Henry Cavill Kindly Removes Himself From The Dating Pool By Suggesting He's A MeToo Waiting To Happen

His words, not ours.

In an interview with Australian GQ this week, Henry Cavill, aka Superman, succeeded in shooting himself directly in the foot with some incredibly tone-deaf comments regarding #MeToo.

When asked in the last minute and a half of the interview what he’s learned from #MeToo, he says that he’s “been fortunate enough to not be around the kind of people who behave that way”, but that when there have been situations where colleagues have been overfamiliar with an actress, he’s “walked up to them and said ‘Hey, are you all right? That’s creepy.’”

Just thinking about Respecting Women.

The interviewer then asked if the movement has made him reflect on his own behaviour, which is when he really started to open up.

He mentions flirting, and how wonderful it is for men to chase women because “there’s a traditional approach to that”. His concern is that it’s difficult for men to woo and chase women if “there are certain rules in place”.

I’m going to include the next part in full, because it’s truly bizarre:

“Because then it’s like: ‘Well, I don’t want to go up and talk to her, because I’m going to be called a rapist or something’.

“So you’re like, ‘Forget it, I’m going to call an ex-girlfriend instead, and then just go back to a relationship, which never really worked’. But it’s way safer than casting myself into the fires of hell, because I’m someone in the public eye, and if I go and flirt with someone, then who knows what’s going to happen?

“Now? Now you really can’t pursue someone further than, ‘No’. It’s like, ‘OK, cool’. But then there’s the, ‘Oh why’d you give up?’ And it’s like, ‘Well, because I didn’t want to go to jail?’”

Cavill regurgitates more than a few sexist tropes that have been used to silence victims here, including the idea that women are going to call any man that flirts with them a rapist.

To be clear here: it is in women’s interests to not downplay the seriousness of rape, so there are very few women out there calling flirting ‘rape’.

He goes on to say that #MeToo means you “can’t pursue someone further than ‘no’”, as though that’s a bad thing?

Someone expressing disinterest and you respecting their boundaries is… a good thing?

If men don’t know how to flirt with women without committing so many crimes that they end up going to jail, they shouldn’t be interacting with women in the first place.

Men being hyperaware of how their actions may be perceived is a good thing if it means women feel safer. God knows women have been hyperaware of men’s actions for long enough.

Guy Pearce Reveals That Kevin Spacey Was "Handsy" When They Worked Together On L.A. Confidential

Guy Pearce appeared on Andrew Denton's show Interview last night, and when asked by Denton what working with Spacey was like, Pearce described him as "handsy" and followed it up with "thankfully, I was 29 and not 14".

In an interview with Andrew Denton on his Channel 7 show Interview last night, Guy Pearce described Kevin Spacey as a “handsy guy” during the filming of 1997’s LA Confidential.

Laughing, Pearce went on to add “thankfully, I was 29 and not 14”, referring to actor Anthony Rapp’s accusations against Spacey.

His anecdote came just as outlets around the world were reporting that three new accusations against Spacey were being investigated by Scotland Yard.

Guy described Spacey as an “incredible actor”, but followed that up with the fact that he had a “slightly difficult time” with him.

His demeanour during this part of the interview is significantly more serious than in the rest of the interview, and it’s clear that it’s something Guy has wrestled with for a while.

Since last year, when Rapp spoke about being harassed at age 14 by Spacey in 1986, 15 more men have publicly accused Spacey of sexual misconduct.

Guy is now the most famous person to have accused Spacey of misconduct, and it’s hard not to wonder who else in Hollywood has had awful experiences with Spacey but hasn’t spoken out because of how famous and influential he is.

Andrew went on to ask him about working with Kylie Minogue, and Guy described her as “divine”, adding that she’s “not as handsy as I’d like her to be!”

While people are entitled to respond to their experiences however they see fit, this comment does seem to reflect the attitude that society has towards male victims of assault – that they simply need to laugh it off and take it in stride.

I’m reminded of Terry Crews’ US Senate testimony last week, in which he said “The assault lasted only minutes, but what he was effectively telling me while he held my genitals in his hand, is that he held the power”.

Crews also talked about the expectation that victims will write their assaults off as a joke, explaining that “one man’s horseplay is another man’s humiliation”.

It’s evident that Spacey took great pleasure in humiliating and exerting his power over younger men, and it’s tragic that like Harvey Weinstein and everyone else who’s been accused in the wake of #MeToo, abusers in Hollywood were able to harass with impunity for so long.

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