priority to visit before the opportunity was gone.”

Unfortunately, many Australians choose to disregard the importance of Indigenous sacred sites. Like earlier this year, when bulldozers took to the 800- year-old Djab Wurrung trees in Victoria.

Really, the only silver lining here is that starting tomorrow, Uluru will be protected and heavy fines will be incurred if someone decided to illegally climb the sacred site.

People Are Horny Over Instagram 'Cleanfluencers' And Honestly, Are We OK?

God, they organise that so well.

We all know of the “influencer” but many of us are yet to come across the “cleanfluencer.” These Instagram users are passionate cleaners and you guessed it, they record themselves cleaning stuff. That’s their schtick. The whole schtick.

You best believe it’s legit – cleanfluencers have thousands of followers. It appears many of us have a total fetish for watching others clean and learning from their ways, and they’re not just on the Gram. They have merchandise, have written books on cleaning, and most of them have a YouTube channel. Mrshinchhome has 2.8 million Insta followers, The Organised Mum is sitting on 173,000 and This Girl Can Organise is at 109,000.

Nine times out of 10 cleanfluencers seem to embody that “soccer mum” look. The question that came out of my deep dive into their world was: why on earth are we so obsessed with watching people clean? Surely there’s more to life than that.

Here’s what I’ve learnt…

This Girl Can Organise

When I hop onto Nicola Lewis’ cleanfluencer Instagram, her bio says “professional home organiser”. I’m intrigued, as I didn’t know that was an occupation. But the second thing I noticed was a post that said:

“the closest I get to a spa these days is the steam from the dishwasher door smacking me in the face #motherhood”

This Girl Can Organise.

This is the first red flag for me. I quickly learnt that many cleanfluencers tend to glamourise that “self-sacrificing” mum image and it seems a little toxic. But there are positives: one of This Girl’s tid-bits is to engage her followers in a “summer detox” challenge where they tackle decluttering things one thing at a time – the car boot, the “junk drawer” at home, the shoe cabinet. She’s also a level 12 on the likeable scale.

Sophie Hinchliffe

I hop onto Sophie Hinchliffe Instagram account, arguably the internet’s “biggest” cleanfluencer and immediately I’m baffled. How does this woman have 2.8 million followers? All of her pictures are grey and white, her account is straight-up depresso. So I investigate further… and that’s when I come across this:

The first video on her YouTube channel is a tutorial on deep cleaning and it’s quality viewing. Seriously. After watching this I feel the strong urge to invite her to the pub. At one stage she pours soda crystals in her sink plugs, sprinkles them with water and sings “look at the fizz…look at the fizz… easily pleased mate” in her thick British accent.

The Organised Mum

Much like the other cleanfluencers I’ve discovered, The Organised Mum has her own merchandise and has even coined her own cleaning method: The Organised Mum Method. It involves spreading house chores over the course of the week so that one can “enjoy” their weekend.

I’m beginning to notice that cleanfluencer accounts are all run by mums and it feels a bit off. None of these influencers seems to mention that it’s not a woman’s responsibility to do the bulk of the housework.

But what is inspiring about the cleanfluencer is that she seems to be a self-made, successful businesswoman, which honestly, is pretty badass. Cleanfluencers seem to encourage “downtime” and self-care practices too, and we can’t complain with that. But I’m left wondering: where are the male cleanfluencers at?

Ellen DeGeneres Sitting Next To George W. Bush Is Cool, Calling Him A Friend Isn't

Celebrities just don’t make friends like us common-folk do.

If you’re wondering why Ellen DeGeneres is absolutely everywhere right now, here’s the go: she was photographed sitting next to the former US President George W. Bush at an NFL game.

The photograph has left the internet divided: some are saying that she’s setting a good example of tolerance and kindness, others are saying it’s completely baffling and morally wrong. There is no in-between.

If you’ve been living under a rock or simply don’t know the deal with Bush, here’s the key information:

  1. In 2004, when Bush was President, he announced that he wanted to amend the US constitution to ban gay marriage.
  2. Bush was also the president who instructed the US army to enter into war with Iraq and Afghanistan. His motivation apparently stemmed from the belief that these countries were harbouring weapons of mass destruction. Those countries, however, were not harbouring weapons of mass destruction.

Degeneres received so much backlash for the shot, she ended up speaking out about it on her show on Monday:

“I’m friends with George Bush. In fact, I’m friends with a lot of people who don’t share the same beliefs that I have. We’re all different, and I think we’ve forgotten that that’s OK that we’re all different… Just because I don’t agree with someone on everything doesn’t mean that I am not going to be friends with them. When I say be kind to one another, I don’t mean only the people that think the same way you do. I mean be kind to everyone.”

Ellen Degeneres
It’s a hard pill to swallow.

The people applauding Ellen’s stance are saying it’s a good, healthy thing to hang with people who share opposing opinions and that spending time with someone certainly does not equate sharing their beliefs.

The photo, however, has angered quite a few. It probably doesn’t help Degeneres’ case that earlier this year she backed controversial comedian Kevin Hart even while he refused to apologise for a series of old, homophobic tweets.

It was a weird time for Degeneres.

The real question here: would Degeneres and Bush share chips, guac and a nice glass of red on a Friday night? That’s what friends do, after all. It’s hard to imagine a man who literally tried to ban gay marriage for an entire country would be down to dine with married lesbians.

Ellen Degeneres probably just wanted to “keep the peace” by calling Bush a friend, which is sort of, well, disappointing. It would’ve been much more interesting and cool if she’d used her platform to assert the fact that she disagreed with Bush’s opinions yet made an example of being kind anyway.

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