If You're Going All Out For Your Halloween Costume, You May Risk Going Blind

And it's not due to the increasingly weird sexy costumes that are coming out.

Halloween is a time for scares, trick or treating, and the most important thing of all (for some), dressing up some crazy outfit that’s scary and/or sexy.

Costumes have become increasingly detailed with each passing Halloween and on particular neat trick that’s been gaining popularity in recent years is the use of coloured contact lenses to really get that creepy look going.

But as effective as these lenses are at changing your eye colour while making you look like some kind of second-rate vampire, you should maybe think twice before trying them on this Halloween because you’re risking your eyesight.

Eye care specialists have warned about making sure Halloween partygoers protect their eyes, saying (via LADbible) that novelty contact lenses can result in complications ranging from minor things, such as scratches and infections, to major issues such as sight loss.

These problems are often exacerbated the longer lenses are worn due to bacteria build up and can get especially bad when people inevitably forget to take them out before they pass out after a big Halloween party.

That’s an eye infection waiting to happen.

The reason why novelty contacts are so bad (via The Herald Sun) is because they’re often made from inferior quality materials compared to proper contacts, which then result in a lack of oxygen going to the eye. But despite these risks, Australia gets away with selling cheap novelty contact lenses to unsuspecting people without the need for a prescription is due to some dodgy legal loophole.

Having worn prescription contact lenses for most of my life, I can vouch for the need to at least get a proper consultation with an optometrist before considering getting coloured contacts for whatever slutty costume you’re cooking up because those things are uncomfortable at the best of times even when they’re tailored for you.

Novelty contact lenses aren’t the only thing that can hurt your eyes during Halloween as seemingly innocent things like glitter and fake lashes can also pose a problem. Beyond the eyes, make-up can cause potential problems for some people’s skin, which is a bit unfortunate for those wanting to dress up as the Joker this year.

At the end of the day, you just have to ask yourself: Is risking your eyesight worth changing your eye colour for one night so you can rock whatever awesome/sexy Halloween costume you’ve put together?

Never Forget When The Office Poked Fun At Mental Health And Suicide For Halloween

How the joke made the cut in the first place is truly baffling.

Let’s be honest, Michael Scott is a pretty awful person. Sure he may have his moments during his time on The Office but the negatives far outweigh the good, which makes you wonder what was going through the writers’ heads. Case in point: The writers thought it was a good idea to make a Halloween joke about mental health by having Michael pretend to commit suicide in front of a group of kids.


At the TV show‘s sixth season Halloween episode, ‘Koi Pond’, the Dunder Mifflin warehouse is transformed into a haunted house for children. It was all going well until Michael decided to go full “Michael Scott” and ruined it for everyone by pretending to commit suicide by hanging as a way to scare the kids while also educating them about mental health.

It’s so cringeworthy and inappropriate that you immediately forget some genuinely funny bits in the scene, such as Michael is wearing a then-already-outdated “Dick In A Box” Halloween costume, Creed dressed as a hustling vampire who wants to sell the childrens’ blood and Jim with the word “book” written on his face.

Having said that, there’s a chance you may have forgotten or missed the scene entirely. When ‘Koi Pond’ first aired, audiences weren’t particularly comfortable seeing Michael Scott fake-hang himself on a family-friendly show like The Office (unsurprisingly) and NBC quickly pulled the scene from reruns and DVD releases.

According to The AV Club, an anonymous producer said it wasn’t just public outcry over the scene that caused it to be cut. Apparently Caryn Zucker, the wife of then-president and CEO of NBC Universal Jeff Zucker, also urged her husband to cut the scene due to her work in suicide prevention.

Yet as you saw above, the cut scene was later uploaded in its entirety onto YouTube, where it’ll forever live as weird yet controversial relic from a show that hasn’t aged as well as many people think.

Given how its been over a decade since the ‘Koi Pond’ aired, it’ll be interesting to hear the cast and crew from The Office share their thoughts on the scene and how it somehow managed to get through the writer’s room and onto everyone’s TV screens (briefly).

Here’s hoping Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey talk about it on their podcast at some point and maybe share their thoughts on how Michael Scott is actually a problematic mess.

Today I Learned Of 'Rack Man', One Of Australia's Most Notorious Unsolved Murders

25 years on and still no closer to solving the mystery.

Australia is a big country with even bigger mysteries, many of which remain unsolved. Of the many strange happenings that have happened Down Under over the years, there are few that boggle the mind more than the creepy unsolved murder of “Rack Man”.

In 1994, Mark Peterson was out fishing on the Hawkesbury River in Sydney and hoping for a good catch. The sun was shining and conditions were ripe for a great day.

After feeling a heavy tug on his fishing net, Mark thought he struck gold. But it turns out his catch wasn’t the school of fish he had hoped. Instead, it was a crude steel crucifix with the remains of a human body, which was wrapped in plastic and arranged accordingly, tied to it.

Needless to say that Mark’s day went from great to horrible in record time.

After calling the police immediately (and presumably retiring from fishing immediately), the body was retrieved for examination.

Once forensic pathologists did their magic on the body, they found that the body belonged to a Caucasian male with dark hair aged between 21 to 41 who had died from a big blow to the head. Beyond establishing a basic description and confirmation that the dude was pretty short (a mere 163cm tall, give or take a bit), the police were immediately stumped.

Since the body was so eroded by the water, identifying features like fingerprints and DNA samples were impossible to use meaning that the identity of the deceased man remains a mystery.

With Rack Man unable to be identified, it also meant that figuring out his killer and the circumstances that led to his watery discovery was next-to-impossible for the police since they literally have nothing to go off.

After attempts at figuring out Rack Man’s identity using the clothes off his body failed, the police reconstructed the man’s face using computers and spread the word out to the public in hopes of getting the lead that’s evaded then.

But despite many tips, false rumours and initial promising leads into Rack Man’s identity, the case remains as one of Australia’s most notorious unsolved murders even today as police have yet to close it.

At the time of writing, the remains of Rack Man lie in a morgue somewhere, waiting for someone to come and hopefully shed some light on who this mysterious person is.

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