Grimes’ New Single 'We Appreciate Power' Is Basically How We Imagine A Stoned Chat With Elon Musk

Did... did Elon Musk write these lyrics?

Grimes and Elon Musk, 2018’s weirdest couple, were basically a meme the second they stepped out at the Met Gala this year.

Apart from the destruction of the world, the other thing to be concerned about was that after months of hanging out watching anime and hitting blunts with the world’s peak idiot tech bro, the Canadian weird-indie queen’s music would now be all about disruptive forms of transport and paranoid technocrat delusions.

Her new single ‘We Appreciate Power’, well, is pretty much exactly that.

It’s all fun and 90s-throwback games until the first verse: “Simulation, give me something good … One day everyone will believe”.

Verse 2 is:

People like to say that we’re insane
But AI will reward us when it reigns
Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer
Simulation: it’s the future


And then:

And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you’re not even alive
If you’re not backed up on a drive

So it’s basically a collage of some of Elon Musk’s most famous thought bubbles, from his conviction that we’re living in a computer simulation to his uploadable-consciousness tech (which he did not think of first, but is legitimately trying to invent).

Possibly also a bit influenced by her collaboration with the famously android-obsessed Janelle Monae, but the Muskiness is too pungent to ignore. The couple met through a conversation about the famous AI thought experiment Roko’s Basilisk, after all.

She’s famously independent and a wildly talented producer and songwriter, and the song itself is fun as hell – let’s be clear about that. Girl does what she wants.

So if this is the aesthetic that’s important to her at this stage of her life… I mean, you do you, Grahms.

Listen to the whole thing here:

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