How Much Is Hailey Bieber Going To Regret Her New Neck Tattoo?

No ragrets.

Celebrities and questionable tattoos go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it’s no surprise Hailey Bieber has just added new ink to her growing collection. However, the inspiration behind the tattoo and its placement on her body has the Internet asking many questions.

Yesterday, tattoo artist Dr. Woo debuted Hailey’s new ink: the word ‘Lover’ in a fine, cursive font on the left side of her neck underneath a pre-existing crucifix. Instead of lusting over Hailey’s new tattoo, fans were quick to point out it’s in the exact same font as Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Lover.’ 

If the tattoo is a tribute to Taylor’s new tune, that would make things particularly awkward considering Hailey’s hubby Justin Bieber and Swift found themselves in a nasty feud involving Scooter Braun just a few months ago. 

When you move past the Taylor Swift speculation, there’s one question left: when is Hailey going to realise she’s permanently etched the word ‘Lover’ into her neck!? Is she going to regret it one day? 

No ragrets? Credit: Giphy

It’s a bold move, but are we really that surprised? She is married to Justin Bieber, after all. That guy covered in tattoos – he even got the world ‘Grace’ inked above his eyebrow, then had it removed a hot second later.

If Hailey follows her husband’s lead, she won’t even have a chance to regret her neck tat if removing it is so simple. Tattoo removal is a costly and painful experience, but if you’re dripping in dollars like the Baldwin-Biebers, perhaps it’s not such a big deal.

Praise the Lord. Credit: Giphy

Who knows whether Hailey’s tattoo is an ode to Taylor Swift, or a permanent reminder of a drunken night out, but either way she’s a grown woman who can make her own decisions – regretful or not. 

WTF Is ‘Hot Girl Summer’ And Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

An investigation.

If you fancy yourself a purveyor of fine Internet memes, you’d be well aware of a new term floating around the web. According to the Internet gods, we’re in the thick of Hot Girl Summer – or at least the United States is…and Australia is about to follow suit. So, what is it exactly?

A visual representation of Hot Girl Summer. Credit: Giphy

The term was originally coined by rapper Megan Thee Stallion in her track ‘Hot Girl Summer’ featuring Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. It’s a bona fide banger with over 33 million streams, however careful analysis of the lyrics provides little insight into the phenomenon.  

“It’s a Hot Girl Summer, so you know she got it lit, yeah. Real a** b*tch, know she got it lit,” is just a taste. 

According to Know Your Meme, the phrase has taken on a whole new form since Megan Thee Stallion dropped her track. In May this year, Twitter user @sweetliketeaaa posted a selfie captioned, “I heard it’s a hot girl summer,” which set of a chain reaction of other social media users referencing the track.

Credit: Twitter


Please explain. Credit: Giphy

In an interview with the Root in June, Megan said, “It’s just basically about women – and men – just being unapologetically them, just having a good-a** time, hyping up your friends, doing you, not giving a damn about what nobody got to say about it.”

“You definitely have to be a person that can be the life of the party, and, y’know, just a bad b*tch,” she said. 

Even Miley Cyrus has jumped on the bandwagon, captioning an IG pic of her thong-clad derriere with the iconic phrase. 

So, it’s simple, really. This Internet fad is all about living your best life and exuding self-confidence. Serious question: can it be Hot Girl Summer all year long?

This, all year long. Credit: Giphy

Remember When Ben Affleck Shut Down 'Gone Girl' Because He Didn't Like A Hat?

It's the one role Affleck will never play.

Ben Affleck has played many different roles throughout his career: a superhero, an astronaut, a school bully. But there is one role he will never play – even if it means shutting down production on a film set – and that’s a Yankees fan. 

Affleck thinking about the Yankees. Credit: Giphy

Back in 2014, Affleck was starring in the psychological thriller Gone Girl alongside Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry. The film was a box office success and even racked up 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, but behind closed doors, not all was well.

Affleck in Gone Girl. Credit: Giphy

During filming, director David Fincher asked Affleck to sport a Yankees hat for a scene in which his character, Nick Dunne, was attempting to disguise himself at an airport. What might seem like a reasonable request when shooting a film was absolutely abominable to Affleck.

Affleck in the hat. Credit: 20th Century Fox

“I said, ‘David, I love you, I would do anything for you,’” the actor told The New York Times in a 2014 interview. “‘But I will not wear a Yankees hat. I just can’t. I can’t wear it because it’s going to become a thing, David. I will never hear the end of it. I can’t do it.’ And I couldn’t put it on my head.’”

ICYMI, Ben Affleck is a huge Red Sox fan. The actor grew up in Massachusetts  – the home of the Red Sox – and is regularly seen cheering on his favourite team at Fenway Park.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, 2018. Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

The Yankees hat saga was such an ordeal, Fincher said he and Affleck couldn’t reach an agreement for four days. 

“I really wanted it to be a Yankees cap but [inhales loudly], being from Boston and not being very professional as an actor, Ben refused to wear a Yankees cap,” Fincher said during his director’s commentary on the Gone Girl DVD. “I mean it did not come to blows but we had to shut down production for four days,” he revealed. 

Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck and David Fincher. Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Imagine halting production on a huge Hollywood film because of a hat. Was it worth it, Ben?

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