Dakota Fanning Confirms She Was A Savage To Her Lil Sis Straight Outta The Womb

“Put your wig back on!”

Being an older sibling comes with its setbacks. You’re kind of the guinea pig for your parents; the kid they’ll inevitably screw up a little as they figure out what they’re doing. You’re also likely to live under much stricter rules than your younger siblings – something you’ll definitely be bitter about for the rest of time.

That sibling kind of love.

It’s not all bad though. As the first child, you get certain advantages. One of which is: you get to boss your younger siblings around.

Dakota Fanning understands this power role completely, it seems. We know this because we’ve been treated to a video of her taking control of Halloween dress-ups with her little sis, Elle.

Elle Fanning shared the footage to Instagram over the weekend, and it’s about as incredible as it sounds (read: very).

In the video, the Fanning sisters are getting ready for some trick or treating (I assume) and Dakota is seen dominating the whole production.

At one point she even turns to Elle (who looks like she might be say, five?) and chastises her for taking off her wig.

The sass with which she delivers the line, “Go get your wig back on!” is seriously impressive.

Seeing the two little ladies prepare for their big night out – Dakota Fanning is prepping her eyebrows, which I did not learn to do until I was at least 25 – is insanely cute and instils a solid dose of FOMO in us Aussie kids who never got to celebrate Halloween while growing up.

Halloween jealousy, aside, however, the video is extremely relatable to anyone with a sibling. Whether you were the one doing the bossing, or the one being bossed around.

Ah, memories.

Leaking Nude Photos Is Abuse, And Viewing Them Supports The Act

Yes, it matters.

Today in news that’ll make you want to set the ‘reset’ button on the human race, it’s been reported that some slimy creeps have hacked into Demi Lovato’s Snapchat account and are leaking nude phoots.

Really? Ugh.

As the Los Angeles Times shares, the hackers shared a link to Lovato’s Snap Story asking followers to: “Join this discord server for my nudes.”

They then shared a collection of naked photos. It has not been confirmed if these are of Lovato or not – but it is believed they picture the musician. With that said, their authenticity really doesn’t take away from the huge violation of privacy the 27-year-old is experiencing.

Discord released a statement on the abusive act, stating that they disabled the link as quickly as possible.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal activity on our platform and take immediate action when we become aware of it,” they said.

However, shutting down the link within the space of an hour has done little to stop the appalling spread of these images. People still managed to click through, and a number of them took screenshots of the photos; propelling the abuse further.

Now, we’re all in agreement (I bloody hope we are) that taking leaking nude photos and sharing them without their consent is never okay. It’s illegal, and as I’ve said a number of times already, it’s abusive.

In cases like Lovato’s, the misogynistic performance works to shame women for their sexuality and to assert a level of power over them. It’s absolutely reprehensible.

But I think we need to talk about another inappropriate action, here: viewing these photos. Because if no one clicked through to view Lovato’s alleged nudes, the hacker would have achieved nothing.  

Seeking out illegally-sourced intimate photos of women (or anyone, for that matter) supports the people who are intending to harm them. Doing this communicates that you don’t care about the violation these people, who are usually women, are experiencing. How does that sit with you?

And the argument that “they’re already out there, what’s one more click?” is just not good enough. You’re not entitled to this woman’s body, just because a creep has been leaking nude photos.

Let’s do a little better and avoid this toxic behaviour, yeah?  

I Won't Relax Until I Know What Heidi Klum's 2019 Halloween Costume Is

Is it Alien? Is it Marie Antoinette? I need answers!

Unless you’ve been hiding away in some far-off Internet-free land for the past few years, chances are you’re aware that October is Heidi Klum season.

The Halloween Queen has had many contenders over the years but no-one (no, not even you, Kim Kardashian) has ever come close to Klum’s level of dedication to the spooky holiday.

Each year, the former model throws an epic Halloween party and debuts a costume that leaves jaws hitting the floor. This isn’t some “duh, I’m a mouse” sh*t; Klum shows up in an outfit worthy of a Broadway production.

In previous years she’s dressed up as Fiona from Shrek; Jessica Rabbit; the werewolf from ‘Thriller’ and herself times six.

This woman is not here to play.

Anyway, as she does every year, Klum is currently prepping for her big event. And knowing just how excited we mere mortals are about the big reveal, she decided to tease us with a coy hint.

On Instagram, she shared a video of the man behind at least one part of the magic. In it, said man is sculpting what looks like the face of Klum’s costume.

In her caption, Klum wrote:

“The @prorenfx team will spend 10 hours transforming me into [shh emoji] (it’s a secret).”

She went on to share that fans can get a glimpse of the costume at 10 am (local time) on Halloween outside the Amazon store in Manhattan.

Cool, ok. Noted. Now, onto the guessing,

From the raised, oval shape of the head, some people (myself included) are guessing she might be going as Alien.

Yes, this charming young creature.
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Others (also me) have assumed the shape could lend itself to a hairstyle worn by someone like Marie Antoinette. Although, that does sound a little meh for our girl Heidi.

A shade too basic for Heidi, perhaps?
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Another popular guess is a character from Coneheads. Remember that old gem? That’s a viable option, too. Sure.

The head isn’t *that* tall, but who knows?
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Other theories I’m currently working on are:

– A Star Wars character; the royal women tend to have funky hair, although this style doesn’t scream any one character.
– An alien from Mars Attacks? Not quite the right shape, but maybe?
– That blue singing alien lady from The Fifth Element.

Basically, I’m putting my money on some sort of alien… or a regal woman. (I’ve really narrowed it down, as you can see.)

Most likely, however, we’ll all be way off and she’ll turn up in something unusual and fabulous like she always has.

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