We Replaced Everyone's Golden Globes With Danny DeVito And You're Welcome

Why did we do this? Because we can.

With the Golden Globes done for another year, your social feeds are inundated with photos of attractive, rich people holding trophies.

But therein lies the problem – it’s all the same and that’s just boring.

So we spiced them up with the greatest actor of all time… DANNY DEVITO.

Lady Gaga celebrates her win with something sweet and some champagne as well.

Rami Malek wanted it all as Freddie Mercury and is now holding it all in his hands.

Rachel Brosnahan’s trophy although slightly dishevelled, is still marvellous.

Ben Whishaw kisses his flesh covered trophy of a human being.

Mahershala Ali is almost as effortlessly cool as Danny DeVito.

Glenn was Close to being perfect but now she’s there.

Sandra Oh YEAH!

Ryan Murphy is clearly filled with Glee.

Alfonso Cuaron doesn’t need to Roma for another trophy, he already has two.

That’s all folks!

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