Will Smith's Being Replaced In Suicide Squad 2 By The Reigning Sexiest Man Alive

Can we replace him in the first one too?

We live in the age of remakes, reboots and rehashes, and it’s starting to look like Suicide Squad 2 will set a new record for the shortest time between the original film and the reboot.

That’s what they do.

Not only has sacked Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn been brought on to write, direct and have “a completely new take on the property“, but a key character is being recast, and it should be a significant improvement.

Deadshot was played by Will Smith in the first movie, but clearly he didn’t have enough fun to make it a scheduling priority (clashes with promo for his creepy genie?), because news came last week that he wouldn’t be returning for the sequel.

This is actually a blessing on us all, because sources have told multiple outlets, including Variety and TheWrap, that he will be replaced by the current reigning Seixest Man Alive, and your next James Bond if the casting gods are good:

Yes, Idris Elba.

Sexy Villainous Assassin Idris Elba.

While it might be a rumour from Elba’s camp to get his name in headlines ahead of his new Netflix Original Turn Up Charlie, it also might be a leak from DC to actually get people excited about the prospect of a second Suicide Squad movie.

More like the entire human population.

The full cast for the sequel hasn’t been announced, although they’d be mad not to pay Margot Robbie whatever she wants to return as Harley Quinn – she’s already clearly the breakout star of the franchise, to the point where the Birds Of Prey movie has been hijacked with a Harley-focused subtitle longer than the actual script.

So if they can just do something about Jared Leto’s whole deal, they’ll have me on board.

The Age Of Batfleck Is Over, So Let The Age Of Batman Casting Speculation Begin

Hello, darkness, my old friend.

The era of Ben Affleck’s Batman – AKA Batfleck – has brought us the answers to many questions.

Isn’t Batman better when you can barely see him? Why have Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent never talked about the fact that their mums have the same first name? How does Ben Affleck about the mixed critical response to his DC movies?

Now, months of speculation have ended with the news that Batfleck is no more.

Deadline reports that The Batman, DC’s next movie focused on the Caped Crusader, will star a younger Bruce, and Affleck is out.

The news comes after he denied the rumours flying at Comic-Con last year that he was out of the project

He co-wrote the script with DC writer Geoff Johns, though, and he’s still totally, definitely excited about it and stuff.

See? So excited.

So who can strap on the cape for this noir, mystery-focused take on a younger Bruce Wayne?

Alden Ehrenreich may have been a less than convincing Han Solo, but that perfect bum-chin would look extra crisp below the mask. Would DC take a chance on him after Solo‘s underwhelming box office performance?

Could Timothee Chalamet step away from the arthouse world for long enough to become the most emo, least ripped Bruce ever?

“I just miss my dead parents so much.”

Henry Golding has been floated as a potential Bond – but hey, Bruce wears a lot of dinner suits, too. And can you imagine the fanboy freakouts if they cast a British-Malaysian guy as Batman? (Show me where it says both of Bruce’s parents HAVE to be white, lads.)

Or, hey, hear me out:

It’ll probably be Ansel Elgort or someone like that, but we can dream.

Guillermo Del Toro’s List Of Scripts He’s Written But Never Got Made Might Make Your Brain Explode

Nah, that’s cool, we didn’t want a Justice League: Dark movie or a Hulk pilot written by the Oscar-winning auteur king of genre film.

Acclaimed horror-fantasy filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro – the mind behind Pan’s Labyrinth, The Shape Of Water,  Hellboy and loads more – snapped earlier this morning and tweeted out a list of cool-as-hell projects he’s written scripts for. Like, completed. And never got made.

Let’s break a couple of those down.

The Witches is likely a remake of the Roald Dahl story that made you terrified of Anjelica Houston as a kid.

Justice League Dark is the supernatural offshoot of DC’s evil-fightin’ crew, with characters like John Constantine and Swamp Thing.

Beauty And The Beast, I mean, come on. Instead we got this:


At The Mountains Of Madness is an H.P. Lovecraft story, and arguably nobody else could possibly do that eldritch s**t any justice. GDT reportedly had Tom Cruise and James Cameron on board at one point.

Fantastic Voyage – yes, the 60s one where scientists shrink down and explore the human body like it’s space or something. Isaac Asimov wrote the novelisation.

The Count Of Monte Cristo, but a version where he had a totally sweet steampunk mechanical hand.

A “very different” Pacific Rim 2, whatever that means, could have been a sight to see.

Drood is a novel based on a “fictionalised account” of Charles Dickens’ last years.

“SECRET PROJECT (UNTITLED)” will haunt my dreams.

Haunted Mansion: I mean, imagine what fun GDT could have had with the blank slate of a Disney theme park ride adaptation?

And a The Hulk pilot? Are you f**king kidding me?

He also mentions a Wind In The Willows script “which I loved”.

He added a few hours later that there’s still hope for a couple of these:

But that still leave a lot of couldabeens to be a little bit mad about forever.

So yeah, nice work, Hollywood. None of those projects sound like something that would have been amazing in the hands of the man who can turn a story about a mute, mousy woman banging a fish-dude into a Best Picture Oscar winner.

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