Hilary Duff Says There Have Been "Conversations" About A Lizzie McGuire Revival, Because You Never Really Escape Your First Gig

We're one step closer... But not that close.

We truly are in the age of reboots – everything from Charmed to Temptation Island is being brought back.

So literally everyone who has ever been in a beloved or even sort-of-liked TV show is being asked if there’s a revival in the works.

The latest beatup? The prospect of a Lizzie McGuire reunion, fuelled by a single comment by the sweet sitcom’s star, Hilary Duff.

Here’s what she actually said:

“There’s been some conversations. It’s definitely not a go. I don’t want to get everyone wild talking about it.”


Of course there have been “conversations” – there probably isn’t a TV show that hasn’t be floated as a possible reboot by this point.

Most of the original cast aren’t doing much, if the internet’s three million Where Are They Now listicles are to be believed, so they might be down – except for Adam Lamberg, who played Gordo, but hasn’t acted in ten years.

If reboot happens, it could well be Lizzie as the cool young science teacher – hopefully with her animated alter ego kicking back with a glass of wine and bitching unreservedly about teenagers and their drama about bras and cheerleading and crushes on boys with ridiculous hair.

Yeah, OK. Ethan Craft as the middle school gym teacher giving hair advice? I’d watch that too.

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