Praise The Comedy Gods Because Hannah Gadsby Is Not Quitting, She’s About To Tour A New Show


Hannah Gadsby’s tenth solo show, Nanette, was a global sensation. The show was toured around Australia and the UK for 18 months before being released as a Netflix special last June, cutting through the noise with her raw, insightful, and deeply personal take on stand up.

Gadsby has become an international icon, but the question remained – will she do another show? Part of the narrative of Nanette was her confession that she needs to step back from comedy and the deprecating humour that had previously defined her style.

But the news just landed that Hannah Gadsby is, thankfully, not quitting comedy. She’s returning very soon with a whole new show and world tour.

The world is currently all ears for what Hannah Gadsby has to say, and she’s taking that opportunity with Douglas. 

Hannah found her voice with Nanette and with Douglas she plans to use it.” Her website describes.

Apparently Gadsby has put together a show that will once again surprise us, and she’s taking it on her first ever tour of the US, after kicking off in Melbourne from March 27 through to April 7.

The American locations date all the way through to July 12 and you can check them out and sign up for pre-sale on her site – this is definitely one of those shows you can trust will be worth it.

Saturday Night Live’s Impersonations Of Aussie Icons Chris Hemsworth And Hannah Gadsby Are So Spot On

Get them BOTH to host the Oscars.

Last night on Saturday Night Live they did a skit riffing off the struggle of finding someone right for the role of Oscar’s host, and they (rightfully) have in the mix Australia’s own leading man, Chris Hemsworth, and recently risen star, comedian Hannah Gadsby.

The skit references the “whoopsies” moment of discovering the “bad tweets” of someone’s past, as per what happened to almost-Oscar’s-host Kevin Hart. They ask:

“Who will risk everything, for the chance to gain nothing?”

Acknowledging that this is a comedy piece, that tagline is a bit belittling of the opportunity that hosting the Academy Awards really is. There are plenty of people who would be great for the role, who didn’t refuse to apologise for homophobic comments (like Hart).

Two of those people include Aussies Chris Hemsworth and Hannah Gadsby, who are impersonated by Matt Damon and the brilliant SNL cast comedian, Aidy Bryant.

These impersonations are so damn on point, we’ll forgive the nuances lacking in their Aussie accents.

Literally, let Hemsworth and Gadsby co-host the Academy Awards and it would be the best ceremony to date.

Now That Kevin Hart Has Stepped Down, Hannah Gadsby Hosting The Oscars Is An Option We Can Seriously Get Behind

Can we also make her Australian Of The Year while we're at it?

For a brief moment, comedian Kevin Hart was slated to host next year’s Oscar’s ceremony. But since Hart has stepped down following a disappointing response to homophobic tweets he has posted in the past, the Academy is on the scout for a new host.

So now all the buzz is about who should get the gig, and one of the names in the mix is Australia’s own game-changing comedian, Hanna Gadsby.

Basically, Variety published a list of people who could possibly be up for the role, based on who would be a likely choice. As one of the most reputable Hollywood reporters, the Variety list is being taken pretty seriously.

They reference the success of Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix stand-up special Nanette, as well her widely-applauded one-minute Emmy presentation that pretty much stole the show.

Gadsby is not only a powerful advocate of equality, progressive change and especially LGBTQI+ issues, she’s also an amazing public speaker and bloody hilarious. She’s an Oscar host we would ABSOLUTELY get behind so let’s make it happen.

The Variety list also taps Donald Glover, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Eichner, Tiffany Haddish, Neil Patrick Harris, Ken Jeong, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Patton Oswalt, Issa Rae, Maya Rudolph, Wanda Sykes, Kristen Wiig, John Mulaney & Nick Kroll.

So there are some good options on the table, and hopefully this will be a year to watch.

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