Harry Styles Talking About Sex And Shrooms Is A Big Seeya To Those Pure 1D Days

I'm clutching my pearls with pride.

PSA: Harry Styles really wants the world to know he’s all grown up.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the 25-year-old singer touched on everything from sex to doing mushrooms and making mistakes – it’s safe to say, the 15-year-old me is clutching her pearls.

Me rn. Credit: Giphy

Speaking about his time in One Direction, Styles said, “I was constantly scared I might sing a wrong note. I felt so much weight in terms of not getting things wrong…Now, I feel like the fans have given me an environment to be myself and grow up and create this safe space to learn and make mistakes,” he said.

Styles is clearly loving his transition into manhood, and the experimental freedom that comes from it. During the interview, the teen heartthrob visits the Shangri-La studios in Malibu and fondly remembers doing drugs there. “Ah, yes,” he says. “Did a lot of mushrooms here.”

Hehe. Credit: Giphy

Later in the interview, he points to a corner of the studio and says, “this is where I was standing when he were doing mushrooms and I bit off the tip of my tongue. So I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth. So many fond memories, this place.”

He also talks about one big night of partying, when he “lost all my clothes. I lost my wallet. Maybe a month later, somebody found my wallet and mailed it back, anonymously. I guess it just popped out of the sand. But what’s sad is, I lost my favourite mustard corduroy flares.” If this isn’t all of our 21st birthdays combined, I don’t know what is. 

While Styles’ coming-of-age clearly involves a lot of drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll (and rightly so) it’s also marked by his own sexual ambiguity and support for the LGBTQI community. “I want to make people feel comfortable being whatever they want to be,” he said. “Maybe at a show you can have a moment of knowing that you’re not alone…I’m just trying to make people feel included and seen.”

Speaking about being open about emotions, Styles said, “I feel pretty lucky to have a group of friends who are guys who would talk about their emotions and be really open.”

Harry and his rainbow flags. Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for HS

Clearly, Harry has shed the skin of his squeaky clean bubble gum popstar past, but he’s not ashamed of it, either. “I don’t feel like I was held back at all. It was so much fun. If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t have done it. It’s not like I was tied to a radiator.”

The 1D days. Credit: Giphy

Harry Styles is the perfect example of how being insanely famous as a kid doesn’t have to ruin your future – in fact, it can help you grow into a smart, creative and kind human being. Keep doing you, Harry. 

What Karaoke Song Sent This Man To Hospital With A Collapsed Lung?


Karaoke should be a sport. It’s stressful, sweaty, and it involves far more than 20 beers and an off-pitch rendition of Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.’ Just ask this guy in eastern China who was sent to hospital with a collapsed lung after going too hard at karaoke.

Ok buddy. Credit: Giphy

According to the South China Morning Post, a 65-year-old man performed 10 (!!) high-pitched karaoke songs in a row when he began suffering from chest pains and experiencing difficulty breathing.

Easy tiger. Credit: Giphy

He visited a hospital the next day where doctors told him he had a collapsed lung, or pneumothorax. Dr. Peng Bin-fei told the South China Morning Post that it collapsed “because of high lung pressure caused by singing high notes.” Ouch.

It got me thinking, with so many iconic karaoke song choices out there, which ones would have been high-pitched and powerful enough to collapse a lung? Here are some thoughts:

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – Queen

It’s a cliche karaoke song, but it’s a tried and tested classic. Surely, if you sung “galileo, galileo figaro” enough times in a row you’d pop a lung and break your wine glass. Fun fact: Freddie Mercury doesn’t sing the high-pitched lyrics “for meee!” in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ it’s actually sung by Queen drummer Roger Taylor.

‘I Will Always Love You’ – Whitney Houston

When it comes to karaoke, you can’t go wrong with the Earth-shattering key change of ‘I Will Always Love You’ when Whitney brings back in the “and I” of the chorus. Well, evidently, you can go wrong – you can bust a lung singing it. 

‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ – The Darkness

This karaoke song is not the faint-hearted, or faint-lung-ed. A large portion of the chorus is spent in a super duper high-pitched tone. It’s also a really speedy song, so catching your breath is going to be difficult to say the least. 

‘Honey’ – Mariah Carey

If you’re at the end of an intense night of karaoke, ‘Honey’ by Mariah Carey is sure to send you over the edge. Or at least to the nearest hospital. Let’s be honest, can anyone do a five-octave range like Mariah could back in the day? I think not. 

It’s not the first time someone’s love of music has resulted in major injury, either. In 2017, a young girl’s lung collapsed from prolonged screaming at a One Direction concert. 

Pass the ear plugs. Credit: Giphy

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the ears of the poor soul standing near her at the concert, and whoever was trying to sing along at karaoke.

Dear Millennials, Please Stop Stealing This Old Town Road Street Sign, It's Not Funny Or Cute

Where will we take our horses?

Since its release in December 2018, Lil Nas X’s country rap hit ‘Old Town Road’ has been broken the Internet and records all over the world. 

Just last month, the track became the most successful number one song of all-time when it reached its 19th week in first place on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It also went viral on Tik Tok and racked up over 580 MILLION streams on Spotify.

The song is so popular, however, it’s starting to cause serious issues in a small town in Massachusetts because people keep stealing the street sign for the IRL Old Town Road.

According to The Swellesley Report, the town of Wellesley has had to replace the sign three times since the track went viral.

Neigh, this is not good. Credit: Giphy

“The behaviour is likely the work of individuals playing pranks, but it costs the town a lot of time and money to locate, repair – and where the signs and posts are damaged – replace, and reinstall the signs,” Wellesley communication and project manager Stephanie Hawkinson said.

Apparently, the street signs have been discarded everywhere from “residents’ yards to town parks to wooded areas to wetlands,” and honestly, it sounds like a right pain in the arse for the poor soul who has to relocate and replace them. 

C’mon. Credit: Giphy

To make matters worse, The Swellesley Report says the street signs have become a “hot item” in other towns as well. While they have no confirmation and suspect communities would rather not draw attention to it, the towns of Walpole and Holliston also have Old Town Roads. 

Perhaps Wellesley and the like could take note from the town of Sicamous in British Columbia. Instead of letting the sign thieves get them down, Daily Hive says the Sicamous and District Chamber of Commerce has decided to replicate the signs and sell them “as a nod of appreciation to Lil Nas X” for $25 a pop.

The Sicamous solution. Credit: Sicamous and District Chamber of Commerce

If it means giving people an official location to take their horses and ride ‘til they can’t no more, we’re on board.

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