Can We Please Get The Queen's Hot Take On Harry Styles' Jumper?

We're feeling sheepish about this.

In the last few years, Harry Styles has bid farewell to his cute, clean, cookie cutter boy band aesthetic. Nowadays, the singer is far more inclined to rock flares and heels than his former white tee and skinny jean ensemble. He’s even taking his style cues from the late great Princess Diana.

Credit: Robert Kamau/GC Images

Styles was photographed in NYC this week wearing a striped shirt and slacks, patent pink boots and a sweater vest covered in fuzzy sheep. Harry Styles jumper is iconic for a variety of reasons – firstly, JUST LOOK AT IT, and secondly, it’s a lovely nod to red sheep sweater Lady Di wore in the ‘80s.

Credit: Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Princess Diana was arguably the greatest style icon of the 20th century. She was chic, classy and over the course of her time in the limelight, she boldly broke royal dress codes on many of her fashion choices.

Considering this – and his penchant for gender fluid fashion –  it’s no surprise Harry Styles jumper is taking a leaf out of Lady Di’s book (or wardrobe, to be specific).

It does, however, beg one big question: what would the Queen think of Styles jumper?

According to Good Housekeeping, Princess Diana had broken royal protocol a few times by the 1990s which put a strain on her relationship with The Queen, but it was Andrew Morton’s 1992 book Diana: Her True Story that really ruffled feathers.

After Diana was tragically killed in a car accident in 1997, her participation in the book became public knowledge and The Queen was allegedly “stunned,” that her daughter-in-law would air her “dirty linen in such a way.” 

Credit: Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

On closer inspection of Princess Diana’s sweater, amongst the white sheep there is one black sheep – if that’s not a reference to her feelings at the time, I don’t know what is. Shoutout to Harry Styles for celebrating Princess Diana like the beautiful, graceful trailblazer she was. 

Make Your Ascent To Heaven As Extra As You Are With A Nike Shoe Coffin

Stylish to the very end.

Don’t even think about calling yourself a ‘sneakerhead’ unless you’ve died and gone to heaven in one of these bad boys: a Nike sneaker coffin, handcrafted by Joseph Tetteh Ashong, also known as Paa Joe.

Paa Joe, who is the most prolific coffin artist in Ghana, has made a name for himself for his creative and unique casket designs, including a Louis Vuitton x Supreme handbag, an old school Sony Walkman or a Nokia phone.

Credit: WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images

According to i-D, abebuu adekai or “fantasy coffins” are Ghanian tradition. Apparently, these elaborately-designed coffins “cater to families that believe in life after death and the designs often reference someone’s profession to reflect the belief that the deceased will continue their career in the afterlife.”

Paa Joe’s incredible designs have not only earned him thousands of Instagram followers, but his work has been exhibited in museums all over the world. 

Speaking to i-D, Paa Joe said his most common design requests are “fish, cocoa pod and the Holy Bible.” He added that “People are usually buried in these coffins according to their careers, symbol, or what they’re addicted to. A businessman would be buried in a Mercedes or Porsche; a journalist goes with camera believing life still continues in the afterlife.”

As for the Nike sneaker coffins, Paa Joe told i-D they’re quite a recent request. “The shoe coffins are usually for manufacturers or lovers of a particular shoe or brand.”

Paa Joe makes his coffins from wood, “hardwood for art pieces and exhibitions and soft wood for burials,” and in the future would like to “build an art academy for local and international art students,” and to “build an art gallery for coffins.” 

Paa Joe’s work is pretty awe-inspiring and a reminder that humans should be celebrated not only in life, but in death as well. 

Tyra Banks And Naomi Campbell's Open Hatred Of Each Other Is Peak Professionalism

This takes passive aggressive to the next level.

If you ever wonder how you manage to survive the passive aggressive relationship you have with your co-workers, housemates or family members – cop a load of this iconic ‘90s photoshoot featuring ultimate frenemies, Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage for Full Picture

In 1992, Banks and Campbell appeared alongside fellow model Beverly Peele in a Vogue photoshoot styled by Grace Coddington and shot by Patrick Demarchelier. In the shoot, the trio appear on a yacht wearing matching black bikinis, dresses and straw hats – and let’s be honest, it looked like a cracking arvo out on the water.

However, the reality is – Banks and Campbell were feuding hard during the shoot. At that point, behind-the-scenes beef between the supermodels had reached sizzling temperatures, as discussed in Banks’ 2005 interview with the rival model. 

During the interview, Banks brought up the yacht photoshoot and how Naomi tried to help her when she was feeling seasick. “Naomi you said, ‘I have you ask you something…Do they try to make you look like me?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know about so much now, but in LA they really did.’”

“Naomi, you got up, you pushed me away and you said ‘I thought so,’ and you turned,” Banks told Campbell. 

Later during the interview, Banks pulled up another photoshoot of the pair lounging on armchairs in their swimsuits. “Do you remember that picture?” Banks asks Campbell. “There was no communication.”

“I went from calling my mum, and saying ‘this is so amazing,’ to calling her and saying, ‘I don’t know what happened, just did a photoshoot, she didn’t speak to me.”

While Campbell remains blasé about their decades-long feud, Banks has brought it up many times. Earlier this year, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Banks said “People didn’t know I was going home crying my eyes out because a woman that I was looking up to seemed like she just didn’t want me to be there, and was doing everything in her power to make me go away.”

You’ve got to give it to Banks and Campbell. Behind closed doors, their relationship was far from sunshine and rainbows, but you’d never know looking at these iconic photoshoots. It’s a testament to their level of professionalism, even in the most passive aggressive of times. 

Campbell did eventually address the feud in a 2016 interview with Andy Cohen. “It does irk me that two women of colour have to be pitted against each other,” she said. “You can have more than one woman of colour in a fashion show. Unfortunately, back then, you could only have one so the other felt…put out.”

Sadly, it sounds like Banks and Campbell were merely grappling with the inequalities of the fashion industry during the ‘90s. Kudos to these fierce women for surviving the storm and coming out as graceful as ever.

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