HBO Will Now Require That All Their Shows Have Intimacy Coordinators To Ensure Sex Scenes Are Filmed Safely And Correctly

The cable channel behind Game Of Thrones and Westworld have installed the rule after a successful trial on The Deuce.

HBO has taken a step toward making their productions a safer and more inclusive space, with the decision to have “intimacy coordinators” on-set during the filming of sex scenes.

The producers of hit shows including Game Of Thrones, Westworld, Sex And The City and The Sopranos made the decision after a successful trial on the set of The Deuce, the Maggie Gyllenhaal-led drama about the 70s porn scene in New York.

As revealed in Rolling Stone, the job of an intimacy coordinator is two-fold: to both ensure sex scenes are done safely while still appearing realistic on-camera, and working as a mediator between the cast and crew to ensure everyone’s needs are met before, during, and after filming.

This can be everything from ensuring actors and actresses are all on the same page as to what a scene requires before shooting, to simply ensuring flesh-coloured underwear is available.

It should be noted that the initial decision came about thanks to actress Emily Meade, who last year grew increasingly uncomfortable during the filming of her sex scenes in The Deuce. With the wider #MeToo conversation fresh in her mind, she approached her producers with the suggestion of hiring an intimacy coordinator, with the goal of making the HBO workplace safer for both herself and her fellow actresses.

The effect of hiring the intimacy coordinator was immediately felt, with showrunner David Simon straight-up saying that he can never go back to filming a sex scene without one.

HBO has, in the past, been criticised for its depictions of sex and intimacy on-screen, especially in the hit series Game Of Thrones. And, generally speaking, sex scenes can often be taxing on in the actors involved, especially actresses.

However, with a commitment that intimacy coordinators will be hired for all ongoing and future productions, including the upcoming Watchmen series, this latest development is a sign that things are thankfully changing for the better in the industry.

Chloe Grace Moretz Says The Creepy Daddy Movie She Made With Louis CK Should Never See The Light Of Day And We're Completely Fine With That

The 2017 film "I Love You, Daddy" was produced before the allegations against Louis CK came to light.

While Louis CK gets widely condemned for trying to stage a comeback after nine freaking months, it’s easy to forget that there was some minor collateral damage when the allegations of sexual misconducts came to light last year. Namely, he was set to star in a film that was already finished: I Love You, Daddy.

Once the extensive allegations against Louis CK came to light, the film was immediately shelved by its distributors. These days the film is only available through less-than-legal means, which sucks for anyone who worked on the film who isn’t Louis CK.

Sorry to anyone out of a job that isn’t Louie CK.

That said, the movie’s subject matter – about a dad dealing with his daughter’s relationship with an older man – is objectively already a really touchy area that should be dealt with the utmost respect and nuance. And that’s before you get into the fact that the lead actor is Louis CK.

Now, Louis CK’s I Love You, Daddy‘s co-star Chloe Grace Moretz has given the final words on the matter. Words that can be best summarised as, “Delete the movie from existence, please.”

Delet this.

Speaking with Variety, Moretz said:

“I think the movie that we made shouldn’t be seen, I think it should go away… I don’t think that it’s a perspective or a story that needs to be told in this day and age, especially in the wake of everything that’s come to light.”

Notably, fellow comedian and long-time friend of Louis CK Sarah Silverman has also attempted to distance herself from the disgraced comedian.

In a promotional appearance for her new streaming TV show, Silverman conceded that, since she’s known Louis for so long, her view on the matter of his comeback is in no way objective, comparing it to looking too close to an impressionist painting and not seeing the true image for the dots and strokes.

So yeah, when even your best friends are too nervous to be associated with you, it may be best to take a few steps away from the limelight again, Louis.

Then maybe a few more, after that.

Rosamund Pike Was Asked To Strip During Her Bond Girl Audition, So She Told Producers To Sod Off

It happened during her audition for the critically-maligned Die Another Day.

if you haven’t already noticed, Hollywood is often a shit place to be for women. The latest story of such shittiness comes from Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike, who recounted the experience of auditioning for James Bond flick Die Another Day.

Sidenote: Die Another Day wasn’t even that good.

Specifically, how the producers wanted her to strip to her underwear during that audition. Which is even more concerning since this was literally her first audition as a young actress in Hollywood.


In an interview with Audible, Pike recounts how the producers asked her to drop her dress mid-audition after they didn’t like the formal gown she chose to wear.

“On the day, I don’t know how I got the resolve and strength of mind, but I just thought ‘Actually, sod that, if they’re gonna see me in my underwear, they better give me the job.’ So, I thought, ‘There’s no way I’m going to take off a dress in the audition for this tape to be sent around Los Angeles and to be judged on that.’”

In other words, her response was, more or less:

Nope, nope, nope.

Even worse was that, whilst critiquing Pike’s choice of gown for the audition (she specifies that the audition called for “formal wear”), one of the casting directors told her that Bond Girls wear “something more like this” while holding up three pieces of string.

Supposedly, the bold move earned her the respect of the casting director, which ultimately got her the role. Which, in turn, ended up being her big break in Hollywood.

Although this had a positive ending, Pike’s story just goes to show how far Hollywood has to go, in terms of respecting women’s boundaries in the #MeToo era. Not to mention how gross the casting process for Bond films seem to be.

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