The Reigning Sexiest Man Alive Isn't Technically Replacing Will Smith In The Suicide Squad After All

It's probably the best move for the movie to be perfectly honest.

Aquaman made a bucketload of money late last year, Shazam! looks like it’ll be another superhero sized hit, Warner Bros. has managed to lock down James Gunn to write and direct the reboot to the worst DC movie so far, Suicide Squad, and the reigning sexiest man alive, Idris Elba, will be replacing Will Smith as the character Deadshot in the aforementioned reboot. All in all, things are looking up for the DC movie universe.

However, just as soon as I finished typing out all those aforementioned points, a new twist has decided to drop in on the Idris Elba/Will Smith Deadshot thing.

According to Variety, production on the Suicide Squad reboot, titled The Suicide Squad, is going ahead but rather than have Idris replace Will as Deadshot, he’s going to be playing a completely new character instead.

Yup, we know, right?

It is reported that all parties, including Gunn, wanted to just move on from Deadshot and decided to make do with Idris’ villainous sexiness in other ways. So what character will he be playing exactly?

Well no one but Gunn and DC knows at this point. Maybe he’ll be the James Bond character we’ve been waiting for for years. Perhaps he’ll be a detective-type like Luther or a savvy drug dealer type like Stringer Bell. Or maybe he’ll be the strict boss of the office that the Suicide Squad operates out of.

Look, regardless of who Idris will play, we’re here for it.

There were many – so many – things wrong with Suicide Squad but Will’s Deadshot wasn’t one of them, and it’s probably for the best that they retire the character respectfully than have Idris erase any memory of Will’s work with his smoulder.

This move also leaves room for a potential Deadshot return as Will dropped out of The Suicide Squad due to scheduling conflicts, presumably with stuff related to his weird Genie, rather than any creative differences.

Turning down Deadshot for this? It’s a bold move, Cotton.

We don’t know much else about The Suicide Squad as it’s still in the early days of production right now. All we know so far is that the only people returning from the first film will be Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.

But with a tentative release date of August 6, 2021, that’s more than enough time to replace Jared Leto and his monstrosity of take on the Joker. I hear Joaquin Phoenix just did something Joker-y and it was pretty damn terrifying so maybe give him a call, James and DC.

Could Will Smith Also Be Playing A Secret Character In Aladdin?

An old confirmed theory from the 1992 animated classic may be making a return for the 2019 remake.

We’ve been inundated with teases and footage from Disney’s upcoming Aladdin remake over the last few weeks and the general buzz can be summed up as: Will Smith’s Genie looks weird and Arrested Development memes involving blue man Tobias.

But while people are busy judging Smith’s Genie based on the released footage and images, we have a theory that there’s more to the character in the live-action Aladdin than just a beatboxing blue Shrek.

Here’s our hunch: Will Smith is also playing a secret character in addition to Genie.

To show that this isn’t some far-reaching thing we pulled out of a lamp, here’s some background context for how this theory came about.

Remember the fast-talking peddler character who appears at the beginning of the 1992 animated version of Aladdin? Well the prevailing fan theory is the peddler is actually the Genie in disguise and the film was told from his perspective the whole time.

This theory was later confirmed by the film’s directors, Ron Clements and John Musker, who explained that it was their intention to have the peddler and Genie be the same character (Robin Williams even recorded lines for the peddler) and have it all be revealed at the very end but the idea was sadly cut during the editing process.

Subtle, Genie, very subtle.

So how does this theory carry across to the upcoming live-action Aladdin remake? Well let us draw your attention to this 30-second trailer from the film.

Unlike every other trailer we’ve seen so far, this one has Smith narrating and he drops the very intriguing line, “It’s time that I told you the story of Aladdin, the Princess, and the lamp.” Now this could just be a trailer-only voice over that holds no bearing on the film and we’re reading way too much into it.

Or it could be a hint that Aladdin is actually told from the Genie’s perspective, perhaps under the guise of an inconspicuous peddler.

Seeing as how all the Disney live-action remakes have adhered to the source material’s storylines while incorporating some new elements so far, there’s a definite possibility that the studio could’ve revived the old peddler character for Aladdin after having cut him out of the original animated film.

There’s definitely a possibility that this whole theory could amount to the equivalent of jack and all so let’s wait until May 24 when the film comes out and we’ll see if our hunch holds up (and whether the Aladdin is actually, you know, good).

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Mashed-Up With The Master Will Ensure You Never Sleep Soundly Again

Who would've thought Joaquin Phoenix's psychological breakdowns would be so compelling?

Comic book and movie fans were blown away a day ago when the first trailer for the Joaquin Phoenix-starring Joker was released to much fanfare and soiled pants.

This take on the Clown Prince of Crime is definitely something we haven’t seen before and any doubts about Phoenix’s version of the character falling flat like Jared Leto’s monstrosity were immediately wiped away in a flurry of tragedy and creepy clown make-up.

Joker looks creepy as all hell, yet someone managed to up the terror factor several notches by brilliantly mashing up that trailer with clips of Phoenix’s fantastic performance as Freddie Quell in Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master.

Cut together by film and television editor Nelson Carvajal, this Joker/Master mash-up mixes clips of both films to depict a singular journey of Phoenix’s psychological downfall. And the final result? It is the stuff of nightmares.

Combining Anderson’s dialogue and Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood’s haunting score from The Master with the imagery of Joker is terrifyingly effective in depicting Arthur Fleck’s journey from mentally ill man to the Joker, so much so that it works even better than the official Joker trailer.

Feast your eyes on this Joker/Master masterpiece (pun intended) right here, though be warned that you may never sleep soundly again.

Who would’ve thought Joaquin Phoenix’s onscreen psychological breakdowns could be so creepy yet compelling? Anyway, Joker is out on October 4 so enjoy the nightmares and insomnia until then.

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