You Can Book Haunted Properties On Airbnb If You’re The Kind Of Masochist Who Digs That

No thank you, please.

There are certain people who get off on being scared. They love the thrill; they seek out the adrenaline rush.

I am not one of these people. I will scream if a fork falls to the floor. So, the concept of seeking out accommodation options purely because they’re haunted is absolutely horrifying to me.

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With that said, I’m not here to yuck someone’s yum. If you’re the kind of masoch – sorry, person – who loves a scare and gets a thrill out of the idea of sleeping with a ghost hovering over your bed, by all means, go for gold.

You’re clearly not alone, either. There are a whole lot of properties listed on Airbnb that promote the fact that they have a few supernatural residents.

Seeing as Halloween is fast-approaching, I thought I’d hook you spook fans up with a list of accommodation options that you can book if ever you’re craving a serious scare (honestly, why the hell do you want this?).

Parks-Bowman Mansion: The Haunted Bedroom

New Orleans, USA

I am screaming.
Credit: Airbnb

This mansion is pretty direct about the whole haunted bit. You have the option to *specifically* select the spooky room, in case being in a house with a ghost isn’t enough for ya.

In The Haunted Bedroom, there’s a chance you’ll meet the mansion’s ghost “a young girl in a yellow dress from the 1890s”. However, the owners warn that she’s pretty shy. So, you might not be so lucky.

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston

Great Dunmow, England

Bloody hell.
Credit: Airbnb

Even if this home was not listed as haunted, the dark (almost gothic) aesthetic sends that message pretty clearly.

The host explains the intention behind the décor, sharing that “This room recreates in nightmarish detail the bed chamber of a seven-year-old Edwardian child complete with books, toys and ephemera.”

Mmm hmm.

The description goes on to warn of unexplained sounds and smells (smells?!) stating that the accommodation is not “for the faint hearted”.

Sweet Organic Pet-Friendly Getaway (Haunted!)

Arizona, USA

Okay, this looks less evil.
Credit: Airbnb

This listing has a smiley face in the title, so I think that’s an indicator that the spirits are friendly, here.

There isn’t much detail about the presences in the home, but the host is clear that the property is definitely haunted.

“You often have the house to yourselves–Oh, and the place is genuinely *haunted*–repeated episodes of odd unexplained mischief, nothing at all scary or malevolent.”


Castello Dal Pozzo
Piedmont, Italy

Jilted woman haunts house forever – sounds fair.
Credit: Airbnb

If you’re willing to pay a pretty penny for a good fright, consider this Italian castle. According to Airbnb, the ghost of a heartbroken young woman named Barbara resides in the tower and has done so for 500 years.

It’s believed Barbara was locked in the castle tower when her father learnt she was planning to run off with her lover, Matteo. Jeez, dad!

Matteo was exiled to France and Barbara died waiting for his return.

The Haunted Chamber Apartment
York, UK

Looks lovely… before you read about the ghosts.
Credit: Airbnb

This chamber is more than 600 years old and comes with a particularly spooky tale. Airbnb shares that the area is famed for the story of a man named George who was responsible for bringing orphans to the local Ragged School. When these children died, he would hide their bodies on the grounds – an act that drove him mad.

Guests often report “unexplained bumps in the night”, but it’s said that the ghosts are friendly… which, you know, is nice.

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